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The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock | Imogen Hermes Gowar
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I was under the #falsehope that I could read all the books that I put onto the #TBR cart. I will read them eventually, but probably not before the year is out.

Note, #GhostCat sleeping on the bottom tray, #ShadowCat can be seen in the mirror, he's on my bed. I rearranged the furniture again yesterday.

#NoFemmeber @Billypar @Cinfhen

laurieluna It just means you have some great picks to see the new year in with! 4y
julesG @miralunasbooknook You have no idea just how many there are. 4y
laurieluna @julesG more like it will see you through a few new years? 😂 4y
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gradcat Love your cats! I guess #GhostCat will pick out your next read for you 💞💞 4y
Cinfhen I have the same #falseHope about finishing my #NetGalley ARCs 😩😳 4y
julesG @miralunasbooknook Decades! 770+ books on my kindle, several thousand on my hard disk and an estimated 250 in my flat. I could get through it if I stop getting new books/ARCs at all. 4y
julesG @gradcat I hope not. She has sharp claws. 4y
TheSpineView I have the same problem. There are two stacks of books on my night stand and 3 stacks on my desk to read this year. Not counting my kindle. I will try but I know it will be next year before I get to them all. 4y
Billypar I'm a big fan of your book/cat cart! I'm not a fast enough reader to do both ARC's and regular books I want to read- I'm always in awe of everyone on Litsy who can keep up with that kind of reading pace! ☺️ 4y
julesG @TheSpineView There are always more unread books than read books in my house. I'm hoarding them faster than I can read them. 4y
julesG @Billypar I can only manage to get as much read as I do, because I am not working at the moment. Also, I hardly ever watch TV, which gives me extra reading time in the evenings. I admire the Littens that have a faster reading speed than I have, I still read at a snail's pace. 😉 4y
Billypar @julesG Yes- cutting TV and internet browsing really helped me get to my current level- still not much compared to many here, but way more than I used to! 4y
Jinjer Kitty in a bin!!!💕 4y
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DAY 21: Many times during a decades-long manhunt, investigators thought they‘d found the Golden State Killer, but it turned out to be #falsehope. But they never gave up. I believe much credit goes to Michelle McNamara for keeping this investigation in the forefront. I‘m sad she didn‘t get to see this asshole arrested.

This book scared the pants off me, but it‘s so good. 5⭐️

📷: The Daily Beast


Gaylagal2 Me too! I believe she gets a great percentage of the credit for catching this vile piece of shit. She truly was an amazing writer, investigator and person. 🤙 4y
CoverToCoverGirl It was a very intense read and I think she was the key factor in bringing this vile evil person to justice. 4y
dawn-pInk I‘m so excited for the HBO series based off of this! The book was brilliant! 4y
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ericarobynreads Such an intense read!! Have you heard about the Audible original, Evil Has A Name? I just started it tonight and I couldn‘t stop listening until I forced myself to turn it off for the night. It‘s SO good but so sad too... some of the victims and family members of the victims tell their stories. 4y
Billypar It sounds like a true display of persistence and courage even in the face of all the false leads falling through. I both want to read it and don't... I don't rule out true crime, but does make me a little nervous. 4y
britt_brooke @dawn-pInk I won‘t be able to watch it. This book really messed me up. I‘m such a chicken with scary things, but was so intrigued by this when the killer was caught, I had to check it out. 😬🙈 4y
britt_brooke @ericarobynreads That sounds so interesting, but this book messed me up so bad that I‘m not sure I can read true crime again for a while. I was already a chicken but the Golden State Killer story was just too intriguing to skip. (edited) 4y
britt_brooke @Billypar True crime is truly horrifying. This one flipped a switch in me and I‘m not sure I can read any more for a long time. It‘s a fantastic book, though. 4y
Cinfhen Great pick and really sad that Michelle McNamara wasn‘t alive to see him caught. That was some messed up shit. I loved Michelle‘s writing and her personal story but I thought this book was really poorly arranged. It wasn‘t easy to follow and jumped too much. It‘s our bookclub book, meeting Tuesday. Curious how the others felt. 4y
britt_brooke @Cinfhen The timeline was confusing at times. Great book club choice! 4y
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The Post-Birthday World | Lionel Shriver
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Time for #bathandbook. 🙌🏻 🛁

This is such a finely wrought book about the cross roads in a relationship and the decisions we make. I think the idea of a happy ending would be a #falsehope at this point. I‘m probably about 2/3 through and I‘m beginning to think that Irina is destined to be unhappy.


Amiable I really liked this book. Shriver is such a gifted writer. 4y
Billypar I haven't read any Shriver, but from what I've heard, doesn't sound like she's a writer of happy novels 🙄 4y
Cinfhen I haven‘t read this one!!! Need to check it out 🤗🤗🤗 4y
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#falsehope #NoFemmeber
This was a good read, if slightly sad and poignant 😔

JennyM Good choice!!! 4y
Billypar Sounds like one where hope leaves as suddenly as it arrives 😬 4y
Cinfhen I own it, I think! 4y
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They were led to believe that the Pass they took would get them to California quicker...the Donner Party was grossly misinformed. Instead, their horrific journey into the Sierra Nevada will go in history for the traumatic choices made. Brown chronicles the horrors through the eyes of one of the female survivors. And yes, it‘s nonfiction. Not a fictional tale. #FalseHope #NoFemmeber

Cinfhen I just bought this one on a #KindleDeal and I‘m using it for #pop19 #astrologyInTitle and maybe #Booked2019 #NightOrientedTitle 4y
Librarybelle @Cinfhen 👍❤️ 4y
Tamra Amazing anyone survived at all. 4y
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emilyhaldi Great pick for the prompt... what a fascinating and horrible story 💙 4y
Librarybelle It‘s such a sad story! @Tamra @emilyhaldi 4y
Megabooks Just put it on hold at the library! Thanks. 😊 4y
Billypar I was just skimming through the Wikipedia page on the Donner party and it reads like a novel itself! I didn't know the details of what happened along the way were so well-documented. 4y
Librarybelle @Billypar It‘s really thanks to those who survived. Some kept diaries, like in the case of this book. It does read like a novel! 4y
Reviewsbylola This was just so horrific. 😖 4y
ferskner I'm weirdly obsessed with the Donner Party... 4y
Librarybelle @ferskner I find myself drawn to the most awful stories in history... 4y
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False Hope | Marianne Rice
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Billypar Good advice when setting deadlines! 😳 4y
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The Winds of Winter | George R. R. Martin
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Cinfhen Hahahahaha 😂😂 4y
CaroPi 🤣🤣🤣 4y
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BethM Or the third Rothfuss. 4y
britt_brooke 😆 4y
TrishB Brilliant 👍🏻 @BethM I‘ll second the Rothfuss too! 4y
Centique 😂😂😂 oh that‘s the best!! 4y
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Hope Farm | Peggy Frew
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One from my 2019 #TBR .... From the blurb, it seems like the name of this farm gives #falsehope .....
Sounds ominous! 😳
“It is the winter of 1985. Hope Farm sticks out of the ragged landscape like a decaying tooth, its weatherboard walls sagging into the undergrowth.”

Tex2Flo LOL, can‘t help but think “body farm” when the image is all ground and leaves and such... 4y
KarenUK @tex I know right?! That cover is super creepy 😳 4y
Cinfhen I think I added this one too!!! Sounds good ☺️ 4y
LeeRHarry I definitely remember liking this one. 4y
Billypar You are correct- a somewhat misleading name 😂 4y
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Brideshead Revisited | Evelyn Waugh
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Okay, buddy readers, I‘m starting part two! I really hope you haven‘t given me #FalseHope, and that I‘ll end up liking this 🤞

And just like that, I‘m (hopefully) back on the #NoFemmeber wagon! I have been in a photo challenge slump, but I‘m hoping to keep up for the rest of the month!


julesG The knitter in me sees the blanket and wants to make one. 4y
Kalalalatja @julesG I love it! I got it from my in laws for my birthday, but it is a store bought, and not homemade blanket. I‘m not a knitter, so I don‘t really know if it would be easy or difficult to replicate it 😄 4y
BiblioLitten I feel like rereading this one. I enjoyed it the first time💜 4y
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julesG It's not very difficult to replicate the stitches. I have a scarf with a similar pattern. 4y
Cinfhen Yay!!!! She‘s back 💕 4y
Billypar Ha- glad you're back on the challenge wagon, and here's hoping your BHR Part 2 hopes are not in vain 😃 4y
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