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Mermaids: The Myths, Legends, and Lore | Skye Alexander
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Delves into the many myths surrounding mermaids, explores the common symbols associated with them and presents tales from around the world.
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My first #litsyteaswap envelope received and it‘s a beauty!! Gorgeous nautical stationery and some amazing tea!! Peppermint is one of my favorites!! Thank you for such a delightful swap @CrowCAH

Nutmegnc @CrowCAH I am a Pisces through and through and I LOVE all things mariner, especially mermaids!! 2mo
Nutmegnc Also @crowcah where did you get Litsy stickers??!!! 2mo
CrowCAH @Nutmegnc you‘re very welcome! ☺️ I love all things nautical and piratical! 🏴‍☠️ The amazing @squirrelbrain made them and sent me four different designs!!! 2mo
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squirrelbrain My hubby makes them for me @Nutmegnc - I can send you some if you like?! 2mo
Nutmegnc @squirrelbrain 😱 can you email me? It‘s my Litsy handle at gmail. 2mo
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I finished this book last week, and everything about it is gorgeous! Alexander went over the themes of mermaids, symbolisms, change over time, and the types of mermaids from different cultures. At times the information could be a little redundant, but overall a fun read! I hope to read some of the other books from this mythology series.

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A fantastic historical reference book to mermaids. A nice quick guide that covers the world. Also a truly gorgeous book inside as well!

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@AmyG I'm giving this item a separate post because this is absolutely special! 😍 it is a wooden frame box with this painted on the front. It came separate from my swapbox and it is absolutely amazing. OMG I love it so so very much. I have it sitting on the shelf above my reading chair so that I can look at it always. Thank you so much ❤️💕🤗💕❤️


kspenmoll Love this! Perfect for you! 🧜🏻‍♀️ 3y
AmyG It got there on time! I am amazed and thrilled. You ARE a mermaid, you know. And you needed to have this. 😘 (edited) 3y
BeansPage @AmyG sweetie I wish I could give you the biggest hug because this is just beyond special. I'm having trouble finding the words. I love it so very much and you're right it is perfect for me 😉🧜💖 3y
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robinb ❤️❤️😊 3y
SmartSassery That's so absolutely perfect. 💜 3y
BooknerdsLife Awww love this so much! & perfect for you 😍😍💓🧜🏼‍♀️ 3y
erzascarletbookgasm That‘s perfect! 👌 Brilliant @AmyG 👍 3y
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Okay I had to make a second post for this. You guys look at this card that @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks set me!! The picture doesn't even do it justice. It is so beautiful I'm going to keep it and use it as a bookmark! thank you so much sweetheart I appreciate it so so much 🤗😘🤗😘🤗😘🤗

Wife 😍🧜‍♀️ 4y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks When I saw these I knew they were just for you!!! 💗😍💗 🧜‍♀️ 4y
Mdargusch So pretty! 4y
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Thank you @kaysworld1 for the #giveaway !!! Awww just love the little gifts soooo cute!!! And the card can go to my mom and dad😂 thank you soooo much again!💕💕

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@kaysworld1 Check put her page for details!

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@kaysworld1 is hosting a fun mermaid giveaway. All you have to do is post a photo of yourself doing your best superhero pose(s) and tag her for a chance to win one in three prizes! 🧜🏼‍♀️ My daughter loves mermaids so entering for her 🖤💋

kaysworld1 I love it x 4y
Sophoclessweetheart @kaysworld1 Thank you kindly x 4y
tammysue She‘s a cutie X 4y
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Sophoclessweetheart @whatshesreadingnow Oh goodness! This is me 😹😹🙊🙊 I mean that I am entering to win so she can have the Mermaid goodies 😅 (She‘s only 3!) 4y
tammysue Oh now I‘m embarrassed 🤭😅.. well I hope you win Kendal!🤞🏻 4y
Sophoclessweetheart @whatshesreadingnow 😹😹 Dot worry about it Tammy! 🖤 4y
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Super cute giveaway! @kaysworld1 is giving away some gifts... head over to her profile for the details ❤❤

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Hey guys! I wanted to let you know that I've moved my blog to a different platform. This one is much more User Friendly so you all can actually subscribe with ease now. 😄✨🎈🎉👍🏻 Please feel free to do so ❤️🤗💕

Please check it out here:

Richryan52 Thanks for the heads up. I sent you an email. 4y
BeansPage @Richryan52 Responded 😄 4y
CoffeeK8 Subscribed 😊 4y
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BeansPage @CoffeeK8 Thank you!❤️🤗💕 4y
Bronte_Chintz Subscribed! 💖 I‘m considering setting up a blog myself 🙈 Would love to pick your brains sometime! 🤞🏻 4y
DimeryRene Yay! I love to follow fellow bloggers! 4y
BeansPage @Bronte_Chintz sure sweetie! Email me any time 😃 4y
BeansPage @DimeryRene Woop Woop! 🙌🏻 4y
Bronte_Chintz @TheReadingMermaid Thanks ducky! Xx😊 4y
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"The best way for sailors to be sure of a safe voyage was for them to bribe the mermaids with books. The most strategic mariners would offer a selection of the first books in a number of series as insurance for the return journey." -Unknown

I knew it all along. Littens are mermaids. ❤

LoverofLit I love this! 4y
Austen_Nerd Love it!!! ❤️💕📖🧜‍♀️📖💕❤️ 4y
mrp27 💕💕 4y
Lucas.Rencher This is super cute! 😀 4y
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I made a stencil then I made this bookmark. Yay or nay?!?

MommyOfTwo ❤️ 4y
GarthRanzz 👍 4y
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BookwormAHN Yay 💚 4y
AmyG Yay! Lovely 4y
Li_21 Yay!! 4y
Hokey Yay, 🙂 4y
OrangeMooseReads I like it 👍🏼😁 4y
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Pretty little book on mermaids

398.2 I just saw this! Do you like it? I was thinking about ordering it. 5y
BookishRedhead @398.2 I've only read a few pages here and there but I'm enjoying it 5y
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I'm going to THIS bathroom from now on!

Bibliogeekery Yessss!! 5y
monalyisha Omg I love this! Did you see this sign in real life?! 5y
KCorter ❤❤❤ 5y
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cobwebmoth Love it! 5y
Soubhiville @monalyisha no, just on FB. I wish I knew where it actually was! 5y
readordierachel That is AMAZING. 5y
Mimi28 Awesome!! 💪💪 5y
MarriedtoMrT Yes! 5y
cathysaid I'm stealing this and posting it everywhere I possibly can...such truth ❤️👏 5y
DiruVamp LOVE THIS!!! 5y
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Proof that mermaids are real. Pretty cool that my job gives me an opportunity to hang out with one ❤😁 #Destin

MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5y
Reviewsbylola Your outfit! Love that skirt. 😍 5y
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Isn't this the most beautiful mermaid illustration?

Pic credit: 'Mermaid Drinking Tea‘ Illustration by Claire Fletcher 💖☕️ #Tea #Art

KarenUK I love that she's reading and drinking tea! She must be a Litten! 💕 5y
Laura317 With that sort of wind, I'm amazed she can keep the pages from flapping wildly. Also, I wonder what she is reading? Little Mermaid? The Old Man and the Sea? Or maybe P&P? 5y
DivineDiana @KarenUK She must be! 😉📚 5y
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thegirlwiththelibrarybag I love it! Is it part of a series? 5y
BookishMe Whimsical and gorgeous! 5y
RinaBrahmbhattBarot @thegirlwiththelibrarybag I'll certainly ask the illustrator - I just copied from her timeline as it was just too pretty :) 5y
RinaBrahmbhattBarot @DivineDiana @KarenUK she absolutely is one of us :) 5y
DivineDiana Couldn't help myself. I ordered the book! 5y
RinaBrahmbhattBarot @DivineDiana enjoy xoxo! I remember reading with my little one! Absolutely loved it :) 5y
DivineDiana My Book arrived and sorry to say my copy did not have the beautiful color illustrations 😕 The print and illustrations are all blue in white. But interesting mermaid lore! 5y
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The library at this hotel is SO gorgeous!!! 😍📚💓 #bookshelftourism

readordierachel So pretty! 6y
ScarletQuill Ooh! Those bookends are needful! 6y
I-read-and-eat Beautiful! 6y
Donna_sBookMinute Oh my! There's a lot here. The beautiful and unique bookends caught my eye at first. Next, I love shelves deep enough for double rows of books. And, of course, I'm gonna look up some of the titles. 6y
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Another book I started & haven't picked up in a few months. It's a really cute coffee table book but not a novel kind of read.

LittleBowBook But it looks so pretty!!! 6y
crc @LittleBowBook It's adorable! The pictures on the inside are really cool too! 6y
LittleBowBook I might get it just because it's pretty and the pictures! Grey coffee table book. But I can tell by the description that I wouldn't particularly enjoy reading it either. Haha. 6y
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I'm a little late on #24in48 but let's see what I can do in the time I have left!!