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A witty, fun read! I was invested more in the characters - Monty, Percy and Felicity - than in the actual adventure. Also kudos to Lee for tackling important issues under all the fluff and humor. Nicely done!

And this completes my summer #Booked2019 season! #genrebusting
#LitsyAtoZ letter G

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Considering at this time last week, I only had two prompts completed, it feels good to be able to post my wrap up of this quarter‘s #booked2019.

#muslimauthorormc I am Malala
#comicbook Hyperbole and a Half
#diversemiddlegrade The Skin I‘m In
#booktomovie Rabbit, Run
#bookgiftedtoyou Hetty Dorval
#genrebending The Real Lolita (biography and true crime)

Cinfhen Way to go, Girl 💪🏽 #ReadingWarrior #ChallengeSlayer 4h
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Old Bones | Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
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From the creators of my favourite book series (Agent Pendergast 🙌) comes a brand new series with two intelligent and strong female leads. A mix of archeological history and FBI procedural, this first book did not disappoint! Looking forward to the next instalment. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #Booked2019 #Booked2019Summer #bookgiftedtoyou #seasonalreadingchallenge

Cinfhen Nice!! It‘s amazing how many books these two authors have penned!!!!! 4h
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Happy I listened to this on audio because I think it would have been a slog to get through it had I read it. Listening to it brought all the intricate descriptions to life. I‘m really looking forward to watch the movie. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #Booked2019 #Booked2019Summer #booktomovie #seasonalreadingchallenge #birdoncover

Cinfhen I read this book when it first came out & I remember thinking, it‘s JUST TOO LONG!!! It was a great book but definitely a slog / how many hours was the audio??? 4h
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Little Boy Lost | Marghanita Laski
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Set in post-war England, life is anything peaceful. Hillary is a widower and his young son has been lost for 5 years. As Hillary embarks on a search to find the boy he doesn‘t know, he struggles to confront his feelings on how to move forward if he does indeed find little John... and if that‘s truly what he even wants after all. So many emotions packed into this one!!

#bookgiftedtoyou Special thanks to Jennifer for thinking of me ❤️

Jas16 I am so glad that you enjoyed it. I need to move my copy higher on my TBR. 8h
LeahBergen Lovely pic! And, yeah, I have this one waiting, too. 🙄 (edited) 4h
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Cinfhen Pretty pic and lovely review 💗 4h
Kalalalatja I feel like I‘m stacking everytime you post a review of a Persephone book. Either you just write really great reviews, or the books are just that good. I really need to find out for myself! 😅 2h
Cathythoughts Gorgeous picture 1h
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The Absolutist | John Boyne
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Boyne, oh Boyne, did it again. I may have shed a tear or two. So much emotion in a simple, well crafted story. Anger, revenge, guilt, shame. Against the backdrop of the carnage of war, it asks the questions about courage and love. It will leave you thinking about the madness of it all (the war, the inhumanity). Tragic and 💔. Another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️from Boyne.

Thanks @cathythoughts for bringing this book to my attention for #SoldiersStory #Booked2019

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled I love John Boyne!! I didn‘t know about this book. Stacked for immediate reading!! 19h
Penny_LiteraryHoarders Oh this is one of my favourites. The audiobook is a definite treat! 19h
Cathythoughts Great review! I‘m so glad you liked it. It‘s my choice for #booked2019 too & @TrishB suggested it to me !! I love Litsy recommendations 👍🏻♥️ 19h
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Kalalalatja Oh, good idea for that prompt! 🙌 19h
AmyG Boyne has become a favorite author....thanks to Litsy. 18h
TrishB Great review 👍🏻 this is my fav 18h
TrishB @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled this is my fav - you‘re in for a treat. 18h
TrishB @Penny_LiteraryHoarders mine too 👍🏻 18h
erzascarletbookgasm @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled This is so good! Read it pronto! 😁 17h
erzascarletbookgasm @Penny_LiteraryHoarders @TrishB Mine too, up there with Heart‘s Invisible Furies! I‘ve read four of Boyne‘s books so far, I loved them all! Must seek out his others. 17h
erzascarletbookgasm Litsy recommendations are the best! ❤️ 🏆 📚 @Cathythoughts @AmyG 17h
jenniferw88 Hi, just wondering if your #cozyswap package has arrived yet? I'll delay opening mine if it hasn't. 16h
Cinfhen Beautiful review!!! MUST get to this book!!! And @TrishB has been talking about it for ages!!!!😊♥️ 15h
erzascarletbookgasm @jenniferw88 I haven‘t. Probably next week. No worries, it‘ll arrive, just that the mails have been acting up recently. And I insist you open yours on opening day! I can‘t wait to know if you‘re pleased with your swap items! 4h
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Aetherchrist | Kirk Jones
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Phew! TG this book is over! If it wasn‘t only 129 pages I would‘ve bailed. I honestly have no idea what happened in this book.

It started in VT with a door to door Salesman who I think is in a prison program, selling knives. And spirals from there..

I‘m using for #Booked2019 - Genrebusting (I got it off a Tor list but I honestly dunno if this was “genrebusting”)

#ReadingUSA2019 - Vermont (set for the most part)

Librarybelle Yikes! 16h
Cinfhen Just count it and move on 😜👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 15h
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Powerful, sad, at times lyrical. The life and death of young men on the German front shows us the dissociation needed to live, survive, die. I didn‘t find it glorified war, more rationalized how the men who survive day after day in cruel, insane conditions become a pack, surviving on instinct; how young men who have known nothing else find themselves adrift afterwards.
#booked2019 #summer #booktomovie #fall #soldierstory

BarbaraTheBibliophage Unique pick for this one. 👊🏻 I read this ages ago, but I‘ll bet it‘d mean more to me now. 1d
Cinfhen Great choice 💜I loved this book and yes @BarbaraTheBibliophage reading as an “adult” is much different than reading this for a school assignment 15h
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Challenges | Ben Bova
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Since it‘s almost the last quarter of the year, I figured I should update my challenges on here:
#mmdchallenge - 12/12 ✅
#readingwomenchallenge: 23/26
#ReadHarderChallenge 21/24
#Booked2019 17/24 (I‘ve been sticking to the schedule so all but one I won‘t start til October).
I was wondering if we think Next Year In Havana counts for Historical Romance by AOC for #readharder, because if so, That one is done too!

ReadingMeagan I think Next Year in Havana totally counts as a historical romance! Well done completing so many challenges! 1d
ReadingMeagan Have you read any Louise Penny books? MMD says they are cozy mysteries. And the first one takes place in October. It will be a great read for this time of year 😊 1d
MelissaSue81 @ReadingMeagan - I've not read any Louise Penny. I have one of those Cat Mystery books set aside for that challenge, but perhaps I'll check out Louise Penny too!
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ReadingMeagan @MelissaSue81 I‘ve only read the first two. But I REALLY enjoyed them. They really helped put me into a Fall/Winter mood and be okay with the cold weather coming back. Her writing is really lovely. And I‘m excited to have a new series to read! Good luck with whatever you choose! 1d
MicheleinPhilly Would you say The Water Dancer is paranormal? Based on the description it seems it might be and I was considering using it for #booked2019 if so. 1d
MelissaSue81 @MicheleinPhilly - I am literally getting to the paranormal-ish part as we speak. So stay tuned. I'll let you know. 😄 I will say, I'm not an expert on the subtleties of differences between Paranormal, Magical Realism, etc..
MicheleinPhilly Do you know how many times I have re-read the definition of paranormal in the Goodreads group in order to try to figure out what to read??? DOZENS. It‘s so not my genre. 1d
Scochrane26 If you still need to do historical romance by aoc, you could use Alyssa cole‘s An Extraordinary Union. I used it last yr for same prompt. 1d
MelissaSue81 @Scochrane26 - Yeah that seems to be the one everyone uses! It doesn't sound that great to me, but maybe it would be a fast read at least.

Scochrane26 @MelissaSue81 you could try one of her other books. I also like sherry Thomas (lady Sherlock series). I don‘t read many romance, but after reading lady Sherlock, I went back & read a few of hers. 1d
MelissaSue81 @MicheleinPhilly - I am now 38% into it and I wasn't sure at first but now I am going to say absolutely yes! And I too, then, will count it for #booked2019 for the last quarter even though I will finish it this month!
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