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Dread Nation | Justina Ireland
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I‘m being generous and giving this a so-so, but I won‘t be reading more books in the series. It felt like a mash up of The Walking Dead, a Civil War romance, and every YA novel with a kick-ass heroine. All things that could be good, but it just didn‘t work for me.

My last book for the #MarchMadnessChallenge 🙌
And I‘m counting this as my #POCMCParanormal book for #Booked2019. Zombier are kinda paranormal, right?

Cinfhen It certainly works in my opinion 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️ 7mo
BarbaraBB So how did your March Madness go? Have you discovered good books? 7mo
Kalalalatja @BarbaraBB pretty good! I predicted the winner book (Woohoo!). I think I really liked about half of the books I read, while the last half was less impressive 😅 7mo
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BarbaraBB Are you the overall winner then? And what was your favorite book? 7mo
Kalalalatja I don‘t think I have the most points, but I think I won the title of best “coach” 😊 7mo
4thhouseontheleft Definitely paranormal, this is the book I had in mind when we camp up with this prompt! 7mo
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I‘m so happy to be done with this...

It was just too much in every way - too violent, too rape-y, too confusing, too dense, too unlikeable, too long, too complicated.

The only good thing I can say about it is that it does have a gorgeous cover. That‘s it.


LeahBergen Yuck! 7mo
Caroline2 Oh dear...unstacked!! 😳 7mo
Kalalalatja @LeahBergen yuck indeed! @Caroline2 I have seen some reviews which praise it. It was just a complete miss for me, I was hate reading it all the way through 7mo
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HardcoverHearts This was a DNF for me. For all the reasons you mentioned. It was so disappointing. 7mo
BarbaraBB So good you finished it. It doesn‘t appeal to me at all. One book by him is enough 😉 7mo
readordierachel Thanks for the warning! 7mo
ferskner On the other hand, those flowers! 🥰 7mo
BiblioLitten Oh good! I was on the fence about this one. 7mo
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It feels like #WeveOnlyJustBegun with this book, because even though I‘m about a third of the way through, I have NO IDEA what‘s going on, I‘m confused and pretty sure I‘m going to end up not liking this book much. It will take so much coffee to get me through this book ☕️☕️☕️


gradcat I hope you get through it—I hate it when that happens! 😊 7mo
JennyM For some reason I don‘t want to read this one. I feel a bit intimidated by it. Looking forward to hearing how you find it x 7mo
Cathythoughts I nearly got it ... just for the cover ♥️👍🏻 7mo
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erzascarletbookgasm Agree the cover is beautiful @Cathythoughts 7mo
8little_paws I'm about this far as well and yes, it's a hard book to read. I'm hoping to finish it up soon though. 7mo
LaurensLibrary I had trouble with this one too. I stopped around 50 pages and haven't decided if I'm ever going to go back to it. 7mo
Centique Your mug is gorgeous! 7mo
Geeklet @LaurensLibrary Exact same thing happened to me. I‘ll try it again....eventually. 7mo
Cinfhen Uh oh!!! I‘m really nervous 🤦‍♀️I‘ve been looking forward to this book for so long but I‘ve only seen meh reviews 7mo
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen I hate to say this, but I‘m hating it a bit. I‘m only struggling through it for the #MarchMadnessChallenge, and because it is starting to make a teeny tiny bit of sense. But no a fan, which bums me out, because I was really excited for it 😔 7mo
Kalalalatja @8little_paws @LaurensLibrary @Geeklet I‘m not against violent books (I love GRRM‘s books), but something about this is just too much. It is so graphic and it feels like violence for violence‘s sake, and not for the story. 7mo
Kalalalatja @gradcat it is so disappointing! @JennyM so far, I can‘t recommend it 🤭 @Cathythoughts @erzascarletbookgasm it is a stunning cover! @Centique thank you, I painted it myself ☺️ 7mo
merelybookish I couldn't finish his last book and everyone loves it, so I didn't even consider trying to read this one. 7mo
LaurensLibrary @Kalalalatja Yeah I thought the sex was overdone, too. Like there was constant, graphic scenes about masterbating and stuff for no reason. 7mo
Centique @Kalalalatja how clever you are! 7mo
Suet624 I‘m bummed because I recently bought this and Seven Killings. Neither of which seem to be easy to like. 7mo
gradcat I‘m so sorry. That is really sad...do you HAVE to finish it for the challenge? 7mo
Kalalalatja @gradcat not really, but I‘m way too stubborn when og comes to stuff like this. And now I‘m so far, I kinda need to see how it ends even though I‘m hate reading it all the way to the end 7mo
gradcat Same here. I am really trudging through my current read...it, too, is for a challenge. I‘m almost there, though, but it seems like it has taken me a month! 7mo
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I... just don‘t get it. Poetry is so not my thing that I don‘t even feel I can fairly rate my reading experience. #marchmadnesschallenge

kellyann28 hahaha I feel the same way! 7mo
LauraJ Same. 7mo
ShyBookOwl Totally fair 7mo
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The Poet X | Elizabeth Acevedo
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I think this book is too hyped for me to love it, but it‘s still an interesting, coming-of-age story. #marchmadnesschallenge

Hoopiefoot I felt the same way. 7mo
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In Cold Blood | Truman Capote
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While True Crime isn‘t my thing, I can definitely see why this is a popular title. Capote makes the story real, and not just a listing of facts. However, I was a bit bored, and when listening to the audio, I fell asleep a bit 🤭

#MarchMadnessChallenge - substitute for I‘ll Be Gone in the Dark.

BarbaraBB Oh too bad it‘s just a so-so for you. I remember reading it and being really sucked into the storytelling (not on audio though). 7mo
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Daisy Jones & The Six | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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Between a pick and a so-so.

First, the full cast audio is great!
Second, I enjoyed it, but not as much as Evelyn Hugo
Third, have Taylor Jenkins Reid written books which aren‘t “fake biographies”? Maybe something new next time?

#MarchMadnessChallenge #FeaturesAMusician #Booked2019

MelissaSue81 While I did think this book was a solid “pick”.. I do not understand all the hype. Evelyn Hugo was definitely better.. and I liked the characters, but wasn‘t a huge fan of the format. 7mo
Zelma Her earlier novels aren‘t fake bios. I read one and part of another. General fiction with a focus on relationships. Didn‘t care for anything so far but am intrigued by this one. 7mo
Cinfhen Seems like I‘m missing posts again....sorry!! 7mo
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How? HOW?!?!? How could Elizabeth Holmes carry on her lies for so long? She can definitely say “#IFoughtTheLaw for as long as she was able to. I can‘t wrap my head around the brutal, menacing ways of the Theranos company towards its employees, and I can‘t get over the fact how many high ranking, influential people Holmes got into her net, while not being able to show any results. Bonkers!

#AnglophileApril #MarchMadnessChallenge

Mdargusch This all shocks me too. Sounds like she almost got away with it. 8mo
charl08 Completely mad. I just read this too. Also the ethics of the lawyers involved... 8mo
ShyBookOwl It's all so mind boggling and incredibly frustrating... and straight up SAD 8mo
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MicheleinPhilly She is a pyschopath. 8mo
Blaire This book was so good and her super scamming is incredible! 8mo
Ncostell I just watched a documentary on this on HBO and it is really beyond belief. I‘ll have to pick up the book too. 8mo
emilyhaldi I'm dying to read this one!!! Everyone I know who's read it is 🤯🤯🤯 8mo
Cinfhen Such a CRAZZZY story!!!!! NEED to check out the HBO doc 8mo
Megabooks You know, as a doctor who understands the workings of blood machines, I never believed she could do that many tests on 1-2 drops of blood. We have micro tubes to do specialized chem panels on birds with as little as 4 drops. Hell it takes 3 drops just to do a SNAP heartworm test on dogs. Fun fact: birds have nucleated red blood cells so traditional CBC machines don‘t work on them. You have to do a manual count, which is a pain! 8mo
Reviewsbylola I think I‘m going to have to read this one! 7mo
Kalalalatja @Mdargusch @charl08 @ShyBookOwl @MicheleinPhilly @Blaire @Ncostell @emilyhaldi @Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola I went in with low expectations, because this isn‘t normally my jam, but it was just beyond crazy and unbelievable! 🤯🤯🤯 @Megabooks that is really interesting! I couldn‘t get over the fact that none of the higher ups actually knew anything about blood testing. It makes no sense! 7mo
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Winter: A Novel | Ali Smith
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I might be reviewing a book called “Winter”, but my living room is filled with Spring flowers and I got sunshine (aka lemon curd) on my bread, so all‘s gooooood 👌

There‘s something about Smith‘s books which makes me feel like I‘m not smart enough to get it, but I love the way Smith writes, so even if I don‘t get everything, I‘m still enjoying the reading. And that‘s how I feel about “Winter” - Clever, insightful, tough


Grrlbrarian Om nom lemon curd! 😋 8mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 I‘ve read books like that. I can‘t remember the last one, but I understand not quite “getting it” yet getting it...Like my mind may not fully grasp, but something on a cellular level does. Lol 8mo
RealLifeReading Those flowers are so lovely! 8mo
ephemeralwaltz Yummy! 8mo
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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#UnpopularOpinion time - I didn‘t like Song for Achilles at all. And this ended #MoreMehThanYay for me. I was kinda bored most of the way through, and while I liked Circe as a character, the rest of the book didn‘t do much for me. The pacing felt weird, and it felt like Miller was trying to cram to much into the book. Not for me...


Soubhiville I‘m with you. In fact, I was bored enough to bail. 8mo
4thhouseontheleft It would be a boring world if we all liked the same things! 😄 8mo
4thhouseontheleft Also, even though I loved Circe, I agree that it felt like she did cram a lot into the story. 8mo
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TrishB I‘ve yet to start either of them! I will try eventually. 8mo
saresmoore Well said! 8mo
hlgreenfield That's a shame to hear. I was looking forward to both books! 8mo
CoverToCoverGirl I loved Song of Achilles but I bailed on Circe! 8mo
Cathythoughts I swayed towards popular opinion with Song Of Achilles ( there were some good moments & quotes ) ... but looking back now ... it was ok. I have no interest in Circe ... 🤷🏻‍♀️ (edited) 8mo
Kalalalatja @TrishB @hlgreenfield I know I‘m in the minority, her books just don‘t do it for me 🤷‍♀️ @Soubhiville @CoverToCoverGirl I was reading it for a challenge, which is a good thing since I might have bailed on it otherwise. It got better the further along I got, but never great. @Cathythoughts I thought for a long time, it might have been because I read the Danish translation that I didn‘t like Song of Achilles. But apparantly not 🤷‍♀️ 8mo
Kalalalatja @4thhouseontheleft that‘s true! I love seeing all the different opinions 😄 8mo
yourfavouritemixtape I felt exactly the same and was a bit confused because I heard so much praise around. 8mo
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