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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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Does anyone know of a fun #readathon in #September? I fell in love after completing #25infive and I want to do more! I know there‘s the #Screamathon in October, but...I don‘t know if I can wait a whole month!
The photo is of French Mallow up at Monticello (we went on a tour this weekend with my in-laws). I know the big draw for Monticello is supposed to be the house, but I love the grounds. ❤️

Zelma Very pretty flower! 😍 1y
Librariana So #Boutofbooks is currently going on until midnight on Sunday, but in September, I only know of #Duodecathon (Sept 1-7). You pick one out of a list of 12 challenges so that by the end of the year, you've essentially completed all of them. It's intended to be a monthly readathon. Those are the only two I know of 😕 1y
Librariana Rephrasing - Duodecathon is an annual readathon broken up into monthly installments 😁 1y
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LectricSheep @librariana I saw duodecathon— it looks quite confusing! Maybe I need to do more research. 1y
mabell Lovely photo! 😍 1y
Beachesnbooks The R.I.P. Reading challenge is all of September and October--last year the hashtag was #ripxii and this year is #ripxiii I think. Sign-ups aren't up yet but they're on insta @perilreaders. Basically it's a challenge to read horror, mystery/thriller, dark fantasy, supernatural, etc type books during those months. It's fun, I've done it the past few years 1y
Beachesnbooks Oh plus it overlaps with the #screamathon ! 1y
LectricSheep @Beachesnbooks Oh excellent, I hadn‘t heard of that. Thanks for the heads up! I think I‘ll join in! I‘m so ready for fall. 😑 (edited) 1y
DuskAngelReads Check out @readathon_guide on Twitter or Insta. It‘s a page just for ReadAThon info. There is also a ReadAThon Calendar linked in the bio of each. 1y
TheReadingMermaid I always do a big readathon at the last weekend of the month 😉 1y
LectricSheep @TheReadingMermaid thank you for the heads up! I will keep an eye out. 😀 1y
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The Dry | Jane Harper
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I read 15 books in October. 11 print, 4 ebooks. ➡️ I met my GR goal of 125 books read in 2017! 🎉🎉 ➡️ I finished out the #ripxii challenge with 11 books total. ➡️ I‘m at 47/55 for the #botmchallenge. October included so many fantastic books that I‘m not even sure I could pick a top three. Review of The Dry to come, which I finished at 11:04PM last night. 😂😂 Just in time.

RealLifeReading Great month! 2y
TheBookStacker How was the butchers hook? 2y
Reviewsbylola Loved it! Fantastic book. @TheBookStacker 2y
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DeleteAcct Congrats on your goal! 2y
[DELETED] 3803335244 Awesomeness 2y
Chelsibeau Congrats!! 2y
emilyhaldi Damn girl!! 👊🏻 I know Butcher‘s Hook be in that top 3 🏆 2y
Mdargusch Wow!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
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1) Murders, not scary, bad book
2) Scary events but not very halloweeny
3) Seems like something spooky going on but there isn't
4) Scary entities, lightly bated breath
5) Scary comic
6) Not scary comic, vampires
7) Short stories-a few def scared me
8) Apprehension, scary but STUPID ending
9) Dread, minor scare
10) Dark fantasy
11) Not actually scary
12) More dark fantasy
13) Eerie, scary content but not effect
14) Def scary but is it good?

Natasha.C.Barnes I've about had it with this blurry text--a bug in the app? 2y
BekahB HA! I like your description of the books. I absolutely agree with #8. 2y
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EchoLogical I'm only on my 2nd book for the screamathon 😂 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes @BekahB Hah! Yes, 8 was the worst. 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes @EchoLogical Hahaha so funny--but also almost all of these are VERY short, so that makes a huge difference. 2y
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Face Your Fears | Soa Palelei
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I'm in the middle of a lot of unscary books, so I'm gonna call it and do a #screamathon #ripxii #littensdressedinblood wrap up! Books listed top to bottom in vague order of how fast my heart rate got while reading them. I'll make another post with notes, there's not enough room here. I read 14 in total, 8 in September and 5 in October. 😆 Funny how that happens.
#faceyourfears #uncannyoctober

Blueberry Love your bullet journal page. 2y
CandycaneBelle Love this #bujo 2y
emilyhaldi This is a work of art!! 🖤 2y
MayJasper Love it ❣ 2y
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Through the Woods | Emily Carroll
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I am apparently full of surprises this morning. I don‘t like graphic novels. I don‘t like short stories. Yes I loved this and gave it five stars. It is probably the best graphic novel I‘ve ever read. It reminds me of the series I loved as a kid, Scary Stories to Read in the Dark, but with great illustrations. Very well done. 💀 🦇 #ripxii Book 10

Tamra I‘ve only read one, but the pictures can be distracting, not the same flow state - different way of reading. I do like short stories. ☺️ 2y
CoffeeCatsBooks I love this book so much I keep gifting it to people.💕 2y
erinreads I loooved Scary Stories to Read in the Dark! 💀 2y
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Reviewsbylola That‘s similar to how I feel. I‘ve read quite a few and I had to recognize that they‘re just not for me, so I was shocked to love this one! @tamra 2y
Reviewsbylola ME TOO!! I remember checking them out of the school library over and over. @erinreads 2y
Reviewsbylola I can see why! I will definitely be recommending it! @CoffeeCatsBooks 2y
NovelGirl82 Oh, this looks really good! I'll have to add it to the list. 2y
Tamra @Reviewsbylola I will have to check it out! 2y
ReadingEnvy I thought it was great 2y
Cinfhen I may need to try this ❣️ 2y
Reviewsbylola You should! I have never felt like this about a graphic novel before. @Cinfhen 2y
emilyhaldi Wow, rave review!! Stacking this one 👍🏻 2y
Reviewsbylola It‘s mom‘s copy so I‘ll return it to her and you can grab it next time you‘re home. @emilyhaldi 2y
Betty What a great review! 2y
8leagueboot The Scary Stories to Read in the Dark comparison is high praise indeed! 2y
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The Last Town | Blake Crouch
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I rarely ever finish a series, and it is unheard of for me to read two books from a series back to back. I had to know how it ended though, so I whipped through this one in 24 hours. Blake Crouch is definitely a must read author for me now. His books have a sci fi element that‘s not typically my thing, but somehow he draws me in. #ripxii book 9

Reviewsbylola But for real, I need a fourth book. I need to know what happened! 2y
LittlePixels Right?! I loved that series. 2y
emilyhaldi So excited to add these to my growing Crouch collection 🤗 He just does it for me! 2y
panache113 I really loved this series aswell 2y
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Wayward | Blake Crouch
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If you‘re looking for a quick, fast paced ride, Blake Crouch is your man. I‘m convinced I would love everything he‘s written. This is the second book in the Wayward Pines trilogy, and I love how seamlessly he moved between the first two books. I also love the idyllic, Pleasantville vibe of the town and residents. I typically don‘t read books in series back to back, but I‘m definitely tempted to get to book 3 ASAP. #ripxii bk 8

bobregina I love Blake too! 2y
riversong153 I bought these on kindle a few weeks ago, sounds like I need to bump them up on my TBR!! 2y
emilyhaldi He keeps jumping up on my list! 👍🏻 2y
Mdargusch I was surprised to see that you were reading the second one right away 2y
Reviewsbylola Brian was surprised too! @Mdargusch 2y
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Ring | Koji Suzuki, Robert B. Rohmer, Glynne Walley
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Wow, I definitely didn't remember the plot from those movies. Way less scary than I expected, probably because you don't actually watch the movie and also there's no creepy kid climbing out of a well. More like investigative journalism...Still disturbing. Frequent toddler interruptions likely broke the suspense. And what the heck is up with ryuji?! #mommyreads #horror #japan #ripxii #littensdressedinblood #librarybooks

MidnightBookGirl The movie is based way loosely on the books! I liked the first one, but the rest of the trilogy was more sci-fi than horror. 2y
alanacristin @MidnightBookGirl I'm curious to check the rest out! It's interesting the series takes a genre twist.. I may try to watch the movie again but it's hard to fit in horror movies with a toddler around 😝 2y
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Final book deets for #deweysreadathon: some comics, some ghost stories, and a non sequitur. 😆 I had to do a lot of audio in the middle of the day because of tasks I had to complete, which slowed down my reading, and is why I have the little hen book in there--I needed another short audio stat so I didn't waste any time! So that puts my page number total at 1108 pages. All in all, a fun way to pad my GR total with tiny books! 😂😂😂😂

SilversReviews Great job!! 2y
Ashley_Nicoletto Nice work! 2y
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Kalalalatja 👏👏👏 2y
Cinfhen Good job 🙌🏻💕🎉 2y
Kamisha Nice! 2y
Andrew65 A great effort, well done 🎊🎉🍾🥂 2y
Bluebird Nice job! 2y
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"That's how Karen Carpenter died!" Was this a thing?! I thought I was the only one that got told this when I didn't want to eat my dinner?!!! ? #readathon #RIPXII

Cinfhen Ha, truth 😂 2y
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