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Happy Friday! Although I left it so late that it‘s already Saturday for most of you. Who‘s up for a #bookishquestion of the week? This week‘s question is: what‘s a a book you read based on Litsy posts? #BookTalk #blameitonlitsy

Ruthiella So many! The first one that comes to mind is 1w
CSeydel @Ruthiella ooh, how was it? 1w
Ruthiella @CSeydel It was very good! 👍 1w
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TheBookgeekFrau Quite a few 😁 The two most recent: The Book of Lost Things; and Days at the Morisaki Bookshop. 1w
julesG Lots! One of the most recent was 1w
TrishB Sooooo many! 1w
Amiable I‘ve gotten several from posts by @CBee ! Most recently 1w
mabell So many! One in particular - 1w
CBee @Amiable I read Midwives partly because you mentioned you loved it 😊 (edited) 1w
CBee #Camplitsy introduced me to some good ones over the summer! 😊 1w
Tamra Most! 😅😅 1w
Amiable @CBee Litsy is one big mosh pit of book love! 🙂 1w
CBee @Amiable true, except not quite as sweaty and crowded 😂😂😂 1w
CBee @TrishB I‘m reading The Ferryman right now partly because of your review 😊 1w
Amiable @CBee 🤣🤣 1w
CSeydel @Tamra haha true! How did I ever know what to read before Litsy? 1w
CSeydel @Amiable @CBee Yes, a quiet and comfortable mosh pit of book recommendations! 1w
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The Villa: A Novel | Rachel Hawkins
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Dual timelines. 1970‘s and Present Day. Italian Villa with a tragic history. British Rock & Roll. Writing music. Writing books. Best friends. Sisters. Twisted love. Murder. Gothic. Fast paced. A bit confused on ending. Audio. Difficult to turn back the pages. #sunshinenoir #booked2023 #blameitonlitsy

Cinfhen GREAT REVIEW! I felt very similarly and I too listened on audio. Great pick for #SunshineNoir ☀️ 2w
DivineDiana @Cinfhen Thank you! Wishing you a good and sweet year! 🩷 2w
Cinfhen Awwww, thanks so much😘😘 2w
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I finished my #doublespin, a recent purchase, very late last night. I adore this series and go through waves of binging them.

I used to buy these from Book Depository (RIP), but switched to Blackwell's. I think I can safely #blameitonlitsy for that one :-D


TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! I've been in a similar BD to Blackwell's boat! Sometimes I NEED the British editions!! 😂 3w
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Ooops! | Suzy Kline, Dora Leder
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dabbe 🤩🤩🤩 3w
AnnCrystal 🤩📚 wow, terrific 👍 shopping spree! I used to have a $10 bookstore in my town. Was always 😊 fun 📚👍. (edited) 3w
AmyG Hahahaha! I want to see what‘s inside all those bags. 3w
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kspenmoll What fun! 3w
Ruthiella Awesome! I love Thriftbooks! 3w
Deblovestoread It‘s like Christmas! 3w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Wow!!! You deserve it! Show us what you got!! 📚❤️ 3w
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Atonement | Ian McEwan
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Another #blameitonlitsy read that might require a rewatch of the movie…

Sparklemn I love that movie. I think I enjoyed it more than the book. How about you? 3w
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Interesting Non-fiction book about the Wager that shipwrecked off the coast of Patagonia in 1741.

7th book for #SummerEndReadathon @TheSpineView

#bookspinbingo @TheAromaofBooks

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! 3w
TheSpineView Fantastic! 3w
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What a fun & interesting read! Thanks to #blameitonlitsy

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Untitled | Unknown
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Ooh look! A #bookreport - haven‘t had anything to report in quite a while! (Hi Cindy 👋 @Cinfhen )

Finished Constable Across the Moors and, you know what? It was quite enjoyable. A very gentle set of stories of a young policeman in 1960s Yorkshire. Dated in parts, but good-humoured and fun.

Blood River has become the book I‘m READING. Flicking between shocked, angry and fascinated. V good.

And back to Fitz, who is doing his own river crossing

rockpools right now. Only 21 hours to go 😬.

I‘m coming round to the fact that I just need to read 1 book very slowly at the moment (or 1 print, 1 audio perhaps). It‘s a bit of a change, but seems to be working so 🤞.
julesG 🤞🏻 1mo
julesG Also, imagine 21 hours (or more) with cassette tapes. 1mo
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TrishB A worthy 21 hours 😁 1mo
rockpools @TrishB Well of course! I can‘t believe I‘m still going - did I ever mention I don‘t do big books??! 1mo
TrishB Once upon a time I didn‘t read little books! #blameitonlitsy 1mo
rockpools @julesG 😵‍💫 That added danger - would the tape player eat the cassette at the crucial moment? And a whole forklift truck, just to get back from the library. 1mo
rockpools @TrishB 😂😂 Who even are we? 1mo
Cinfhen Hi Rachel!!! So glad you‘ve found a system that‘s working for you 🥰 1mo
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Evil Eye | Etaf Rum
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Had to get the tagged book because A Woman is no Man stayed with me forever. The next two are #blameitonLitsy choices and The Conellys because Ireland. #BOTM

marleed Because Ireland - gets me every time ! 1mo
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The Villa: A Novel | Rachel Hawkins
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New audiobook. #blameitonlitsy

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