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The Scarlet Letter | Hawthorne Nathaniel Hawthorne
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Book #17: This is one of those "forced to read in college" books for me. I didn't get it at the time and that makes me want to go back and see if I better understand it now. At the time I had felt that the beginning was extremely slow and that had a tendency to drive people away from the book (at least that's how I felt). However, the book does...



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Being me, I “need” to read in order a series. It's impossible to skip ahead hence I'm reading #16 before reading #17 for #booked2019. Good thing Worlds is on this morning. 🇺🇸 vs 🇩🇪

Wunderland: A Novel | Jennifer Cody Epstein
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This book is why I read.
Just... Wow.

Friendship and tragedy, love and lies... tragic. Stunning. Raw. Confrontational. Beautiful. Eloquent. Outstanding.

I'm... speechless. I can't find the words that will do it justice. If I ever find them, I won't be able to sing this book's praises enough!!

Just... wow.

#pulledanallnighterforthisbook #worthit

scowler1 Well I have to read it after that review! 1mo
beccamlvn @scowler1 let me know what you think of it whenever you get around to reading it! I'm doing to talk about it with someone ha 1mo
beccamlvn *dying 1mo
scowler1 @beccamlvn On order at the library, #17 in the queue ☹️ 1mo
beccamlvn @scowler1 ahhh I got lucky and was one of the first to get access to the ebook from my library. 1mo
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All Are Welcome | Alexandra Penfold
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This TL book is an absolute must have in a classroom! It‘s such a cute read for younger students. It is a New York Time‘s best seller. I would read it as a RA or GR preferably. It‘s about everyone being different and coming together during school.

Author: Alexandra Penfold
Illustrator: Suzanne Kaufman


ally11301 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lztFGeGy0bU
This resource is a video of the book being Read Aloud! It‘s great to put in the classroom for ESOL students to listen and watch the illustrations.
ally11301 An ESOL strategy that aligns would be #17 because it is great to provide contextual support through audio visuals (the video), models, demonstrations (the illustrations), realia, body language and facial expressions. 3mo
ally11301 An UDL that aligns would be 2.5 which is illustrating the reading through multiple media. 3mo
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audrey.wilson This book looks so cute! I agree that ESOL 17 works really well with this book! Great post, can‘t wait to read this. 3mo
C.Austin @ally11301 I have been wanting to read this book for a while. I think it would be a perfect book for the first day of school! 3mo
DrSpalding Most often, when I share a book in class, it becomes a favorite! Add this to your classroom library. 2mo
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The Girl in the Mirror | Cecelia Ahern
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Book #17

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La Princesa and the Pea | Susan Middleton Elya
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"La Princesa and the Pea" (written by Susan Middleton Elya and illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal) is a unique spin-off of "The Princess and the Pea" with its own South American twist! This engaging RA and P/MF picture book has won over the hearts of many readers, and has even acquired the Pura Belpre Award!
This sweet, humorous, rhyming tale shares the story of a cheery girl crossing paths with an eager prince and his overprotective mother.

caldwellalex95 "La Princesa and the Pea" can be incorporated in the classroom by having students engage their prior knowledge to predict various outcomes or parts of the story. Also, students can be taught to use their context clues. Elya's website, www.susanelya.com/L_princesa.htm shares how this book is a wonderful RA choice due to its "playful illustrations" and designs. This book supports ESOL strategy #4, #17, and UDL's comprehension guideline (3.1). 4mo
caldwellalex95 Overall, this colorful, diverse picture book is one I would recommend to anyone! #LAE3414SP19 4mo
DrSpalding I have not seen a post on this book before. Excellent choice! I like the focus on books with different languages. They will be present in your classroom which means you are providing a mirror for your students! 4mo
Edenmonet La Princesa and the Pea looks like such a cute book and I love that it is bilingual! ESOL kids will especially loves this because it has words that they will understand. Also, just like Dr. Spalding said this book can be a mirror for a Spanish speaking student, which is really important. 3mo
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No, David! | David Shannon
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This simple RF picture book written and illustrated by David Shannon is great for a RA. David continuously misbehaves and consequently is told no! With very few words and child like illustrations, this story is relatable to early elementary students. It is no surprise that this book received the Caldecott Award. UDL principle 3.3 and ESOL standard #17 would support this story during a RA.

gnewman @Olsonashley19 I loved your author study on David Shannon! This book was always one of my favorites growing up, and I will try to incorporate it into my future classroom. The resource is awesome too!! 3mo
DrSpalding Remember that this is also autobiograp 2mo
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Pretty cool sci-fi thriller that has a slow start, but once it gets going you don't want to put it down. I could see this book being a plot line for a Mission Impossible movie or any type of movie where Tom Cruise is saving the world. #17 #2019

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Loved this graphic memoir. Great to see how another INFJ deals with the word. Read on a Friday night after canceling social plans to spend an evening of self care. Book #17 of 2019.

GatheringBooks saw this at the library the other day. will be sure to pick it up next time. 📚🧚🏼‍♀️💕 4mo
rmaclean4 @GatheringBooks it is a sweet read. I also enjoyed Book Love. 4mo
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#20thingsaboutme #20factsaboutme This is always harder than I think it will be. @LibrarianRyan

readingjedi I'm with you on 5,6 & 16 ☺ 5mo
CouronneDhiver Aww, that nickname is adorable! (2) 🥰🥰🥰 5mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage 16 & 18 👊🏻 5mo
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JoScho Bay Bear is the cutest nickname ❤️ 5mo
LibrarianRyan ⭐️🤓👍 5mo
Karkar Congratulations on 15! It is a hard and long road to lose weight! 5mo
cathysaid #4 right here! 🙋‍♀️ Also, I rock the hell outta #16 🤬 (edited) 5mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks #15 congratulations 🎈🎊🎉 5mo
SW-T Congrats on 15! 5mo
LA_Mead #18!! I can relate to that one for sure! 5mo
Mdargusch Congrats on #15 but I think #3 is super sweet. 5mo
Reggie Omg!!! #17 Way to go!!!#15 And #3😍and sigh. Your list is awesome, Margie!! 5mo
AnansiGirl # 5 and 6 are very relatable 🌕🦉 wowza about # 17 😳 5mo
Bookzombie @readingjedi Yay! @CouronneDhiver Thank you! ☺️ @BarbaraTheBibliophage @LA_Mead I knew some Littens would relate! @JoScho Thank you! ☺️ @Karkar Thank you! It is and I‘m still working on it. 5mo
Bookzombie @cathysaid I noticed a few Littens have made the same choice. 🙂 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @SW-T Thank you! 5mo
Bookzombie @Mdargusch Thank you on both! ☺️ 5mo
Bookzombie @Reggie Thank you, Reggie! ☺️ 5mo
Bookzombie @AnansiGirl Thanks! #17 was so long ago and at the time was probably the scariest thing ever. 5mo
vivastory Congratulations on #15! 5mo
Tanisha_A I really like your no. 12. That would be utopian weather! 5mo
readordierachel 💕💕 5mo
Bookzombie @vivastory Thank you! 5mo
Bookzombie @Tanisha_A It would be! 💗 5mo
readinginthedark #17 😯 I hope everyone was alright! 5mo
Bookzombie @readinginthedark Yes, no one was harmed. 5mo
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