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Jane Eyre | Charlotte Brontë
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#ColorMePretty #Black

“I would always rather be happy than dignified”

I‘ve always love reading & libraries been my paradise on earth, but wasn't a big fan & didn‘t appreciate #Classics (except for few children‘s & “not romance” classics) til recently, when I don‘t have to analysis every details & then write papers about them.
What are your favourite Classics?

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erzascarletbookgasm Love your collection 👍 1d
julesG Love this picture! (I've followed you three times now, this is weird. I see your pictures in my feed, but whenever I look at your profile, you're marked as not followed by me. @TimSpalding @kgriffith @lorannen - any idea why that happens?) 1d
Freespirit I love classics too..in 2017 I spent the year only reading classics...my top ones so far...The Moonstone and Women in White by Wilkie Collins, Count of Monte Christo , Rebecca, anything by Jane Austen, anything by the Bronte's, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Anna Karenina, Dracula, Little Women, Frankenstein, and I've just read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn to add to the list😊 1d
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lorannen @julesG If you're following the @PostsAboutYourBooks account, that would be why! This is a post about a book you've stacked. 19h
GypsyKat Great picture! 18h
julesG @lorannen I'm following that account you've mentioned, but I haven't stacked this edition of Jane Eyre that is tagged. 😕 18h
lorannen @julesG Posts About Your Books doesn't go by edition, I believe. If you've stacked a copy that matches title and author, you'll see the post. In fact, Litsy doesn't really have the concept of separate editions - in theory, the idea was to have one profile for each book (covering all editons). There are some duplicated records still out there, but this is part of our efforts to bring all duplicate records together in Litsy. 18h
julesG @lorannen Thank you! Now this makes sense. Is there any way users could help getting rid of duplicates? Like flag a book when we notice there's more than one entry in the database? 18h
julesG Eliza, sorry for hijacking your post. 18h
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Boy Swallows Universe | Trent Dalton
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Here's my mini book haul from June. And Yay! I've finished 2 at the bottom out of these 4 books, not too bad, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ The top 2 books are my birthday present so will probably read them after my birthday later this month.
Have you read any of these? Or have them in your #TBR pile too?

#bookshaul #newbooks #bookstack #bibliophile #bookworm #aussiereader #readinglife #LoveOzYA #YA #Fantasy #Fiction #Romance

TrishB Just read Boy Swallows Universe this week 👍🏻 2d
BooknerdsLife @TrishB Just saw your review & love it 👏🏼💖 2d
BookwormM I loved Boy Swallows 2d
BooknerdsLife @BookwormM I‘m so happy you did 🤗Hope I‘ll enjoy it too 🤞🏼 2d
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The Mortal Instruments | Cassandra Clare
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“If you really love something, you never try to keep it the way it is forever. You have to let it be free to change.”
― Cassandra Clare, TMI 🧡📖
+Yey! Got it! The Mortal Instruments Book Set! So happy! Thank you, Lea! 💞😘
#books #bookish #bookworm
#booklover #bibliobibuli #bookloversph #bookaddict #readingbliss #bookishescape #readingismyhappyplace #readinglife #bookgeek #bookwhore

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The Bloodprint | Ausma Zehanat Khan
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The Bloodprint was a small exciting find at Half Price Books yesterday. After We Hunt the Flame, I‘m hungry for more Middle Eastern-inspired fantasy series. This follows a woman on the hunt for a legendary manuscript with the power to free her people under a dark power and totalitarian state. And this cover is gorgeous.
#bookaddict #booklover #bookaddiction #bookaholic #booknerd #reading #readinglife #readmore #bookishlife #bookworm #bookish

MallenNC I have been meaning to read this. The U.K. cover is so pretty. I don‘t like the US cover as much. 1w
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Untitled | Unknown
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You say sick day, I say reading day. I feel like crap, but it could be worse 🤷🏽‍♀️



rretzler 😻 2w
LiteraryinLititz Feel better soon! 2w
ShyBookOwl @LiteraryinLititz thank u! On antibiotics, so things should be looking up in a couple days 😊 2w
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wanderinglynn Hope you feel better soon! At least you have a cute snuggle buddy. ❤️🐱 2w
Tonton Feel better soon!💐 2w
Hoopiefoot Sick day readers unite! I hope you start feeling better soon. 2w
ShyBookOwl @wanderinglynn thx! I do. He's always extra cuddly when I'm unwell. So intuitive! 2w
ShyBookOwl @Hoopiefoot ✊🏼! Are u under the weather too? Hope it doesn't last! 2w
DaveGreen7777 😞 Hope you feel much better soon! 2w
rubyslippersreads @ShyBookOwl @wanderinglynn In my family, we call this “applying a feline compress,” and it is our standard remedy for any illness. 😹 Feel better soon! 2w
ShyBookOwl @rubyslippersreads Haha I LOVE that! 2w
marleed Feel better soon! 2w
Hoopiefoot @ShyBookOwl Thanks! Lingering cold turned into bronchitis. Finally starting to feel better but taking it easy for another day or two. 2w
ShyBookOwl @Hoopiefoot oh no! Bronchitis can be a Beast. Good luck! 2w
brit91 Hope you feel better soon!😘😘😘 2w
ShyBookOwl @brit91 thank u! 💜 2w
RealBooks4ever @rubyslippersreads Ha ha! I'm going to start using that! 😸 2w
Dragon 😻 2w
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The Hate U Give | Angela Thomas
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Happy Monday & Happy July to you all 🙌🏼💚
Can you believe we are officially in the 2nd half of the year already?
How‘s everyone‘s #24B4Monday #Readathon ?
Weekend usually is the busiest for me, so only got 14:30hrs reading time but I‘ve finished 2 great books & started 2 new ones while making a dent in my current read, so I‘m pretty happy about it. 🤗
Remember: Reading should be fun & Not a chore!
#booknerd #readinglife #CurrentRead #bookworm

Geeklet Great! I finished one I was in the middle of and got through three others. I love readathon was an opportunity to get through smaller books in my backlog. 2w
BooknerdsLife @Geeklet Wow! Fantastic job!!! 👏🏼👏🏼 Yes! I agree! I love that these readathons give me the incentives to finish all the books I‘ve putting aside too 🤗 Hope you continue to have a great reading months ahead ☺️📚💖 2w
Andrew65 14 1/2 hours is a great job, well done. 👏👏👏🙌 Thanks for playing along, always a pleasure to host. 😊👍 (edited) 2w
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Andrew65 @Geeklet Well Done! 👏👏👏 2w
Andrew65 I finished on exactly 24 hours 00 minutes on the stroke of midnight. Could not have done that if I‘d tried. 😂 2w
BooknerdsLife @Andrew65 OMG! That is Awesome!!! 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼How on earth did you even do that? 😂 you deserve a medal 🥇 🎉🎉🎉 2w
BooknerdsLife @Andrew65 Hahaa Thank you 🙏🏼 Nothing compare to yours🤣 But I sure have fun doing it! Can‘t wait for the next readathon 🙌🏼📚📚💖 2w
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The Flatshare: A Novel | Beth O'Leary
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Finished first book for #24B4Monday #Readathon last night & I Absolutely LOVE this book! TBH I was pleasantly surprised by it. I don't usually like Romance novels but this one is well written and it also deals with stalking, gaslighting & abusive relationships, even tho the plot is little predictable. It's funny and heart warming.

#review #romance #fiction #booknerd #bibliophile #AussieReaders #readinglife #bookish

BooknerdsLife Have read a total of 5.5 hours last night & today, going to continue now before bedtime 🙌🏼📚 2w
Erofan Great mug! 😍 2w
Andrew65 Well done 👍 Sounds like I need to get to this one. 2w
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Untitled | Unknown
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After his minor storm trauma, Bandit just wants some love.

@TheSpineView he has come out of hiding 😊
@rabbitprincess he still flinches when he hears the thunder, but then falls right back asleep lol


SW-T Awww 🥰 3w
brit91 Awww😍😻 3w
Dragon 😻 2w
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Dracula | Bram Stoker
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In case you‘re wondering, this is the book I brought home (from the Street Library). Never seen this edition before! It has all my 3 of my favorite #Horror #Classics in one! And an intro by #StephenKing ?! 😱 Going to reread one of the stories in October for Halloween 🎃
Do you like any of these? Which one would you read?

#secondhandbook #booknerd #readinglife #AussieReaders #HorrorClassics #PenguinClassics #PenguinBooks

sudi I finished reading all three of these this year. And i have to say Frankenstein and Dracula were two of my favorites. 3w
Hufflepuffle Dracula is my favourite but I need to re-read all three!! 3w
BooknerdsLife @sudi Awww that‘s awesome! I read them all at different time but same! I can‘t choose between Dracula & Frankenstein love them both! 3w
BooknerdsLife @Hufflepuffle I can‘t pick a favorite but definitely need a reread 🥰 🧛‍♂️ (edited) 3w
CactiCake My favourite would have to be Frankenstein 2w
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The Hunger Games | Suzanne Collins
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#30JuneBooks #WildBooks
Spotted some books in the #Wild the other day while visiting my daughter‘s Uni and they have this street library near the day care centre there. It‘s so gorgeous and have some nice books, both adult and kids books too. So I took one home & returned with more today 🤗 I love seeing books in their wild habitats 😆
Do you have a street library near you?

#booknerd #readinglife #AussieReaders #bookworm #StreetLibrary #library