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#nonfictionnerds difficult read but I‘m glad I read it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Amiable What made it a so-so read for you? Was it the writing style? 1mo
TheBookHippie @Amiable I'm the only member of my family to not have cancer or died from it. 1mo
DisneyFan I loved this book!!! 2w
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Attention #NonfictionNerds!

If you haven‘t already voted, polling for our March group read ends tonight.

Scroll to the bottom of the page: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/1061034

Amiable Voted! 5mo
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Finished this one today. Interesting outside looking in snapshot of one corner of Kahlo‘s life. #JoyousJanuary #NonfictionNerds #BookSpinBingo

Andrew65 Great 👏👏👏 5mo
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#nonfictionnerds read for January

TrishB These are lovely ♥️ 6mo
TheBookHippie @TrishB it‘s whole bunch of warmth on a frigid cold day!!! 6mo
dariazeoli I wish the ebook was available through the library! I love the colorful alternative to winter. 6mo
TheBookHippie @dariazeoli I lucked out hugely and found this at a bargain because the cover is actually ripped!! I jut taped it up and you cannot even tell!! So it is well worth the FIVE BUCKS!! SCORE!! It is very mood lifting all that color! 6mo
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Kristin Lavransdatter | Singrid Undset
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Well. I tried. It was too time consuming and stressful to try to keep track I missed most of the picture books I read and most of the insomnia kindle reads.
Goodreads is just not my thing however finding #nonfictionnerds was a GIFT and I will stay on just for that!

End of year book planing and organizing....

tokorowilliamwallace Let's connect over there on Goodreads! I sent a request over. 6mo
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#nonfictionnerds my library hold came way late

This was really good!

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Another week has flown by, how did we get almost finished with this book #SheSaid

These essays remain strong for me, and that first one is sticking with me hard. How about you, any sticking really hard in your psyche this week?

Riveted_Reader_Melissa I definitely have Trump loving, COVID denying family members who I know are part of a larger societal problem, and sadly, I feel more like I‘m trying to reprogram a cult member than confronting someone‘s bigoted attitude most of the time…but with all the talk of keeping the peace in the family and leaving politics outside…I‘ve found that harder and harder to do, and that first essay in this section really resonated with me this week. Maybe I‘m ⤵️ 8mo
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa ↪️looking at the whole think backwards. Instead of feeling like I‘m failing at being the “good” daughter/sibling/cousin while biting my tongue and basically just avoiding some of them, I‘m failing at confronting them instead. Flip the script basically on my perceptions and what I own to people (edited) 8mo
Singout Yes, me too. I think it‘s really important for women who self identify as feminists to be committed to not hiding behind whiteness and the privilege it brings when it makes them more secure and comfortable. I don‘t have the same issues in Canada as people living under Trump did in the States but there are lots of forms of oppression that need to be challenged here too. 8mo
Singout I could also really identify with the housing essay because I live in a rapidly gentrifying diverse low income neighborhood, and I‘m at risk of losing my own housing, so it‘s an issue I‘ve been doing a lot of thinking and reading about. I really liked what she said about the importance of security and everyday needs of long-term residents being more important then introducing new jobs/“culture” at their expense. 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Singout Yes… we have that problem here too. It‘s always about bringing in new whatever to revitalize (and usually giving them tax credits to move here) while the current residents suffer with little gov‘t help. It probably didn‘t resonant as much from Canada as it did here, but the issues are the same…about portraying some areas as not thriving because companies have moved out (rush belt), but framing the discussion of inner cities differently⤵️ 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa ↪️ I couldn‘t help but think that applied to reservations too, that have never gotten the infrastructure & support they needed. And now after reading Seven Feathers, I know that problem exists in Canada too. 8mo
Singout Absolutely. So much injustice done towards First Nations: a huge number don‘t even have potable drinking water, and definitely get blamed for wanting to stay on their own land if they can‘t “contribute to the economy.” 8mo
megnews I I‘ve always been very interested in education and housing issues so those essays resonated with me the most. I struggled with some of the reading this week. I learned the word advocate in about third grade when my principal called me one and I didn‘t know what it meant. I‘ve always been the one with the big mouth who stood up to racist family members and “ruined” everyone‘s holidays. I guess when I see people post about dreading ⬇️ 8mo
megnews ⬆️holidays being racist great aunt karen is going to be there I thought it was because they were fellow holiday ruiners. Perhaps not? The author gives us an assignment to push back on that even at the cost of others‘ comfort. We have to. How can this ever change if not? I used to be loud about it. And my girls are now. I try to teach them what I‘ve learned over the years to be armed with indisputable facts (less feeling) and as little ⬇️ 8mo
megnews ⬆️abrasive as possible so people will hear your message and not the passion they interpret as anger or worse yet crazy. I‘ve flagged a lot this week and keep going back to read sections. 8mo
tenar Two of the essays in this section are, I think, my favorites so far. Education and Housing. The Education essay really moved me; we‘re failing kids of color and disabled kids terribly by investing badly-needed school dollars into police presence. And the Housing essay had me researching more on public housing, and reminded me of the work of Catherine Flowers in sewage and sanitation problems right here in the US. Been meaning to read her book 8mo
megnews I have Seven Fallen Feathers in next months‘ tbr. Looking forward to it. 8mo
tenar Reading y‘all‘s comments and thinking about what we‘ve read, I feel terribly overwhelmed by just how much we‘re Not investing in our futures. Housing, education, infrastructure, health. All lacking terribly. The safety net is like a couple of cords you hit on your way down, not really functional. I‘m definitely going to have to process these feelings and try to make some fuel for change from them. 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @tenar I heard something similar when they were discussing the 2 current infrastructure bills, roads & bridges and human infrastructure…the comment was that the second bill is seen as so liberal & controversial here, but in any other modernized/westernized country it wouldn‘t be considered radical at all, but basic and easy to pass. 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @megnews I read it earlier this year with #NonfictionNerds. And she‘s right, the struggle for potable water is real, and decent schools, etc. So sad. But I can‘t say we are much better. Flint is still struggling with potable water and it‘s not the only city. 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @megnews no, I dread family get togethers because it‘s just me in a sea of Republicans…and they are family that I grew up with and mostly love, but they will definitely gang up on you with their weird mis-information facts. I‘ve had FB fights over the confederate flag with my aunt, and the advice to me is usually to just ignore their posts, but when I unfriended them because I don‘t want to see it and be silent, I‘m the crazy one. ⤵️ (edited) 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa ↪️ it really is a no-win situation. 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @tenar That stuff eats at me. We refuse to educate or provide basics like health care, but yet somehow think we are an exceptional country and will continue to be so while basically unfunding any new generations of leaders, scientists, etc. if we can not provide for the children of this country, how can they grow up to be better, smarter, better prepared, etc. (edited) 8mo
MallenNC @tenar The education and housing essays stuck with me too. I like how she frames these as feminist issues. Affordable housing is becoming so scarce in my city now, and the school to prison pipeline is real. We didn‘t have school cops when I was in school, so I hadn‘t realized that what kids used to just get “in trouble for” can now send them to court. 8mo
MallenNC @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I‘m so sorry for your family situation. It is hard when they don‘t want to listen. I have a very small family now, and I‘m lucky that my circle of friends is pretty much on the same page with me. But extended family and high school friends are another story but these aren‘t people I interact with much. 8mo
MallenNC I saw this story about “Dads on Duty” after reading the education chapter. It seems like a possible better option if it could be expanded. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dads-louisiana-high-school-student-violence/ 8mo
megnews @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I had to unfriend some family members for the same issue. Also ones who post Christian stuff in between trump supporting posts. I just can‘t. I‘m sorry you‘re so outnumbered in your family. 8mo
megnews @MallenNC I just saw this on tiktok. 😂 but I did think it was an amazing solution!! 8mo
Tera66 @Riveted_Reader_Melissa I also am the black sheep in a sea of Republicans in my family, I have pretty much avoided FB because of it. I don't want to "fight" with my family but the misinformation and gaslighting gets under my skin. I'm definitely guilty of not speaking up to avoid the fight. 8mo
Tera66 And I'm with everyone, the essays on Education and Housing definitely resonated with me. I'm in Denver and housing prices are ridiculously high, and forgot trying to buy anything. Homelessness has exploded. And the Education piece broke my heart, I've experienced and witnessed the bullying and biase in classrooms, no student or child deserves this. 8mo
ravenlee I‘m traveling at the moment and didn‘t get to this week‘s section. I‘ll see all y‘all next week! 8mo
KathyWheeler While I understand her point about pushing back, it‘s been my experience that there‘s no way to change these people‘s minds. They don‘t listen to anything you say no matter how grounded your argument is in facts. Facts aren‘t important to these family members. Pushing back just feels futile. I quit talking to my brother after he said my husband belonged in an insane asylum for his views that support housing and health security for everyone. (edited) 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @KathyWheeler I feel this so much. Even where something like COVID is concerned, neither I nor my BSN RN mother can convince my brother to be vaccinated or to vaccinate his daughters…because he heard/saw/read “reasons”. And if we can‘t even break through the misinformation on something that could directly & detrimentally effect him…any hope I had of cutting through the misinformation & spin on larger social issues is pretty much nonexistent. ⤵️ 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa ↪️ it‘s painful. I still try to talk with him about that, but get no-where. And living in the red area we live in, most of his friends all believe the same thing, reinforce it to each other, and I‘m the crazy/living in fear one. It truly can make you feel like you are crazy or in this case feel like you must be a hypochondriac at times. Pure insanity, living surrounded by those not living in reality. And the funny thing is, a few years ago.. (edited) 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa …I would have thought, well we don‘t agree on everything, but science is safe…Nope, not any more. Surreal times, that has only made the gap worse. (edited) 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Tera66 I use to have to put my family in the FB “time out corner” every election cycle. Basically check a box not to see their stuff for awhile (say 6 months), then it was usually safe to converse again. Now the election season/cycle never ends…I had to unfriend most of them. (edited) 8mo
KathyWheeler @Riveted_Reader_Melissa yeah, I would have thought science was safe too, but no. My brother is also one of these people who aggressively believes what he believes and calls you stupid and other names if you believe differently. It‘s sad. 8mo
megnews @KathyWheeler @Riveted_Reader_Melissa my dad is a Fox News on 24/7, worship everything trump says. The founding father worship is real. This is why I taught my kids real history at home because knowing it helps with today‘s arguments. Here‘s how I handled the vaccine debate. “How do you think the founding fathers would handle it?” Generally when I throw a question back in his court he either doesn‘t answer or spews something I can tell he heard ⬇️ 8mo
megnews ⬆️ fox or online. I can‘t recall which that time. Then I told him during the Revolutionary war smallpox outbreak Washington insisted on vaccination of all soldiers and did it first himself as an example. Adams led by example in this area as well. At that point I get dumbfounded looks and no further response. 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @megnews Right, and when you explain Trump and his whole family are vaccinated, and every employee at FOX news must be it‘s crickets and then usually a, ‘well, Im not doing it because xYZ crazy agreement‘. My one uncle said he won‘t get it because they keep pushing it on people, what do they have to gain pushing it on people so hard, someone‘s making money off this. Uh, they push because they don‘t want people to die 🙄 and you are paying ⤵️ (edited) 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa ↪️ nothing….the gov‘t bought for all its citizens to protect them. 8mo
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Nonfiction | Christopher Anderson
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Just a reminder that #NonfictionNerds is still kicking after nearly two years! We have over 300 members, but just a handful who participate in the discussion threads. If you aren‘t already a member, or if you are but have been lurking, come say hi!

We‘ve read a lot of good books this year - some of which would never have landed on my TBR. For that, I‘m grateful.


TiredLibrarian Joined! Do you have a November pick yet? 9mo
TiredLibrarian @dariazeoli I haven't read it, so I'll join you for that! 📔😊 9mo
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My second-favorite narrative nonfiction of the year - 5/5 stars! This is the perfect blend of biography, science, space, and analysis of the biggest non-war-related tragedy of my life so far. I know just where I was when this happened. But I didn‘t know much detail of how and why. Cooks clears up all the questions. Beyond excellent!

Full review https://www.TheBibliophage.com
#thebibliophage2021 #nonfictionnerds

kspenmoll Wonderful review! This is not a book I would choose to read(intimidated by the science) but now I want to read it!!! 9mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @kspenmoll Thank you! It‘s as much about the people as the science. And he makes it accessible - you‘ll do fine! 🤓 (edited) 9mo
MallenNC This is another one that is on my TBR bc of your posts! 9mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @MallenNC Aww. That makes me feel good! And I‘m excited to hear what you think—whenever you get to it. 9mo
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Finished two ARCs and an audiobook this week. All pretty good but not amazing.

Group reads: #400Souls | American Dirt for my #IRL book group | The Burning Blue for #nonfictionnerds (one month late)

What‘s Left of Me is Yours - just because @Librarybelle wrote a review that interested me

The current books are going to read fast, I think.

#weeklyreport #bookforecast

Librarybelle It looks like some interesting reads in progress! 10mo
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