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Book Love: Twelve Essays on an Affair Without End | Bension Varon
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Book Love: Twenty Essays on an Affair without End is about book love (or bibliophilia) and book lovers (or bibliophiles). It discusses the subject from multiple angles and perspectives. Why do some people (the author included) become bibliophiles? Why do they love, purchase, collect, and cherish books, write about them, and build, support and donate to libraries? Who are some of the worlds great book collectors, past and present. Where can you find the worlds most beautiful libraries, and the most famous or unusual booksellers? What have some of the book lovers or experts said about their book love and book acquiring experiences? Where and how can book lovers and professionals learn more about rare books? The text is accompanied by illustrations of the people, events and achievements relayed. It discusses what makes books old, rare and beautiful from the authors perspective and presents samples of each. And it closes with timely speculation about the future of the printed book, booksellers, and libraries in the digital age. Bibliophilia has sometimes been compared to a disease without cure. The essays between these covers help us appreciate why.
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I‘d been feeling meh on Book of the Month lately, but I‘m so excited about the new BFF perks! A free tote and 2 books?!? 🙌🙌🙌

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Some #JB mail is on the way!

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There‘s just nothing better!

Freespirit Love that quote!😍 7mo
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The benefits of books.

Photo credit: Bookloversworld Instagram

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Thank you @LazyDays for hosting this giveaway, proving again how amazing Littens are! I love the Litsy community & I am so grateful to have it.

What makes reading special for me? I fell in love with reading as a child. I've always been introverted, shy, & a bit of an outcast, reading provided me an escape from the real world & it provided me companionship. As an adult, I find reading to be entertaining & honestly better than TV.

Bookishthoughts Thanks for entering and good luck💜 9mo
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My library is pretty small & crowded so it's difficult to get a good photo, but here's a quick shot of my recently reorganized shelves. #ShelfieSaturday #ReadingResolutions #LibraryLove #Riotgrams

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