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Mardi: And a Voyage Thither | Herman Melville
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So my friend in Paris is telling me it's 16ºC there today and that irks me. #wtforecast

julesG It is bloody warm in Europe today. Uncommonly warm 4mo
vkois88 "Boob mitten weather today. Is that a thing?" ??? 4mo
tournevis @julesG Yeah, I saw that. Back when I lived in Paris (a 1/4 century ago) we had a week in January like that and it was nuts. Week after that, there was snow, which for Paris cause catastrophies, obviously. 4mo
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gradcat This is really funny—you gave me a right belly laugh! 😂 4mo
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Checked #WTForecast & it was too perfect so I had to share 😂 It's stupid hot, it smells, and the forest fire smoke in the air is giving the sunlight a red glow. I really DO feel like I'm in Mordor 😑 I loathe summer

QuietlyLaura 😂 10mo
Leftcoastzen I get that one sometimes , one of my favorites. So sad about all the fires everywhere. 10mo
Ruri_kaichou 🤣🤣🤣🤣 10mo
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Crinoline_Laphroaig I'm done with Summer by July 5th. Unfortunately here in Oklahoma it hangs on till end of September. 😥 10mo
Quirkybookworm Bad where I live also. Were hardly getting any rain this summer!😩 10mo
booksandsympathy I hate summer. I have to wait until the end of October/beginning of November for it to go away. 😑 10mo
TK-421 @Crinoline_Laphroaig lol! You have more patience than me, then! I'm done by about mid-May! By late September, it's usually bearable, but I can't wait for the end of October when we finally get some snow! 10mo
TK-421 @Quirkybookworm 😥 We haven't had much rain either other than the odd thunderstorm. Mostly it's just hot & humid 😑 10mo
TK-421 @booksandsympathy 🤗 Glad I'm not the only summer hater! People always look at me like I'm crazy when I say I can't wait for winter. Sorry you have to wait so long! 10mo
booksandsympathy @TK-421 It's what I get for living in the desert. Lol. We've had a lot of rain the past week because it's monsoon season. It makes it cooler, but muggier. Winter is when the weather is beautiful. 10mo
Dragon Summer is my least favourite season. Winter can be cold but you can always put on a sweater. 🐉🌝 10mo
TK-421 @Dragon That's what I always say! In winter you can put on more clothes. In summer, you can only take off so much (especially in public! 😂) 10mo
Dragon Too true! 😂👍 10mo
archaeolibrarianologist That's balmy. Wanna trade? We got 100+ Fahrenheit and 100% humidity with a certainty of swamp ass. 10mo
TK-421 @archaeolibrarianologist Swamp ass! 😳🤣 WOW, I'd die in that kind of heat & humidity. We hit 100 F (38 C) yesterday but thankfully the humidity wasn't too high! 10mo
TK-421 @Leftcoastzen Most of the fires are in the provinces to the west of us so we're in no immediate danger here (except for the ever present smoke) but it's awful to think of all those trees on fire & the threat that poses to wildlife & humans alike. 10mo
archaeolibrarianologist I'm firmly convinced that folks down here will be the first to develop gills to ease breathing through the humidity. It'll be great when we return to the sea after the waters rise. 😁 10mo
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Austin, TX: AKA Mordor
🤣🤣🤣 #wtforecast

Booksnchill 😂 11mo
Craftylikefox 😂 11mo
Soubhiville Whew! Maybe time for a visit to Barton Spring? Stay cool and safe. Seeing you all post about temps makes me happier to be in TN this summer. 11mo
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CoverToCoverGirl Love it 🤣😂🤣 11mo
Mamashep That is too funny! 11mo
Bette 😆🤣😂 too funny! Thx and I thought it was hot here (MN) You are Mordor 11mo
QueenAnne Hihihi this made me laugh so hard 😆 and makes me feel bad for whining about the weather here in the Netherlands.. 91.4 🙈 unusually hot tho for northern Europe.. stay safe out there in Mordor ☺️ 11mo
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🔥🔥🔥😬🔥🔥🔥 #accurateAF #thisisfine #wtforecast

wanderinglynn 😮 that‘s some serious heat! Stay safe! 12mo
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Frozen | Erin Bowman
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And apparently it feels like -39. I'm not exactly looking forward to going to work today. 😕

RiotMom It looks like your forecast is saying call in and read. 1y
Cinfhen Gotta love #WTForecast 1y
Prairiegirl_reading @RiotMom lol!! Oh how I wish that were an option!! 1y
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Prairiegirl_reading @Cinfhen it is fun isn't it!? I don't love it so much today tho. 😉 1y
Avanders 😳 Good luck 🍀 today! 1y
Prairiegirl_reading @Avanders thanks! I'm pretty bundled up and it hasn't been too bad so far. 1y
Avanders @Prairiegirl_reading that's good .. stay warm!! 🔥 1y
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The weather is seriously drunk. It is nearly Halloween! Where did fall go?

AudreyMorris I feel you, it is 102 here also. Though my outdoor thermometer says 107--I think the sun must be shining right on it, but I am not going to check. 2y
DivaDiane Where the heck are you?!? I'd settle for 75 degrees. It's been a cold autumn in the U.K. (edited) 2y
tournevis Gah! 2y
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Kaye I‘ll trade you. It‘s grey and raining and about 50 today. 2y
DarcysMom @AudreyMorris Ridiculous, isn't it? 2y
DarcysMom @DivaDiane I am in Southern California. 2y
DarcysMom @Kaye In a heartbeat - your weather today is my favorite. 2y
Kaye @darcysmom I wouldn‘t mind it except for the all day rain. And it‘s almost dark out already. Only 5 pm. I‘m not ready for this yet. 2y
mrp27 I'm in SoCal too... hating theses temps and it's so dry my sinuses are killing me! 2y
DarcysMom @mrp27 Yuck! I hope you feel better soon! 2y
DarcysMom I am actually happy to teach tonight - the A.C. is super powered in my classroom. 2y
tournevis @DarcysMom It was 22ºC today here, so not as bad, but *damn*!!! 2y
DarcysMom @tournevis And the temperature has on my dropped about 2 degrees and it is nearly 6:30 pm. 2y
mrp27 Thanks! 2y
Pogue I love this app. My brother and sister and send screenshots of our weather reports. 2y
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Yay 😀 it‘s #FriYAYintro @jess.how
1. It‘s gotta be the only 3 series I‘m committed to...Daniel Silva, Dan Brown & Harlan Coben
2. Had lots of overseas guests & I went on a day trip to Odesa which was an amazing experience 🙌🏻
3. Sometimes....scary is ok but gore NO WAY
4. I prefer to die in my sleep, preferably at a very old age...after I‘ve whittled down my TBR 😂
5. According to #WTForecast 84 👍🏻yesterday was 92😅

Dragon I just watched a series on Netflix based on a Harlan Coben book. I‘m now intrigued , can you suggest where to start in the series? 😀🐉📚 2y
Cinfhen Deal breaker is the first book in the Myron Bolitar series... 2y
Cinfhen @Dragon See above 👆🏼hope u like it! Some books are better than others but overall it's an addictive series 2y
Reviewsbylola I‘m going to have to agree with you on no. 4. Not sure how to choose between a 🐯 and a 🦈. 😂😂 They‘re both equally unappealing. 2y
Dragon Thanks @Cinfhen ! Stacking!🐉📚 2y
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27ºC today?!?!? Go home Earth, you're drunk. It's supposed to be Fall, not July!

GondorGirl We've got similarly high temperatures in Michigan this weekend. I'm not used to sweating at outdoor shows in September. 😬 2y
tournevis @GondorGirl Honestly, right? 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks It's going to be almost 90 in Mississippi!! I'm so ready for fall weather!! 2y
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tournevis @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks First week of Sept. it was all 12, 14, 17ºC. I was in heaven. 2y
xicanti I wish it were 27 here! It's 3 or something. 2y
tournevis @xicanti I very much prefer 3 to 27. Any day, all the time. 2y
StephanieMarie All weekend here it's been between 28 and 31. Stinking hot 🌅 2y
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13 days into Spring and we've already had our first day over 30C (91F) This does not bode well for our summer🌞Plus we had these awful hot winds, I haven't watched the news yet but I wouldn't be surprised if there's been fires today.🔥🔥🔥 #WTForecast #hidinginmyductedairconditioning

Cinfhen 😞 2y
LeeRHarry Ooh that is pretty warm - send some of that heat down south please! 😊hope there are no fires 😔 (edited) 2y
Sue The smoke up here is terrible and there's a fire ban being imposed as of tomorrow. I'm not sure if my chest is hurting because of the smoke or because I'm ill. Sounds like we need to visit @LeeRHarry 😊 2y
LeeRHarry @Sue oh no! 😔hope you're feeling better soon! I can't believe that there are fire bans already - it's way too early 😔 2y
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Little Miss Brainy | Roger Hargreaves
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I have to somehow find my brain to work today.

Suet624 😂😂😂 I'm with you on that. 2y
tournevis @Suet624 👍☕ 2y
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