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Ninth House | Leigh Bardugo
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The tagged 📖 isn‘t even on my list this month 🤭🙃, but this is a #blameLitsy situation of a LIBBY hold that came through. I agree with @TrishB that although well written, it could have been more condensed, but I am interested in the continuation due to the ⚠️ cliffhanger. Also, this particular fantasy school society story was harder to put down. #recentlyread for #bookspin BINGO (free spot). @TheAromaofBooks

TrishB Definitely interested in the next one 👍🏻 6mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 6mo
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I‘m late on my June recap! There were lots of chunksters on my list last month, so I did not finish as many as in previous months, and no bingo, but lots of really great reads! Tagged book was my last of the month, and a #blamelitsy pick, too. Lots to chew on with themes of colonialism and appropriation, plus a rollicking storyline. Now, on to July!
#bookspinbingo #monthlyrecap

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! Fabulous month!! 6mo
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This was an awesome YA (10+) historical fiction novel! It‘s a short but powerful look at India in the 1800s.

Well researched too! I learned things that even my AP World History teaching husband (who annoyingly usually knows everything) did not know about some fierce historic females. Plus, she shows her receipts at the end. I‘m going to buy a copy for my classroom! Love, love, love!

#BlameLitsy 💗🥳

Texreader Brilliant review 7mo
Reggie Great review! 7mo
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Olympus, Texas | Stacey Swann
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Anyone else fall victim to the Amazon 3 for 2 deal? Just me?

Megabooks I‘m waiting for more books to be added 7mo
vivastory I *loved* White Noise 7mo
rjsthumbelina Oops! I slipped and fell and my finger hit the 'buy now' button...in my defense, there were 6 books I had been looking forward to picking up in the sale. #blameLitsy 7mo
Reviewsbylola More books will be added?!? I don‘t know whether to be thrilled or scared. 🤣 @Megabooks 7mo
Megabooks @Reviewsbylola Since it‘s prime day on Sat-Sun, historically they‘ve added more books as the week goes on!! I did just order 3 last night. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 7mo
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Oh, hello there Miss Austen! 😘
I may still be on a #bookbuyingban but that doesn‘t necessarily mean I can‘t buy book adjacent things... such as a very cute Jane Austen funko that I didn‘t know existed until recently (thanks to my fellow #pemberlittens - also #blamelitsy 🤣)
She‘ll hang out with her works for a bit before moving to my wall shelf with my other funkos- gotta day I‘m happy to have her join the gang 😄

Scochrane26 That‘s so cute. I need one, too. 10mo
rubyslippersreads 😍😍😍 10mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig I have one too! I just love her! 10mo
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“She felt so lovely in his hands. She felt so loved in his eyes.”

If you haven‘t read this one you should!!


1968, Lynnie is a young white women with a developmental delay and Homan is a deaf black man locked away in an institution with Lynnie. They fall in love and escape... I definitely need to read this one again!


Reagan This was a lovely book! 11mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Reagan yes! I wish more people would read it!! 11mo
TheKidUpstairs I'd never heard of this one! 11mo
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Elizabeth2 Stacked! #blamelitsy 11mo
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The Good Son: A Novel | You-Jeong Jeong
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18 of 2021. Wow! This book is a shocking story of what happens when lies and living in denial destroys a family. Without giving too much away, I couldn‘t fathom the way the mother in this story chose to deal with what was going on in the family. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Elizabeth2 Stacked! #blamelitsy 12mo
DarkMina @Elizabeth2 Right!!😁 11mo
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A most unique love story/triangle that is believable and heartbreaking, spanning 2 decades with great characters. So good 😊
#unconventionallove #showsomelove @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TheKidUpstairs
#readingromance @Clwojick

Eggs @Clwojick Read this a couple years ago but it really fits for romance❤️😥❤️ 12mo
Clwojick Sounds good! I‘m stacking ♥️♥️ 12mo
TheKidUpstairs Sounds good! 12mo
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Elizabeth2 Stacked! #blamelitsy ❤️📚 12mo
Eggs @Clwojick @TheKidUpstairs @Elizabeth2 great story-/have tissues nearby 12mo
Eggs @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️☀️❤️ 12mo
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Braiding Sweetgrass | Robin Wall Kimmerer
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I‘m having difficulty concentrating today, but once my focus comes back, I am really excited to delve into my next audiobook!

This is definitely a #blamelitsy read! ❤️

TiminCalifornia I lived in SC along the coast as a kid and there would be roadside stands all over with sweetgrass baskets for sale. I didn‘t know it was unique to that area until my family moved. 12mo
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The Immortalists | Chloe Benjamin
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#TheImmortalists #ChloeBenjamin

If you knew the date of your death, how would you live your life? Family love story about destiny and choice of this world or the next. This book makes you think as it is a testimony of love. Unexpected twists makes it a hard to put down book. Excellent writing makes me want to read author‘s other book, The Anatomy of Dreams. Recommended for those who like to read books about siblings.

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 12mo
Andrew65 Great. 12mo
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EadieB @Andrew65 Thanks! 12mo
Elizabeth2 Your review intrigued me. Stacked! #blamelitsy 12mo
EadieB @Elizabeth2 Warning: Explicit sex in some parts. 12mo
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