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There There: A novel | Tommy Orange
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BIG plans for #SeptemberTBR 😏
But I have some prompts to help.
There There is the Tacoma Reads book, and Tommy Orange is coming to town, so ✅
Tacoma‘s Extreme Reader Challenge is running a readathon AND a silent reading party, so that will help ✅
I must read 13 TBR books to keep on track for #MountTBR - Olympus ✅
Roughneck is a graphic novel - quick read ✅
I‘m half done with the Ahlborn ✅
And I am bound & determined to finish my #botmbacklog

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Book 125 of 2019
#botm #botmbacklog

The_Real_Nani I want to read this book! Have you read Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich? That‘s what this title and description makes me think of. 2mo
KyrstinElizabeth Nickeled and Dimed is great! 2mo
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On a happier note, this is a beautiful historical fiction novel! It spans from 1882 to 1964 across the US and in the Galápagos Islands.

What captured me the most in Frances‘s amazing journey was the different relationships she had and how they wove together to make her whole. In life, there is sorrow, joy, and compromise between the two. Amend captured that perfectly!

#summersendreadathon 6/10 @Clwojick

Clwojick ♥️ 2mo
TrishB I enjoyed this one too 👍🏻 2mo
auntie_jenn agree...and the most gorgeous cover of all time. 2mo
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Megabooks @TrishB Yes, I‘m sorry I waited so long! 2mo
Megabooks @auntie_jenn Definitely have #coverlove for this one! 2mo
batsy I bought it awhile back because of the gorgeous cover... Glad to hear it's a good read! 😊 2mo
Megabooks @batsy It is a beautiful cover, but I think you‘ll like the writing, too! 👍🏻 2mo
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Lovely book so far!

#botmbacklog (Way back 3 years!) #summersendreadathon #24b4monday

Andrew65 Think we all have those long backlogs. 😳 2mo
Megabooks @Andrew65 I know! 🤯 2mo
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The Winter Sister | Megan Collins
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Book 124 of 2019
#botmbacklog #botm

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An Anonymous Girl | Sarah Pekkanen, Greer Hendricks
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Book 114 of 2019
yes my cover ripped 😭

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Not That I Could Tell | Jessica Strawser
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I guess my brief flirtation with going back to reading thriller/suspense novels is over! It‘s just not my genre. I said if I could put this down for 24 hours, I‘d bail. Now, I‘m involved in three other books I‘m enjoying more. 🤷🏻‍♀️ This #botmbacklog is headed to the library sale!

IamIamIam I love thrillers but sometimes the market gets swamped with mediocre books because a genre is popular. Sorry this didn't work out for you!! 2mo
Reviewsbylola I have read one of her books and wasn‘t impressed, which was a bummer because I met her at Ohioana and she‘s so sweet! 2mo
Reviewsbylola Actually, this is the one I read! 2mo
Megabooks @IamIamIam I will be the first to admit I‘m picky about thrillers. It‘s a genre I read rarely. I much prefer ones that veer more on the mystery side, but I think I had read too many in a row. 2mo
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola I noticed it was set in south central Ohio, and I always appreciate a book set in the flyover! So cool that you met her!! This just wasn‘t doing it for me, but it could‘ve been like bingeing on candy after Halloween. This was the one snickers too many! 😂 2mo
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I will admit to being super picky about thrillers. That said, I found a lot of things in this book nonsensical and unbelievable. And can I read one thriller with a sober, mentally stable heroine??

Still it was an easy, interesting read. 3⭐️

#botmbacklog #bfcr3 #bfc #goteam @wanderinglynn @Emilymdxn (I‘m a gaining on you 😉😉) book 6/28

Bette I really wanted a stable, sober heroine too. It can be such a cop out in order to blur things. 😐 2mo
Megabooks @Bette 100% agree! 2mo
Emilymdxn I get frustrated with the exact same things about thrillers so much - it‘s such a pity when I CAN really love thrillers when they‘re well done but it hasn‘t happened to me recently. And you‘ve read so much! I better get reading in case you catch me 2mo
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Megabooks @Emilymdxn I‘m a bit weird in that sometimes I enjoy these mediocre thrillers more than the ratings would make it seem. Like I think even if it‘s a big, popular book, I find it fun trash. Does that sound weird?? About to finish one! Keep reading!! (edited) 2mo
plemmdog The author has also had his share of controversy, including allegations of plagiarism 2mo
Megabooks @plemmdog Yes 😬 I read the New Yorker article. 2mo
DivineDiana I also rated it a so-so. 😉 2mo
Megabooks @DivineDiana 😉😁 2mo
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Not really enough clues to be a mystery. Not really enough suspense-building/fear to be a thriller. But such a page turner! I had the same feelings about Final Girls. 3⭐️ #bfcr3 #bfc #botmbacklog

#goteam teammates: I got some bad health news yesterday. It‘s NOT cancer. 👍🏻 Yet still life changing suckage. My fitness goals except recording food are on hold. I‘m just trying to deal mentally before I talk about it. 💙💙

cobwebmoth I'm here if you need me. My email is my username at gmail. *hugs* 3mo
bromeliad Take it easy and take care of yourself. I'm glad it's not cancer, but that doesn't mean it's not still a frightening/scary thing. We're here for you!! 3mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️ 3mo
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LiteraryinLititz 💜💜💜 3mo
Megabooks @cobwebmoth Thank you! 💜 I may take you up on it when I know what to say. 🤗 3mo
Megabooks @bromeliad Thank you so much!! 💙💕💙 (edited) 3mo
TheEllieMo We‘re here for you when you want to talk x 3mo
ValerieAndBooks Hugs -- will be thinking of you 💖 3mo
guinsgirlreads Take care of yourself! We‘re here for you! ❤️ 3mo
Emilymdxn Sending lots of love and care. Whatever you wanna talk about and when, we‘re all here for you. If you ever wanna talk or think the challenge is too much to be involved with on top of other things happening totally message me, my goodreads and insta are on my profile and I wanna make sure you‘re getting whatever support and engagement you most need from your team 💛 3mo
Megabooks @TheEllieMo Thanks so much! 💜 3mo
Megabooks @ValerieAndBooks Thank you! 💕 3mo
Megabooks @guinsgirlreads Thanks, teammate! 💙 3mo
Megabooks @Emilymdxn Thank you so much, Emily! You are a wonderful captain, and I really appreciate your support! I will reach out when I‘m ready. I‘ll know more in a couple of weeks. 💜💜 3mo
Scochrane26 💜❤️ sorry to hear this. 3mo
KathyWheeler I am glad it‘s not cancer, but I‘m also so sorry you got bad news. Take care of yourself! 3mo
Megabooks @Scochrane26 Thanks! 💜💙 3mo
Megabooks @KathyWheeler Thank you! And me too! 💕 3mo
tjwill Do what you need to do to focus on your health. Changing goals is sometimes the best for you. 3mo
Megabooks @tjwill Thanks! I agree. I‘ll just have to settle on what the right ones are. 👍🏻💜 3mo
Bookwormjillk Hang in there @Megabooks ❤️ 2mo
Megabooks @Bookwormjillk Thank you 💙💙 2mo
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The Music Shop | Rachel Joyce
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#botmbacklog #bfc #BFCr3 #goteam book 2/28

Cute romance novel about the redemptive and healing power of music. 3.5⭐️

65/90 minutes of activity today, which is pretty good since my cold is in my chest
Doing well recording my food 🥘👍🏻
7 hours sleep 😴🥳

guinsgirlreads Great job! Feel better soon!! ❤️ (edited) 3mo
cobwebmoth Hope you're feeling better soon! This book is on my TBR. 3mo
Megabooks @guinsgirlreads Thank you!! 😁😊 3mo
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cewilf Feel better! Summer colds are the worst. 3mo
Megabooks @cobwebmoth I hope you enjoy it! I don‘t read much romance, but it was definitely cute! Thank you for the well wishes. 😊 3mo
Megabooks @cewilf I hate being sick in the summer! Thanks! 💜 3mo
KathyWheeler If I had a summer cold, I‘d probably spend all day in bed! 😄 Heck, I stayed in bed all day today because I was angry and it rained. 😁 Good for you with all the activity.👏 (edited) 3mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 But take care of you. 💚 3mo
Emilymdxn Be gentle with that cold! They can be nasty ones. Hope you‘re feeling better soon 😘 3mo
Megabooks @KathyWheeler Thanks! 💙 I‘m so sorry about what happened to you at the cataract surgeon! Ass$&@“@!! 3mo
Megabooks @wanderinglynn Thank you! 😊💜 3mo
Megabooks @Emilymdxn Thanks! 💜💙 3mo
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