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My Halloween special read. 🎃👻🎃 #currentread #blameitonlitsy #ghoststory

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The passive aggressive potential in a single period… the confusion caused by generational differences in ellipses use… & other aspects of typographical tone are in this delightful #audiobook, narrated by the author. Linguist McCulloch calls language “humanity‘s most spectacular open source project.” Her enthusiasm is infectious. I also love her sense of humour, like when she talks about putting “our harrumphing hats on.” Informative entertainment.

Hooked_on_books I have this is print. I really look forward to it! 3d
Crazeedi I want to read! 3d
Nute You make me want to read this! Stacking! 2d
Lindy @Hooked_on_books 👍There are illustrations that I missed out on because of the audio format. 2d
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Picnic at Hanging Rock | Joan Lindsay
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#bookmail for today. 😊

Reviewsbylola @LeahBergen you‘re to blame for the book on the left! #blameitonlitsy 5d
Joanne1 I read picnic at hanging rock as a teenager and was so creeped out by it! 5d
LeahBergen I thoroughly enjoyed all three! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4d
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Cathythoughts I loved Silent Companions & really want to read Picnic 👍🏻♥️ 4d
LeeRHarry I‘ve been for a picnic at Hanging Rock! 😆 4d
Mdargusch Hurry and read Picnic! I‘m anxious to read that one! 1d
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Thornhill | Pam Smy
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Getting my Halloween on! 👻 I just breezed through this MG part-graphic novel part-diary novel in which two timelines, two formats and two lonely girls converge. Mary, in 1982, is a lonely orphan at Thornhill Institute whose troubles stem from something far worse than ghosts... Ella, in 2017, moves into a new house near the abandoned Thornhill but is sure that someone still lives there...
It's sweet, sad, creepy, beautiful 💔

ephemeralwaltz For more info, this awesome review article in the NYT --> For more info --> https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/06/books/review/thornhill-pam-smy.html 5d
Sace I think this was a #blameitonlitsy purchase I made last year (or the year before?) I should try to find my copy. 5d
ephemeralwaltz @Sace definitely! 5d
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rather_be_reading ohhhh 😍 5d
Kalalalatja Sounds interesting! 5d
Clare-Dragonfly Ooh, I don‘t usually like dual timelines like this but everything else sounds exactly up my alley. I‘ll have to give it a try! 5d
ephemeralwaltz @Clare-Dragonfly one is told solely through illustration and the other through diary entries so it makes it all the more gripping! 😘 5d
BekaReid This sounds intriguing! 4d
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This was a total #blameitonlitsy. I enjoyed that this was a set of personal experiences vs a self help recipe. As@someone who juggles a lot I really liked the different approaches to figuring out where and how to prioritise. Will be trying some in Ernest ! Also lots of fun art work like this throughout making fro a quick and yet interesting read (not my usual genres at all!)

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Petra's Ghost | C.S. O'Cinneide
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Next Petra‘s Ghost. A #blameitonlitsy read! Thanks Litsy 😊

Ghostlight | Rabia Gale
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Great novel, though a bit short. Even as the first book in a series, I wish it had more details about the world and the characters. However, it still provides an interesting story with endearing characters, funny banter, and an intriguing mystery. I already bought the next book!

Sace This sounds so good! 1w
Sace Omigosh! It was only $0.99 on Kindle! #blameitonlitsy 1w
ulrichyumiodd @RestlessFickleBookHoarder Oh, that‘s true! It was very cheap in Canadian dollars as well! It was well worth the price for me 😄 1w
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#SoaringScores Not quite the #LibraryofCongress but a uniquely different and interesting library. This was a total #BlameItOnLitsy read 🤓It was whacky and weird and slightly wonderful. If you want to try something different and a little creepy too, #GoForIt and this is a new cover I haven‘t seen before...thanks Google 😜

KathyWheeler This is still the oddest book I‘ve ever read, but I liked it. 2w
Cinfhen True @KathyWheeler I couldn‘t properly explain the story if you offered me $100 👻 2w
TrishB Oh I love that cover, not seen before. Yes, bonkers book that I really enjoyed and don‘t really know why. 2w
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CrowCAH I have it on the TBR. 2w
Reviewsbylola I thought this book was awful. 🙊 2w
TracyReadsBooks Love. This. Book. 😍 2w
Cinfhen It was such a strange book @Reviewsbylola @TracyReadsBooks @trishb @CrowCAH but I was still drawn into the story (edited) 2w
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Later, at the farmers‘ market, I watch a couple bros sample dates.
“Shit,” says one bro, coughing, “I think I‘m allergic to this giant raisin!”
“That‘s not a raisin, Steve,” says another bro. “That‘s a Medjool date.”
Born humans, I remind myself.

Tanisha_A After seeing your posts, i feel like buying this book right now. 2w
TrishB I was just thinking that @Tanisha_A ! 2w
Lindy @TrishB @Tanisha_A Double score for #blameitonLitsy. 🥇 2w
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#UglyCovers #BoringCovers #PuttingYouOffCovers #StrangeCovers

This will probably be the last post for these covers!

Librarybelle It‘s been fun seeing what you found! 3w
EadieB @Librarybelle I have more but it‘s getting old! 3w
8little_paws Always happy hour is a really good short story collection 3w
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EadieB @8little_paws Thanks! But the cover is strange! 3w
julesG The top right cover is pretty expressive. Not. 😀 Thanks for finding all those 🙈🙈🙈 covers. 3w
EadieB @julesG Glad you enjoyed them! Yes that is a pretty unique cover! (edited) 3w
Andrew65 You‘ve been a great researcher of these covers. 3w
EadieB @Andrew65 Here‘s my secret: Just google ‘ugly covers‘ - very easy! 3w
Andrew65 @EadieB That‘s how I did some of the covers too. What would we do without Google! 3w
gradcat @EadieB & @Andrew65 Just wondering if you guys are having my problem—Google won‘t let me have large images any longer—not sure what gives. Anyway, I‘m so blind that I can‘t really see them now. Why did they do that? If anyone knows, I‘d love to know if you can do anything about it. Meanwhile, great post, Eadie...sorry it‘s your last one...I‘ve really enjoyed these! 3w
EadieB @gradcat I just take pictures of any image I want and then use photo collage or pic collage to make my pictures to post. 3w
Andrew65 @EadieB @gradcat I tend to use photo collage. I save the image then insert into photo collage. (edited) 3w
gradcat Okay, I use photo collage as well. So you guys are not taking screenshots, but are instead saving them only? I didn‘t know that would work... thanks for any help you can give me—I‘ll take it! ♥️👍 @EadieB & @Andrew65 3w
EadieB @gradcat I do take screenshots and they are stored in my photos then I use them in photo collage or pic collage. 3w
Andrew65 @gradcat Will occasionally take screen shots, but usually on my iPad press on a book cover, gives me a save image option (world for any pictures on an internet page) and then an option comes up to save image. I then load these images into photo collage. @EadieB 3w
gradcat @EadieB & @Andrew65 Thank you both for the help...Andrew, you may think me an idiot, but I did not realize I could save images for posting like that. I believe that may help me a lot...I cannot believe I haven‘t realized that before now—doh (she slaps head)! Better late than never, right? 😂 3w
Andrew65 @gradcat Definitely, and I only learnt it when I was trying to sort out my initial picture posts for Litsy. #BlameItOnLitsy (edited) 3w
gradcat @Andrew65 Yes! Now maybe I can get back to posting! It seems something always trips me up—but usually, it‘s simply the lack of time! 😂 2w
Andrew65 @gradcat Can relate to that recently! 2w
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