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The Secret History | Donna Tartt
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Hello #BOTM readers, I have a plea: I am desperately looking for the #BookOfTheMonth edition of #TheSecretHistory by Donna Tartt for a friend, and I really want to surprise her. It‘s sold out on the site, so I‘m out of luck there.
I‘d be happy to swap a BOTM title or whatever; I have books coming out of my ears so just ask me about what I have and let me know!
Thanks, Littens!

#BOTMBacklog #BOTMswap

KarouBlue Did you find a copy? 4y
corycatelyn You can buy it on Amazon for less than $10 4y
Laughterhp I may have this and be willing to trade. I‘d have to double check tomorrow when I get home though. 4y
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kamoorephoto @MellieAntoinete No not yet! @corycatelyn I‘m specifically looking for the BOTM version though (not the regular one), and to trade for it 😊 @Laughterhp Yes, please let me know! (edited) 4y
kamoorephoto @MellieAntoinete and @Laughterhp (or anyone else!) you can send me an email about trading, if that‘s easiest! scriptkat@hotmail.com 4y
kamoorephoto @MellieAntoinete I sent you an email! 4y
KarouBlue @kamoorephoto Responded! This is a super nice edition! Hope your friend loves it! 4y
Laughterhp Hey, sorry I didn‘t get back to you. Do you still need this or are you all set? 4y
kamoorephoto @Laughterhp I would love for you to email me scriptkat@hotmail.com 🙌🏼 It seems there was a mishap with the other copy 😫 4y
Laughterhp Oh no, okay. I just emailed you! 4y
kamoorephoto @Laughterhp I don‘t see it yet!!! 🧐 Can you pretty please try again? 🤞🏼 4y
Laughterhp Weird okay. I just sent it again. 4y
kamoorephoto @Laughterhp I‘ll check 😽👍🏼 4y
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Final Girls | Riley Sager
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Yay! #bookmail Thanks so much @JPeterson

That bookmark is so creepy 😊


RadicalReader @Laughterhp love creepy bookmarks 4y
JPeterson Yay! Glad it arrived safely! Enjoy! 4y
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Norse Mythology | Neil Gaiman
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The past two weeks I‘ve been away from #litsy , and they were the saddest literary weeks of my life. Work and family drama consumed my time and I‘m finally getting to bills and mail, #bookmail galore.

Thank you @Laughterhp for my #botmswap book!

The tagged book was also in my #bookmail but didn‘t make the picture, it‘s sitting on my coffee table tempting me to be pick it up...

Oh #littens! It‘s good to be back!!

ju.ca.no Welcome back😘 4y
Louise Welcome back to the booknut house! 🤓 4y
Cinfhen Welcome back 💕 4y
TrishB Hi 🙋 4y
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The Mailman | Bentley Little
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I finally got to the post office today! I sent out all my books for @TheBookStacker @Librarybelle @wanderinglynn and @TheWordJar !!!

I also mailed out the next #LMPBC to @LauraJ

And @Drnkpnkprincess You‘re very lucky I read your email this morning before I went to the post office, so your book is also on the way for #botmswap

#productivity Also, here is a picture of the pups walking this morning and the ocean in the background!

wanderinglynn Cute pups! ❤️🐶 I miss living bear the ocean. 4y
LauraJ Hooray! Book mail! 4y
TheWordJar It arrived!! Thanks so much!! 4y
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Final Girls | Riley Sager
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@MaleficentBookDragon I‘m FINALLY posting this - sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️. It came in a couple days ago, but I couldn‘t pick it up until yesterday, & then I had a march to get ready for/go to.
So I‘m late, but I got it - thanks so much!!!

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The Chalk Man | C. J. Tudor
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Hey @MaleficentBookDragon look! I got it out today after all. It‘s on its way. It‘s even in a #BOTM box😊

MaleficentBookDragon Thanks! Your will go out Monday. 4y
Sweettartlaura @MaleficentBookDragon No worries - no rush. I was just glad to get this one out way sooner than I thought. Enjoy it! 4y
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Good Mail Day: A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art | Jennie Hinchcliff, Carolee Gilligan Wheeler
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#bookmail going out to @tracy.m.ng @Sweettartlaura and @melyndarae today! The post office hasn‘t seen this much of me since the 90s 😂 #feedareader #riotmomspringcleaning #botmswap

MinDea Wahoo!!!! 4y
melyndarae I can't wait! All of the books sound so good. Idk which I'll read first 😁. 4y
TricksyTails 😂😂😂 I so relate to this! 4y
Sweettartlaura Oops! I forgot to take a pic, but yours is on the way, too! Thanks❤️ 4y
tracy.m.ng Thanks @RiotMom!!! I am super excited!!! 4y
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I‘ve got a couple for #botmswap if anyone wants them. I‘m looking for any of the ones below...


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Sweettartlaura @2BR02B Do you still have Final Girls to trade? If so, are you interested in either of these? 4y
2BR02B @Sweettartlaura I already have both, but I think @MaleficentBookDragon was also looking to trade Final Girls. 4y
RiotMom I have both Final Girls and The Blinds and would be interested in The Leavers! 4y
Sweettartlaura @riotmom Awesome! If you want to email me your address, I‘ll share mine. I think I‘d like to swap for The Blinds, if you‘re willing to let it go. Hit me up at lceronelc@gmail.com 😊 4y
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Special Delivery | Heidi Cullinan
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Hi @WarpedSweetness @2BR02B I just checked IsraelPost tracking and it looks like both your packages were delivered yesterday 😊Can you let me know if you received them...it‘s for #BOTMswap & #DystopianTravelingBook Happy Valentine‘s Day as well💕💕sorry @WanderingBookaneer your package still says “in route to addressee” 😕😞

WanderingBookaneer No worries! Post has been unbearably slow since hurricanes. 4y
2BR02B I got mine! Loved the personalized note, and the bookmarks are beautiful! Thank you so much! ❤🤗 4y
WarpedSweetness I haven't received anything. I did message the person about my address change, so it might still be on its way to me. 4y
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Cinfhen Hopefully they have it at your old address @WarpedSweetness otherwise the #dystopiantravelingbook is MIA @4thhouseontheleft 😱😬😪 4y
WarpedSweetness @Cinfhen Oh dear I hope not! Good thing I'm still in contact with my old landlord. He is keeping an eye for any stray mail and/or packages for me. 4y
Cinfhen 🤞🏼🤞🏼it was delivered on Feb 13 at your old address @WarpedSweetness hope it‘s there 💕 4y
4thhouseontheleft Oh no! I hope they find it at your old address @WarpedSweetness !! I received your email after @cinfhen mailed it out, so it was definitely sent to your old address. (edited) 4y
WarpedSweetness @cinfhen @4thhouseontheleft No worries, guys! My landlord has the package! I'm picking it up on Sunday. :-) All is well, thank goodness. 4y
Cinfhen Yay🎉🎉🎉thanks for letting me know....didn‘t want to be the one that lost the traveling book 🤪 @WarpedSweetness @4thhouseontheleft 4y
WarpedSweetness @Cinfhen Naw, that would have been on me if it went MIA. I'm so sorry I didn't get my new address out there. I completely forgot about everything that wasn't my private hell. :-/ I'm just glad I got it! I can't wait to go and get it. 4y
Cinfhen Hope the book and goodies cheer you up a bit @WarpedSweetness ❣️❣️❣️ 4y
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Hi @2BR02B @WarpedSweetness @WanderingBookaneer I forgot to post a picture but I mailed you each a little package on Friday. Israel post claims 12 to 14 business days.... it‘s for #BOTMswap #DystopianTravelingBook and #JustBecauseYoureWonderful 💕💕💕Enjoy and please let me know when the package arrives

Christine11 That‘s such a cute picture ! 🐘🐘🐘 4y
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