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Hour 10 of #deweys24hourreadathon

#readathon @DeweysReadathon

Kids are in bed after keeping me from reading for several hours. My current #readingbuddy is #ShadowCat, he's doing self care and taking a long (slobbering) drink.

Tagged book is an #ARC from #NetGalley. Quick and sweet palate cleanser.

Fitness For Dummies | Liz Neporent, Suzanne Schlosberg
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#checkin for #BFCR4

Managed the 50k, also read 6 books this week. Yoga every day.

Very good week.

No steps at the moment, I've been #GhostLocked by #GhostCat, and #ShadowCat occupied my seat when I got up to switch on the light.


wanderinglynn Aw, it‘s kitty time! ❤️🐱 And way to go! 🙌🏻 Great week! 4w
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Shadow and Bone | Leigh Bardugo
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#audiobook and a (late for me) breakfast with darkish rye bread (has the yummiest crust) and homemade low sugar apricot jam. #ShadowCat was nice and joined me, he's definitely a member of the #SecondBreakfastClub.

I'm not really into this book. Have listened to nearly 1/3 by now, but could very well live without knowing the end.

Also, pondering what to do with a 1.3kg organic courgette.

Beholderess Courgette seems to be chilling there just fine 2mo
Megabooks I so prefer courgette to zucchini! Way better word! That said, if you have a spiralizer, they make great noodles! 2mo
julesG @Megabooks It's called zucchini in German, took me very long to get courgette stuck in my head 😉 - - zoodles, great idea. Don't have a spiralizer though, yet! 2mo
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa I have never heard of them called a courgette, it‘s zucchini or summer squash here! I slice mine in half longways, then chop into slices and sauté them with a some olive oil and garlic. 2mo
julesG @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Courgette is British English, I think. Thanks for the recipe. Since it's a large vegetable, I'll probably be able to make more than one dish from it. 2mo
ulrichyumiodd Courgette is also French, haha. Good luck with your new recipes! 2mo
julesG @ulrichyumiodd It is indeed. Though I try to ignore the little bit of schoolroom French that I still remember, especially since I tend to pronounce French with an English accent nowadays. 🙊 2mo
Aimeesue Big ones are good for shredding and using in muffins, chocolate zucchini cake or pancakes. The ones around here seem to get drier the bigger they get. 2mo
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The Trouble with Wednesdays | Laura Nathanson
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Good Morning Littens on this #wondrouswednesday! @Eggs

1) a disorganised library in the middle of an entertainment park
2) Google calendar, Ecosia Browser, Litsy
3) greens, milk, eggs
4) #ShadowCat
5) @Velvetsun @Freespirit @hermyknee

Eggs #1 👏🏻📚🎶🤗 4mo
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Untilted | Autechre
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It's the #walkathon day and I'm glad i did not sign up for it. Sorry @Clwojick and @CoverToCoverGirl

I could get up (maybe should, it's 9.15 am), but #GhostCat has just decided to fall asleep on me. And I have books. And the kids are still sleeping. And #ShadowCat is snoring on the yellow armchair.

#BFCR2 #TeamFlow @CocoReads @Reecaspieces @Moony @imabusybee @laurenslibrary @LibrarianJen @britt_brooke @wanderinglynn


catebutler Looks so cosy! Enjoy your Saturday morning. 📖🌿 4mo
julesG @catebutler Thank you! 4mo
Clwojick That looks like a perfect Saturday morning 🤗 I‘m hoping that‘s what my day looks like tomorrow. 4mo
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CocoReads Looks great! 4mo
Sarah83 Feeling better today? 4mo
julesG @Clwojick Fingers crossed! 4mo
julesG @Sarah83 Not much. Some problems have turned into other problems. Might have a cold due to hay-fever and the weather changes. 😵😵😵 4mo
julesG @CocoReads Thanks! 4mo
CoverToCoverGirl That‘ll be me tomorrow! 😊 4mo
julesG @CoverToCoverGirl With ice-cream! @Clwojick Don't forget to get ice-cream. 😁 4mo
Hoopiefoot I love the color of that blanket! 4mo
Sarah83 @julesG im Deutschen würde man jetzt sagen 'einmal alles bitte' 🤢 4mo
Reecaspieces Stay in bed!!! Enjoy! 4mo
wanderinglynn I don‘t blame you. That looks like a comfy space & I love the colors. Plus, you can‘t disturb the kitty cats! 😹😉 4mo
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Billion Pound Lie | Bill Dare
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It's hot outside. Unfortunately, it's very warm inside too. Where does Madame #GhostCat decide to sleep? I've already placed her onto the sofa next to me twice. She glares at me and climbs back onto my lap. 😼

This ARC is funny. I'm reviewing it for BookSirens.


jenniferw88 At least your cat sits on you! My #gingerbrat doesn't! 5mo
julesG @jenniferw88 Only Ghost sits, sleeps, pukes on me. #ShadowCat might touch me with one paw that's close enough for him 5mo
CoverToCoverGirl 😂😻 5mo
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#audioexercise this morning. Kids are still asleep and the #ShadowCat woke me at 5.20am by throwing flower pots from the windowsill. 😬

#24B4Monday #readathon @TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65

Also, #BFC @wanderinglynn

GingerAntics Thanks Shadow Cat!!! 6mo
julesG @GingerAntics roughly 2.5 hours more reading time 😕 6mo
GingerAntics Not too bad, if you‘re a morning person. lol 6mo
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julesG @GingerAntics I fear I've become an all day person. Night owl and lark. 6mo
BookwormAHN Nice kitty. Good start for the day 👏🏻 6mo
julesG @BookwormAHN Nice? Naughty, more like. He's destroyed 2 bottles holding sticky liquid, 3 cups/mugs, 4 flower pots, a large glass and a glass candle holder. By throwing all of the cups off the shelf above my birchwood kitchen table, the table now has several scars. Similar with a wooden bench in the sitting room. 6mo
BookwormAHN Okay, that was sarcasm. My cat is also naughty and does not allow me to keep plants in my windows. She either eats them or knocks them out trying to get at the geckos on the outside. 6mo
julesG @BookwormAHN Swallow, pigeons and insects are our problem. So far it was mainly my fault when a flower pot fell. Truly. I put some in spots where they were precariously perched. The plants I keep, succulents mainly, are not poisonous for cats, but don't taste well. So chewing is not a problem. Anyway, the sirup bottles and cups he threw off the shelf and his timing are more of a problem. 😶 6mo
julesG I might be using this book for #SFFTBRChallenge @Schnoebs - still thinking about which prompt 6mo
Andrew65 #ShadowCat obviously is wanting you to maximise your reading time! 😳 6mo
Clwojick Cats! Mine decided he was going to sleep on the kitchen counter the other night, and knocked a bunch of pots off the counter when he was trying to get past the drying rack. He knows she not allowed up there, so I guess he only tries it when I‘m sleeping😅 6mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 My Cat also decided I didn‘t need to sleep in today. He started loudly meowing about 5:05 (I normally get up at 5.) and didn‘t stop until I got up. The he laid down and went back to sleep. 😹 6mo
julesG @wanderinglynn That's just so typical. Mine are exactly the same, as soon as I am fully awake they go back to sleep. 6mo
OrangeMooseReads The second my alarm goes off my cat is there wanting love. She doesn‘t care if I get up but she wants her head scratched. Great job getting the workout in! 6mo
CoverToCoverGirl Your day is off to a wicked start! 😳😊 6mo
GingerAntics Wow, that‘s impressive. I bow to your duality. That‘s just badass. 6mo
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Vicious | V. E. Schwab
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#ShadowCat decided 5.30am is a good time to wake us by smashing a bottle. Chaos taken care of we all went back to bed, me on my "bed of roses" with the tagged #audiobook.

#GhostCat just sniffed at the mat and went her way.


Moony Mojo Rojo hat mich auch um 5:30 geweckt, obwohl ich eh um 6 Uhr austshen muss und erst nicht einschlafen konnte. Mit knapp 5 Stunden Schlaf muss ich mich nun zur Arbeit schleppen... 6mo
julesG @Moony Ich wünsche dir trotzdem einen erfolgreichen Arbeitstag. 6mo
Rachel.Rencher I have never seen one of those before. It looks...uncomfortable? What is it for? 6mo
julesG @Rachel.Rencher It's an acupunktur mat and it needs getting used to. 6mo
catsuit_mango My parents have one, it's nice once you are settled on it but one I slipped on it and use my hand to from falling... Big slash on that hand. It is pointy ;) 6mo
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Happy Birthday Oscar Meyer!

Here we have #GhostCat, very grumpy right now because I didn't sit down when she wanted me to. And the always curious #ShadowCat, who could be your brother.

Thank you @Clwojick for the giveaway!

RadicalReader So seriously adorable 7mo
jhod 👋Julia and your cats! X 7mo
julesG @RadicalReader Thank you. I love them both to but, Elmira style, but they can be annoying too. 7mo
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julesG @jhod 👋 hey hey! 7mo
TrishB Great pics 💕 7mo
rretzler 😻 7mo
Clwojick ♥️♥️♥️ 7mo
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