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Hopefully I‘ll be able to finish this before #scienceseptember ends. #chernoybl

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Untitled | Unknown
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The final day of the #SuperSeptember readathon is here! Last night I completed all my goals. I kept up with the #SheSaid book club read of One Person, No Vote and read two books for BookSpin Bingo: The Broken Kingdoms and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. The latter was a strange and ecstatic read....and maybe my best this year 🤘🏻✨

Feeling successful, I‘m starting my #BookSpin and #ScienceSeptember book, Rocket Girl. Hoping to learn some fuel chemistry!

Lesliereads 🙌🏾You go, Girl! 2y
tenar @Lesliereads Woohoo, thank you! 2y
Andrew65 Good luck with the last few hours 😊👍 2y
tenar @Andrew65 You, too! 👍 🎉 2y
Andrew65 @tenar Thanks. 😊 2y
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I‘m loath to rate this book So-So when its mission is so admirable - to wake us up to the wonder of plant life and the devastation plants are facing globally. Magdelena & his methods for saving species are fascinating, as are his rescue missions to Peruvian deserts and Australian rainforests. But the (ghost)writing is without artistry and the parade of anecdotes only vaguely grouped. It read like a stack of articles. #DoubleSpin #ScienceSeptember

TheAromaofBooks Ack, I hate it when a nonfiction book has an engaging premise & a poor follow-through. 2y
tenar @TheAromaofBooks Yeah! Even the intro and epilogue promised something more and seemed like they were sandwiched around the wrong book. I still learned a lot and had some adventures, though! 2y
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@ChasingOm @Emilymdxn
The top two I've read
The middle two are current reads
The bottom two on tbr shelf

ChasingOm Ooh, how is the tagged book? It sounds like something my stepmom might like for her birthday! 2y
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Fun #ScienceSeptember prompt for #integrateyourshelf this week! I don't read a ton of science books but I enjoy them when I do. This is one on my TBR that I plan to pick up soon. And this cover just makes me super happy whenever I see it!

@Emilymdxn @ChasingOm

ChasingOm Awww, I‘ve seen the photo but didn‘t realize he wrote a book! 2y
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#integrateyourshelf #scienceseptember

The tagged book is about AIDS in Africa written by Uzodinma Iweala who‘s Nigerian-American.
Yuval Harari is Lebanese, although the book didn‘t work for me, it‘s well loved.
Ed Yong is British, born in Malaysia. His work for The Atlantic on COVID has been fabulous.
Robin Wall Kimmerer is part of the Potawatomi tribe, indigenous American. (My current listen and I love it)

Emilymdxn I really wanna read braiding sweetgrass! 2y
ChasingOm My mom loaned Braiding Sweetgrass (which I gave her for Christmas) to one of her friends without offering it to me first! 😂 2y
Crazeedi I'm listening to braiding sweetgrass right now! And just borrowed Multitudes 2y
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The Gene: An Intimate History | Siddhartha Mukherjee
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The Gene is a fascinating, fantastic 5⭐️ read!!

#ScienceSeptember #IntegrateYourShelf

ChasingOm His books look so good -- and sooooooooo long! 😳 2y
KVanRead @ChasingOm I did the audiobook and it was really good - find it often makes the big ones go faster😁 2y
tenar I have this one on hold at the library but have been a bit intimidated. Your 5🌟 rating has me more excited! 2y
KVanRead @tenar I don‘t read a lot of science books and wasn‘t sure going in, but I was absolutely fascinated and learned a lot. 2y
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For #scienceseptember, this is the main book by a BIPOC on my shelves. Wonder why I‘ve been putting this one off?! Think I‘m going to read to page 50 to see if it‘s something I actually want to read in the next 5 years, or whether it‘s something I need to pass on for now. From the dogears, the last reader made it as far as p5 😬


@ChasingOm @Emilymdxn my username‘s changed - was @ RachelO - sorry!

squirrelbrain No, I wouldn‘t want to read it either.... 2y
ChasingOm Noted on the username! Will fix going forward. 😄 This one has definitely stayed on my TBR as well.... 2y
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Readergrrl I just finished The Fifth Season. ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤 2y
Godpants This series is SO GOOD. 2y
litenthusiast I love this series! 💜 2y
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Zoes_Human Such a good series! 2y
Emilymdxn I loved the first one I should read the rest of the series! 2y
ChasingOm I think this series may be my “after the election is over I need some time in another world“ treat, lol. 2y
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I think that this #ScienceSeptember is as good a time as any to FINALLY read this book and watch the movie! 👩🏾‍🏫 🚀 🧮


(Also, I realized that I haven't been tagging folks in prompts forever! If you're not tagged here and want to be each Sunday, please let me know.)

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