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Dracula | Bram Stoker
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In case you‘re wondering, this is the book I brought home (from the Street Library). Never seen this edition before! It has all my 3 of my favorite #Horror #Classics in one! And an intro by #StephenKing ?! 😱 Going to reread one of the stories in October for Halloween 🎃
Do you like any of these? Which one would you read?

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sudi I finished reading all three of these this year. And i have to say Frankenstein and Dracula were two of my favorites. 7mo
Hufflepuffle Dracula is my favourite but I need to re-read all three!! 7mo
BooknerdsLife @sudi Awww that‘s awesome! I read them all at different time but same! I can‘t choose between Dracula & Frankenstein love them both! 7mo
BooknerdsLife @Hufflepuffle I can‘t pick a favorite but definitely need a reread 🥰 🧛‍♂️ (edited) 7mo
CactiCake My favourite would have to be Frankenstein 7mo
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The Jungle Book | Rudyard Kipling
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What a sweet message to the original owner from the grandparents. ❤ I hope Scott was able to read this book to his little brother before he gave it away. 🤗
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[DELETED] 3803335244 This always saddens me a bit in used books. When you see a thoughtful message from a parent or grandparent & the book is given away. I bought a Christmas book last year that had such an endearing message to a grandson plus the book was signed by a religious leader. I was sad that it was in a .25 cent used book pile. 😟😔 2y
litznbooks I agree w/ u, @ForeverNerdy . Personally, even if the book is a duplicate copy, I will still treasure the gift esp if it has a sweet message inside. It is the thought that counts. 😊 2y
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The Ruby in the Smoke | Philip Pullman
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Time for another new read for me.
I do like Pullman's work, so hoping this is as good as what else I've read! 😊

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Halfway through my second Sebastian Barry book with a glass of wine on an afternoon off. Perf. 🙌🏻❤

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