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I kept hearing about this comic and I'm glad to have finally read it! It's about a super smart girl (#16 in the world) who befriends a dinosaur. Mayhem and chaos ensue and a special appearance by an Avenger pops up (he's #8 of the smartest in the world). Loved her outfits throughout and her inventions. Looking forward to reading the rest in the series!
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You know that feeling of not realizing a book is in a series until you're already committed? Me too. This is #16 of the "Cap Kennedy" series, though you'd never know it from cover copy. It's plot-driven space melodrama and good for what it is. Don't expect character development or thinky parts. And don't expect a summary of the first fifteen volumes despite references to events from earlier books. Start on number 1, I guess, if you can find it.

All Are Welcome | Alexandra Penfold
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This New York Times Best Seller RF picture book, written by Alexandra Penfold and illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman tells about building the classroom and school community by emphasizing everyone is welcomed no matter their race, religion, or background. #ucflae3414f19

sbombasi This would be good for an RA/CR focused on elementary students, for their first week in class to inform students that everyone is welcome at school and students would choral respond every time “All are welcome here” is mentioned in the text. This would make the read aloud interactive and engaging.

The UDL principle 8.3 foster collaboration and community along with EL #16 integrate speaking, listening, reading work well with this.
sbombasi This activity of presenting the book to an adapted melody makes the story come alive with the class collaboration of singing together. You can even have the students pair up to sing certain parts of the text each. https://teachingwithorff.com/all-are-welcome-here/ 2mo
leximcmillin Great post!!! I love what this book is about and it is a great choice for young students! 2mo
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ebrown this book looks so great, and would really contribute to a multi cultural education :) 2mo
katiehamlin I love that the lesson plan involved using a song! 2mo
TristanPool Love the message behind this book! I will definitely be looking into All Are Welcome as I truly believe in a positive classroom environment that accepts anyone and EVERYONE! @sbombasi (edited) 2mo
Jewelwinkler This book would be great to show how great diversity is in the classroom. I also think that CR would be really fun and engaging! 2mo
Lrobertson I love you idea of using this the first week of class! And having the class read it together is already creating that classroom unity! 2mo
YesseniaN I love finding new inclusion books , great idea about using this in the beginning of the school year 2mo
Shannyblake This is such a great book that provides insight in diversity! I love the activity you provided as well 2mo
Tinks Interesting book choice... will definitely look it up. 2mo
JennaMichelleCohn This sounds like a cool book with a great message. We definitely should aim to have books focusing on diversity in our classrooms. 2mo
DrSpalding Your peers really enjoyed this post. Having students interact with the text and read chorally with you as you read aloud is a wise move. (edited) 5d
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After the Fall | Dan Santat
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This TL picture book by 2015 Caldecott medal winner Dan Santat creates an alternative twist to the original Humpty Dumpty tale. Everyone knows the tale that when Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. But what happened after? After the fall, he is now terrified of heights and can‘t do many of the things he loves most. #ucflae3414f19

sbombasi This book will be a good RA to show readers to not let fear, a fall, or a bad encounter stop you from getting back up again and doing what you want to achieve.

The UDL principle 1.1 offering ways of customizing the display of information along with EL #16 integrate speaking, listening, reading and writing activities aligns with this.
(edited) 2mo
sbombasi This site offers different types of activities to go along with this book, specifically After “The End” I found was a great way to promote text-to-text connections for students. The students continue the stories of traditional literature tales such as Jack and Jill and can be represented in different ways such as writing, song, poem, or skit.
Jgolub13 This book looks so cool. I want to find it to use as a read aloud 2mo
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BRaulerson How cute! I love how the author related a common nursery rhyme to help students build courage! I can‘t wait to read it! 2mo
JRone I really like the description you provided for this book. It makes me want to read it to see how the book continues after his fall. I also really like how you picked a website that had many activities to go along with it. 2mo
Alexush This book sounds like a fun read! I know about humptys fall but i don‘t know much about afterwards and you definitely made me want to find out. 2mo
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Just don‘t change Harry tells Evelyn That‘d be the real tragedy. She seems to hold her ideals no matter the cost. Do you admire this?

You do not know how hard you‘ve been going until someone says it‘s okay to fall ...and they catch you. What do you think of Harry and Evelyn‘s relationship ??

mrp27 I haven't read ahead so no spoiler here but isn't Harry the man she has her daughter with? Did I misread that in the beginning? Otherwise, I don't really care too much about the friendship as it hasn't added anything to the story for me yet. 3mo
Karisa @mrp27 I didn't catch that about Harry maybe having a child with Evelyn. It makes me want to go look back. 3mo
Karisa I think the Evelyn and Harry friendship makes them more sympathetic as characters. Otherwise, they are both too cold and calculating. Showing how they can take care of each other makes them more human. 3mo
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Scochrane26 I love their friendship but agree with @Karisa that the friendship shows them both in a better light. They‘re more considerate and loving. Harry is one of her husbands, not sure how that will happen. 3mo
Soubhiville I love their friendship too. It‘s good she had someone she could count on. We all need a friend like that. 3mo
Librarybelle I think you may be right, @mrp27 , thought I'd have to go back to the beginning. This is my first time reading the book, so I haven't read ahead to anything yet either. I like seeing the friendship in the book. It almost humanizes Evelyn to a degree - true, they're both calculating, but hasn't this narrative also showed as how cutthroat Hollywood could be? It's good to see a camaraderie between them. 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I love their relationship 💚 3mo
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An American Tragedy | Theodore Dreiser
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Hey fellow buddy readers!
> I‘m at p 573/814 (Book 3 Chapter 11). I started mid-July and picked this up because it‘s #16 on the #modernlibrarytop100 list I‘ve been working through.
> Dreiser is really good at creating characters you love to hate. Clyde is such a tool but I can‘t look away.
> I really liked his style in Sister Carrie which is 300 pgs (!) shorter but even then he was long winded and it‘s so much worse here.

laur89 Popular consensus seems to be that Clyde is one of the most disliked MCs ever 😂 4mo
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Elijah of Buxton | Christopher Paul Curtis
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winner of the Scott O'Dell and CSK awards, this work of HF follows young Elijah, who was born in Buxton, Canada, a community of runaway slaves, as he learns what freedom really is when he witnesses the hardships of slavery and bravery carries a baby to freedom. This Novel would be a great book for a LC. An ESOL strategy that could be used is #16 inorder to ensure comprehension.

Bwhitley222 UDL 3.1 should be used to give students an understanding of the time period and the Underground Railroad. #ucflae3414su19 4mo
Summerm I love the photo you took of this! This would be a great addition to any history lesson, to get the class and engaged in a great book 4mo
Stephanie5 I think that this would be a great story for an LC and discussion questions would be great to go with the book. 4mo
megnews ❤️ 4mo
DrSpalding Very brief and not as comprehensive as previous posts. An excellent book to use in social studies. 4mo
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Ella Enchanted | Gail Carson Levine
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Ella Enchanted is a Fantasy Fiction TL and Newbery award winner by Gail Carlson. It‘s a wonderful story about a girl who is enchanted to do whatever she is told no matter what, the journey lands her in a predicament with her true love but all in all is a happy ending. It would be great for a SR in upper elementary to middle school grades. I would utilize ESL strategy #16 and UDL strategy 2.1 linked below is a great resource for this text.

Apeacock12 Loved this movie as a child, and until I saw your post didn't realize it was a book as well. The lesson plans in the link you attached can be very useful in your future classroom! 4mo
Mary_Dehner Yes I‘m one of this people who likes to read the book before I see the movie! @Apeacock12 4mo
DrSpalding This is such a good book. It could be a good book for shared reading or read aloud or a literature circle option. 4mo
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Rosa | Nikki Giovanni, Bryan Collier
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Rosa is a biography written by Nikki Giovanni and illustrated by Bryan Collier. It describes Rosa‘s refusal to give up her seat but in a unique was that the reader knows exactly how she was feeling. It is a Caldecott and Coretta Scott King Award Winner. This would be a great book for a RA to model fluent reading and incorporate a booktalk. UDL 2.5 would be useful to illustrate through multiple media.

MeaganM There are very informative videos about Rosa Parks that could be adapted through a variety of grade levels. This would be vital for your EL learners for strategy #16 to integrate speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. The following website is a great resource to learn strategies for an effective read aloud. Https://www.advancementcourses.com/blog/readaloud-strategies #ucflae3414su19 (edited) 5mo
MeganKlein @MeaganM, I could totally see this book being read to students during Black History Month! Students would be very interested to learn more about Rosa Parks and her courageous acts. Also, for a writing activity, students could even write a paragraph or two in the perspective of Rosa Parks. Students would basically put themselves in her shoes and describe how they would feel if they were living during the same time she was. Great book choice! 5mo
DrSpalding While your resource notes that storytelling and read aloud are considered synonymous, which is incorrect, the rest of the information is helpful! I like the idea of connecting this book to social studies and a writing activity. This could be used in many grade levels! 4mo
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This MF novel has won the John Newbery Award and is written by Kate DiCamillo, illustrated by K.G. Campbell. This story is about Flora and her super powered squirrel! This squirrel can write poetry and is very smart, together they help save her dad. No one believes her, but she knows for sure that he has superpowers and she believes in him. This book has a great switch between comic, poetry and a novel. #UCFLAE3414SU19

Macker11 I think diving into Kate DiCamillo for an AS would be great for the students in my classroom. This author has produced such amazing and impactful books that really speaks to children. Students can use ESOL#16 to have collaborative groups to discuss what they have learned about the author. Also, UDL #8.3 to go with the discussion they have together. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Flora-and-Ulysses-Novel-Study-116366... 5mo
MeaganM @Macker11 My oldest child loves her books. I like how your source incorporates vocabulary, reading and writing for a lesson. 5mo
DrSpalding Awesome image and excellent book choice! Go to Kate‘s website for more information regarding her books. Some of her books actually have their own websites! 5mo
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