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Black Mamba Boy: A Novel | Nadifa Mohamed
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This book is heart wrenching- so bleak, yet you can‘t stop rooting/ hoping/ praying for young Jama - a Somalian boy searching for his father who he believes is a soldier fighting in Sudan. This works for many African countries so far - #Djibouti #Eritrea #Somalia #Sudan #ReadingAfrica22 #OutstandingAudio 🎧❤️🙌🏻

Cinfhen Thanks to @Andrew65 and @Texreader for putting this book on my #ReadersRadar 2mo
Andrew65 @Cinfhen Great to hear you enjoyed it. I agree with your comments. I also want to read the following by the same author, which i will be reading for Somalia. 2mo
Cinfhen I‘m almost finished @Andrew65 it‘s fantastic - I‘m going to read/ listen to this one 2mo
Andrew65 @Cinfhen Great to hear. I will need to look out for The Fortune Men. (edited) 2mo
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Wow! I would NEVER guess this is a novel by John Boyne, but boy is it fantastic🙌🏻 A gothic tale, London 1867- a governess is hired to watch two young children whose parents (and prior governesses) have befallen tragic accidents. CREEPY (the good kind😁)#AAM @Soubhiville #Hoopla Excellent narration 🙌🏻🎧♥️

marleed John Boyne has an incredible ability to write stories that differ drastically from his others. It makes it so intriguing to read his works. I think Amor Towles is like that too. In contrast I like to read John Grisham books but when I look at my JG stack, I can‘t separate the individual stories because they all blend together. 2mo
TrishB I have this on the pile too! 2mo
Cinfhen So true about Grisham @marleed !! I just finished a book yesterday by him & even though it‘s not a legal thriller, it was VERY much a Grisham book. It was GREAT ( BTW) 2mo
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Cinfhen I just finished @TrishB / loved it!! The audio was fabulous 2mo
BarbaraBB I‘ve got a copy of this one too. Glad you loved it! 2mo
Addison_Reads This was my #AuthorAMonth book and I loved it too. It has such a great gothic feel and what an ending. 😱 2mo
Cinfhen Maybe it was your review that put this on my #ReadersRadar @Addison_Reads It reminded me of Rebecca by Du Maurier 2mo
Soubhiville I think I‘ll try to find a copy to read in October for #somethingspooky. 😊📚 2mo
Cinfhen Definitely perfect for #SomethingSpooky @Soubhiville (edited) 2mo
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It may have taken me two months to read this chunkster, but every page was worth it. Wild Swans tells the story of 19th century communist China through 3 generations of women. I was throwing out tidbits to my husband every time I picked the story up. Chang is a great storyteller, as horrendous as it was to read about a revolving door of hunter and hunted, torture, indoctrination, upside down values. Highly recommend #Booked2022 Set in China

JamieArc Also, this book made me want to read a lot more about China and others‘ experiences. 2mo
Cinfhen This has been on my #ReadersRadar for ages!!! So glad you enjoyed it😊 2mo
JamieArc @Cinfhen Don‘t let the size stop you! It‘s very readable and engaging. I never would have picked it up if not for the Booked prompt 😊 2mo
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Astra: A Novel | Cedar Bowers
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Thanks to @Lindy for putting this book on my #ReadersRadar #SetInCanada told through multiple POVs, we learn about Astra a spirited woman born on a commune. Each chapter shares a glimpse of Astra‘s development from an independent 6yr old to eventually an impassioned 60 year old. #PoP22 #ConstellationInTitle

Megabooks I‘ve apparently stacked this already! 3mo
Cortg Ooh, communes are always so intriguing! 3mo
Lindy Glad to hear you enjoyed it! 3mo
Cinfhen Hard to believe this was a debut @Lindy @Cortg @Megabooks 💜It was very well written 3mo
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Up Next 🎧 #SpontaneousDecision Thanks to @IndoorDame for putting this book on my #ReadersRadar / using her idea for #NF22 #IAmABasketCase and #PoP22 #VictorianTimes

BarbaraBB Sounds good! 4mo
IndoorDame Can‘t wait to hear what you think! 4mo
Cinfhen It was SUCH a hard read @IndoorDame but I‘m so glad I read it!!! Thank you 💗 4mo
IndoorDame @Cinfhen you‘re welcome, I felt the same way about it! 💗 4mo
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Thanks to @britt_brooke for putting this book back on my #ReadersRadar 💚At 22, fresh from graduation ( Princeton) Sulieka Jaouad is diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. This book traces her two journeys, living through cancer, living beyond cancer. While I thought this book might be ultimately hopeful, it was much sadder throughout than I was expecting. Suleika never holds back or sugarcoats any of her feelings or experiences.

Cinfhen #ReadingAfrica22 I‘m counting this for #Tunisia as author‘s father is from there and small parts of the story take place there @Librarybelle @BarbaraBB (edited) 4mo
Librarybelle Very nice! This sounds like a book that should have tissues at the ready. 4mo
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Cinfhen Yes, very much so @Librarybelle 💔 4mo
marleed I‘m follow her journey on Instagram, and I‘m so sad that her cancer has returned. Even in her current struggle she makes her hospital room a space of creativity. 4mo
Cinfhen Ugh @marleed I was SO AFRAID her cancer was going to return 😪I was going to check on her progress. I will follow her on IG too!! 4mo
britt_brooke @Cinfhen I‘m so happy you picked this up. It‘s heartbreaking to know her cancer has returned. 4mo
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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Just finished The Christie Affair, so I don‘t have a print book right now. I‘m considering Bright Burning Things or The Five. The others are audiobooks. Two for #ReadingAfrica2022. Charlie Barnes I just picked up as an audible daily deal. (Did you see it Cindy?) I‘m tempted to let that jump the line.

1619 Project is amazing of course! I highly recommend it. My #audiobook is a memoir about Hong Kong I should finish up today. #WeeklyForecast

TrishB Looks like a good plan 👍🏻 4mo
Megabooks @TrishB thanks! 😁 4mo
Cinfhen Yesss!! I bought it too!!! Looks like a great week ahead (edited) 4mo
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bthegood I read The Five, very good. Happy reading😊 4mo
Cinfhen The Five and The Boy Who Harnessed are both on my upcoming #ReadersRadar too!!! 4mo
Cinfhen I know I read Bright Burning but I don‘t remember too much about it. I can recall the basics and I‘m guessing Behold is a re-read??? I LOVED that one. 4mo
Cathythoughts I loved Behold The Dreamers. ❤️. The Five , is good but I found it long and laborious at times… worth reading though. 4mo
BarbaraBB I enjoyed The Boy who Harnessed and Behold the Dreamers. And I haven‘t read the Ferris but I did enjoy some of his earlier books. 4mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen yes it does! Excited about the Ferris. Behold is a reread. I‘ll let you know about Wind, but everyone is loving it and I expect to as well! 4mo
Megabooks @bthegood thanks! I‘ve read the first woman, and I agree that she did a great job. 4mo
Megabooks @Cathythoughts yeah, the first woman in the five may have been a bit long, but I‘m glad someone wrote about them as women and not victims. They all deserve that. I‘m not sure if they have all those true crime shows in Ireland, but sometimes they feel voyeuristic at the expense of their victims. Idk. 4mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB I‘ve read 2 of Ferris‘ and one I loved and the other I hated, so I was waiting to get it cheaply or from the library, so it being a daily deal was really fantastic. Nick Offerman reads it and he has a great voice. Excited about the two for reading Africa! 4mo
Suet624 The Five might be better in audio. And I rarely say that. 4mo
Megabooks @Suet624 really…my library has it so perhaps I‘ll go back and forth. Thanks! 4mo
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Yes, Chef: A Memoir | Marcus Samuelsson
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Thanks to @CoffeeNBooks for putting this foodie memoir on my #ReadersRadar 💕I knew very little about Marcus Samuelsson other than he teamed up with Michele Obama for her healthy food/ snack initiative. While Samuelsson avoided the drugs & alcohol that chefs often fall prey to, he did put his time in before acquiring fame & notoriety. Born in #Ethiopia & then adopted by a Swedish couple, Samuelsson was able to blend his cultures through food.

Cinfhen #NF22 #ImARuleBreaker @Riveted_Reader_Melissa for the innovative food combinations Samuelsson is famous for/ he doesn‘t follow the traditional recipes but mixes and fuses his spices and culinary style 4mo
CoffeeNBooks I'm so glad you liked it! 4mo
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Librarybelle Such a beautiful photo! 4mo
Cinfhen Thanks @Librarybelle ❣️it was really interesting to see how many internships he did and how unfortunate luck gave him the big break he needed @CoffeeNBooks I really liked it and it was a little crossover from last months foodie memoir written by Ruth Reichl 4mo
Megabooks Stacked! 4mo
DrexEdit I read the tagged book by Marcus Samuelson and I enjoy his show on PBS. He does a nice job of lifting other chefs. Plus really yummy food. 4mo
Cinfhen @DrexEdit he discusses the writing of The Rise in this memoir!! It sounds wonderful as both a travelogue and cookbook 💙 4mo
Cinfhen @CoffeeNBooks did the audio @Megabooks and said it was great as read by the author!! If I travel to states in March im happy to mail you my copy 4mo
sarahbellum Listening to this audiobook right now and really enjoying it so far! 4mo
Centique Oh the flowers! 😍🌹🌸💐🌺🌷🌻🥀 4mo
Cinfhen Thanks @Centique 🥰🥰I‘m glad to hear you‘re enjoying the audio @sarahbellum 😁🎧 4mo
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His was the only poster hanging on my wall as a teenager. He was my first - and, truly, my only - celebrity crush. I remember the devastation of the early Parkinson's diagnosis announcement. What an amazing outlook on life. I always love to listen to memoirs read by the author - this one was a bit tough at times, because you could hear the struggle. But what a story. Thanks to @Cinfhen for putting it on my radar!


Cinfhen It really was a bittersweet read/listen! Because it was difficult to understand his narration at times. What an inspiration. I give thanks to @Hooked_on_books for putting this one on MY #ReadersRadar 5mo
Hooked_on_books This is what Litsy is all about! One person piques the interest of another and another and on. I love it! And what a wonderful book. He‘s quite a guy. @Cinfhen 5mo
Cinfhen Exactly @Hooked_on_books 🥰 5mo
Bklover I just finished this one too- I love this guy- and what an amazing book! 5mo
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A very bittersweet memoir/ read. I grew up crushing on Michael J. Fox and was so jealous when he married Tracey Pollen. When MJF was diagnosed at age 28 with early Parkinson‘s Disease, I was heartbroken. It‘s clear that Michael has handled his disease with humor and grace. The love & devotion from his family is heartwarming. It‘s commendable how Michael has used his fame to advance research and resources for those suffering from Parkinson‘s. 👇🏼

Cinfhen Michael is at the point in his disease where his body is shutting down and while it could be devastating to live with the knowledge, Michael chooses to focus on all of his blessings. A true source of inspiration. #NF22 #IAmMarvelous @Riveted_Reader_Melissa although Michael J Fox would never call himself marvelous, just lucky. ❤️🙌🏻 5mo
Cinfhen Thanks @Hooked_on_books for putting this one on my #ReadersRadar #Hoopla 🎧❣️ 5mo
Kloves2read I read his first book Lucky, and he mentions that Tracy didn't like him, when they first started working together on Family Ties. She told him later that she thought he was cocky and arrogant. 🤣 He was so busy trying to impress her, being someone he wasn't, instead of showing her his true self. Then naturally once she got to know him they hit it off. 5mo
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mom2bugnbee His was the only poster on my bedroom walls as a teenager. Watching him deal with this horrendous disease has been simultaneously inspiring & heartbreaking. 💔 5mo
squirrelbrain I have Lucky Man on my physical TBR shelf; really need to get to it soon…. 5mo
Cinfhen So true @mom2bugnbee I can totally see Tracey thinking he was cocky until like you said @Kloves2read he showed her his true self!! They were married so young and it‘s beautiful to see their love has grown stronger through this adversity. 5mo
Cinfhen I bet it‘s equally inspiring @squirrelbrain 5mo
Hooked_on_books I‘m so glad you liked it! I just can‘t imagine having to think about every single step you take. That sounds absolutely exhausting to me, but he handles it with such grace. This book completely took me by surprise and I‘m so glad I read it. 5mo
Bklover I‘m listening to the audio of this now and I love it. Read his first book years ago - he is inspiring! 5mo
mom2bugnbee And I JUST downloaded the audiobook. ☺ 5mo
Cinfhen It‘s very bittersweet but you can still feel that spark that he possess @Hooked_on_books @Bklover @mom2bugnbee ❤️ 5mo
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