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The Tenderness of Wolves
The Tenderness of Wolves: A Novel | Stef Penney
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When her teenage son disappears in the aftermath of a brutal murder, a determined mother sets out from her snow-covered nineteenth-century settlement to find him, an effort that is hampered by vigilante groups and the harrowing forces of nature. A first novel. Winner of the 2006 Costa Book of the Year. Reprint. 100,000 first printing.
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I found it fascinating when I learnt the author researched the whole thing without leaving London. It shows the power of imagination in conjuring up worlds of which one has no experience. This shouldn‘t, I suppose, be a surprise. I don‘t imagine JK Rowling has ever visited a school for wizards, Tolkien never ventured very far from Oxford, & CS Lewis had perfectly normal wardrobes, but it‘s still impressive nonetheless!

julesG Wonderful review! 10mo
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1. The Tenderness of Wolves was a wonderful book that chilled me to the bone!
2. The Day After.... 🥶🥶🥶
3. “Ice, Ice, Baby” by Vanilla Ice (okay, that‘s a bit of a joke, but I couldn‘t help myself! 😂😂😂)
#ManicMonday @JoScho

Samary Pointe, Claw. It‘s sitting right next to me. Reservoir Dogs, and Moves Like Jagger. It‘s been in my head all morning since I read an article about his half time show. 10mo
JoScho 💙💙💙 10mo
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Oh my goodness, I loved this book SO MUCH! If you read the description and think it sounds dry and like work - it really isn't! The writing is exquisite and fairly soon you're completely engrossed in the mystery and can barely stop reading. Penney doesn't unravel all her characters' complexities and I rather like that. Just imagine: she wrote this book without visiting Canada because of suffering from agoraphobia! Serious writing talent.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

JennyM I‘m intrigued #stacked 😊 12mo
HannaPolkadots I read this about a month ago, and felt the same way! Did not want it to end 😀 12mo
Tamra Wasn‘t it great?! 11mo
MommyWantsToReadHerBook @Tamra it was amazing, I was just wowed! 11mo
MommyWantsToReadHerBook @HannaPolkadots me neither! If I could have one thing different it would be for something to happen with Parker... 11mo
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I'm really enjoying this rather slow, atmospheric book.

Tove_Reads I own it, but haven‘t yet felt the urge to read it. 12mo
MommyWantsToReadHerBook @Tove_Reads I'm without most of my Kindle reads at the moment so that is one reason I started it, but something also just grabbed me when I first read about it here on Litsy. It really is well written. 12mo
Tamra I loved it! Historical, creepy, cold, and the plot propels forward once the travel begins. And yes I agree the writing is very good. I need to look again to see what else Penny has written! 12mo
MommyWantsToReadHerBook @Tamra it may have been based on your review that I bought the book when I saw it was on sale! 😊 12mo
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Enjoying this a lot. Happy Sunday to you all!💚

Libby1 Which language is that? I‘m sure you‘ve told me before. 🙄 It looks so beautiful. 13mo
HannaPolkadots @Libby1 - it's Norwegian, my mother tongue 💙🇳🇴 13mo
Libby1 😊 13mo
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“They said you‘d never seen anything like it. Drenched in blood, all up the walls and everything....Must have been Indian raiders...”....set in Canada 1867

BarbaraBB I‘ve had this book on my shelves for years now. Is it good? 1y
Lel2403 @BarbaraBB honestly, it‘s ok....a bit slow for me....but I‘ll give it a bit longer 1y
BarbaraBB I was afraid it would be slow. Hopefully it gets better! 1y
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CaramelLunacy This sounds very creepy! 1y
Lel2403 @CaramelLunacy a murder mystery in 1890‘s Canada.... 1y
Lel2403 @CaramelLunacy a murder mystery in 1860‘s Canada.... 1y
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I‘ve been lent this by a friend, so no idea whether I‘m going to like it. Starting it today...

bookcollecter Interesting...let me know if this would be a good choice for my yearly reading them which is Dogs as it is the year of the Dog in the Chinese Horroscope system 1y
Lel2403 @bookcollecter from the blurb, it has wolves in it, but it‘s not a story about wolves... 1y
Tove_Reads Been meaning to read it. I own it. 1y
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erzascarletbookgasm I have this waiting for me. 1y
Lel2403 @erzascarletbookgasm I‘ve started it, but not sure. As it‘s not one I chose for myself, but it sounds good so will carry on 1y
Cinfhen Im intrigued! I‘ve previously stacked but haven‘t yet gotten around to owning it 1y
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"You cannot tame a wild animal, because it will always remember where it is from, and yearn to go back."



"But then, I tell myself, vanity is one of the attributes that distinguish us from animals, so perhaps we should be proud of it."


"So that's how it happens: mutual need is what makes people co-operate; nothing to do with trust or kindness or any such sentimental notion."

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#readingresolutions @Jess7 #coolcover

I don‘t appear to have a cool cover, so I‘ve gone for a cold one. 😁

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19th Century Northern Territories, Canada

“The sickness of long-thinking” is an apt phrase for the grief of loss in knowing what cannot be.

Thoroughly enjoyed this tale of wilderness, discovery, and mystery.

Melissa_J I really enjoyed this one, too. Penney does a fantastic job describing the frigidness and bleakness of the North (although the area where the book is set isn‘t actually all that far North in comparison to the rest of Canada), especially considering she‘d never been here when she wrote it! 2y
Tamra @Melissa_J amazing it‘s her debut! 2y
Melissa_J I know, right? I have her latest on my TBR pile. It also has a northern setting 2y
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Tamra @Melissa_J me too. 😁 2y
Cathythoughts What a beautiful title ❤️ 2y
Cathythoughts We have a friend whose last name is Wolf & you couldn‘t meet a gentler or kinder person ❤️ 2y
Tamra @Cathythoughts it is a great title! That‘s the idea. 👍🏾 2y
alphawoman Loved this book. Has it all. 2y
Tamra @alphawoman 👍🏾 As part of my thrifty book haul Friday I picked up 2y
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I've been trying to sit down with this book all day, but every time I get started there's something else to do!

Here's to finally sitting down and reading! (With Christmas tree for ambiance, of course!) 🎄❄️ 🐺 💙📚

BookBabe 😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
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The book is set in Canada in the 1860s. It starts with the discovery of the murder of a trapper, and then follows various events that occur as the murderer is sought. As Stef Penney suffered from agoraphobia at the time of writing this novel, she did all the research in the libraries of London and never visited Canada. It still makes for an interesting read.

Cathythoughts The most beautiful title , the tenderness of ....... (edited) 2y
Melissa_J Penney did a fantastic job of conveying the brutalness of Canadian winters for someone who hasn't actually experienced one. 2y
Jamesfahyauthor @Cathythoughts it's a lovely title I agree 😊 2y
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Have this in the house somewhere. Must find it. #wolves #junetunz #toread

Cinfhen It sounds amazing 😉 hope you find it!!! 3y
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Set in an atmospheric rural setting of Canada settlement in the 1860s, this story is in part a murder mystery, and also chronicles the lives of a family who discovered the murder. The frozen landscape and vast wilderness including lurking #wolves is superbly evoked by the author.

Cinfhen I've heard good things about this book. Thanks for posting and sharing & putting it back on my radar☺️ 3y
JazzFeathers Sounds awesome. And always hard to pass up on a uniquily set mystery 😆 3y
Joanne1 Sounds great. 3y
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"She considers herself a well-traveled woman, and from each place she has been to, she has brought away a prejudice as a souvenir."

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#LitsyQuiz I ask these 3 questions because no matter how obscure a book is, a bunch of you still know of it, have it, and/or have read it. You constantly & delightfully amaze me! You tickle me pink! So, I asked a couple librarians to help me pick 3 titles that aren't unfairly obscure & may not have popped up on any hardcore bibliophile's radar. Here's the 1st selection! Do you know this book? (The 2nd will be in around 30 minutes.) 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Libby1 I have it but it's still in my TBR. 🙂 3y
TNbooklover66 I haven't read it but it's on my TBR because I read and loved The Invisible Ones by that same author. 3y
LeahBergen Yep. 3y
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Peddler410 I do not know this book -- but keep in mind I'm a middle school librarian and mom to a second grader. Before litsy, the past 17 years of my reading life have been focused on middle grade and YA fiction and nonfiction r (edited) 3y
Moray_Reads It's on our book swap shelf at work but I haven't read it (yet) 3y
Suetara It's somewhere on my TBR mountain. 3y
peggyriley This book is magnificent. 3y
JanuarieTimewalker13 Can't recollect ever seeing it, yet it doesn't sound wholly unfamiliar. Actually, I'd probably like to read that one! 3y
Tanner Nope, but it looks interesting! 3y
PlantyLibrarian Wolves is the new girls. 3y
suvata Never heard of it before but it sounds good. As a matter of fact, I just bought it because the Kindle edition is only $3.99. 3y
Eyglo Yes! I got is as a gift from my mom some years ago - had completely forgotten about it 😶 Thanks for the reminder - it's time to dig it up and finally read it! 😊 3y
RealLifeReading Yes read it quite a while ago. 3y
BookBabe It does sound good! I just bought the Kindle version. Thanks for the tip, @suvata ! 3y
tpixie Nope but it sounds good! 3y
suvata @BookBabe You're welcome. Happy reading. 😀 3y
BeckyRoy Yep! I have it 4 stars on Goodreads in 2007! Lol! I think I got it off a Barnes and Noble clearance table. 3y
RebeccaLHoward No, but it looks good. 3y
Hooked_on_books I've read it! 😬 3y
AAdamson Yup, I've read it, too! 🤓 3y
quirkyreader I have seen it on the shelves at work but with a different cover. 3y
NHLibrarian Yup! Read it back in 2009. I remember liking it. 3y
Moonpa This is a good read! 3y
Tlgoff9 I have this book it was recommended to me. I have not read it yet. 3y
Abby2 Loved this book! 3y
LitsyGoesPostal 😊👍🏻 3y
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"And so while my husband sleeps upstairs - we pack and I prepare to go into the wilderness with a suspected killer. What's worse, a man I haven't been properly introduced to."
Loving this moment of dark humour.

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Some chilly reads I hope to get into this December. ❤️❄️📚❤️

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