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It | Stephen King
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We all float down here 💀
#ITchapter2 is right around the corner!
#MovieDate is in my future!
Grab an IT bookmark so you can catch up on some #lightreading before the movie comes out 🤓
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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• Day 23 of #KingAtoZ with the letter W for “The Waste Lands,” The Dark Tower III. Who has read this series? •

@GarthRanzz #KingAtoZ #challenge #Litsychallenge #LitsyLove #fiction #novels #series #bookseries #day23 #theLetterW #theKing #StephenKing #horror #horrormaster

GarthRanzz I only made it about half way through this one before quitting. But I‘m taking on the #EpicKaTetRead next month! 2y
Readage @GarthRanzz Ooh what‘s that?! 2y
GarthRanzz It‘s a new read along that @MinDea is hosting, pulling the Tower series out from @TricksyTails #LoserClub read along. Some of us didn‘t want to wait five years to get to the Tower books in the chronological read. 😊 2y
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TrishB I‘ve read 😁 awesome series. 2y
Readage @GarthRanzz Enjoy 😉 2y
Readage @TrishB I hear it‘s great 👍🏼 2y
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The Gunslinger | Stephen King

I kind of want to have a year of Stephen king challenge. Are there any read a thons or #buddyreads that I can jump in on

TrishB There are a few SK ones starting. Think @GarthRanzz may have more details! 2y
CSeydel Yes! Check out @TricksyTails and the #losersclub tag. She‘s put together a huge list of all King‘s work in publication order. One per month, it‘s supposed to last like 10 years or something (edited) 2y
GarthRanzz The #LosersClub is a great one! We also have the #EpicKaTetRead starting next month to tackle The Dark Tower series. The more the merrier! @TricksyTails and @MinDea have the details for both reads! 2y
TricksyTails Thank you @CSeydel and @GarthRanzz ♥️ I believe @CSeydel tagged you in the schedule for this year. Did you have any questions I could help with? 2y
TheNextBook How am I just now seeing all of this?! I had no idea the #loserclub was happening?! I might have to start joining in! 2y
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Snowed In | Rachel Hawthorne
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Well if I ever needed an excuse to stay in and read on a Saturday, last night's snow storm came through. There's enough snow in my parking lot that I'm snowed in until our plow comes to let me out. He can take his time! Going to have a coffee, get caught up on my #buddyread and maybe start the #losersclub book! Happy Saturday ☃❄😊

BookishTrish What is this #loserclub of which you speak? #inquiringminds 2y
FantasyChick It's a forever long SK #buddyread @BookishTrish. This month is Carrie 😊 @TricksyTails hosts it. I believe we are going through his works by publication order? 2y
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