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BookwormAHN Merry Christmas 🎄 13mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Merry Christmas 🎄💗 13mo
vkois88 Merry Christmas 🎄🎁🎅 We love the tagged book! ❤ 13mo
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cinann @vkois88 Sandra Boynton writes such cute books! 13mo
vkois88 She really did! My daughter gets such a joy out of reading them together 13mo
Cinfhen Hope you had a wonderful day and loved seeing everyone‘s #Bitmoji 13mo
TrishB Hope you had a lovely day 🎄🎅 13mo
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This Bitmoji should be my avatar on all social media sites. Wallpaper of shelves filled with books would make her perfect.

#bitmoji #AmReading #bookworm #bookdragon

Mondays are Murder | Tanya Landman
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My #bitmoji got a makeover to reflect my hair cut (and dye). Getting ready for #bitmojimonday tomorrow!

Can‘t wait to see everyone‘s Monday! Especially everyone going back to work after summer break 😱🤪🤯

CindyMyLifeIsLit Yay! I love Bitmoji Mondays! 1y
sudi Love Bitmoji Mondays 💖 , thanks for tagging me 😊🙌 1y
GripLitGrl Love your new bitmoji! Thanks for the tag😀 1y
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vkois88 Good luck today!! Love your new Bitmoji 😊 And thank you for the tag ❤ ❤ ❤ 1y
Avanders Cute haircut & color ☺️ Made me look at your profile pic... which led me to the words... 😂 1y
ReviewsMayVary Great Bitmoji updates! 1y
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Untitled | Unknown
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So I went shopping at target again today and for the first time in awhile I didn‘t make and book purchase 😳📚😝🤣🤣🤣 but I did notice I look like my #bitmoji 😝 love it

Cinfhen 👍🏻 2y
JoScho 💙💙💙 2y
RebelReader Cute! 2y
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If I download the #bitmoji app, it'd be another #blameitonLitsy choice! 😄 😄

ReadingSusan Do it!! 2y
BookishMe @ReadingSusan 🤣hehe 🤣 2y
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Manic Monday | Robert Michael
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7:30am drove my son to school
9:30am started a new book
3:30pm finished book #BookHangover
Litsying not thinking about dinner
6:00pm picked up pizza
Successful day
This was fun @sudi @hermyknee
And I drive a crappy car but my Bitmoji doesn‘t have too😉

sudi This is great 😀 2y
Kalalalatja I love this post 😂😂😂 2y
julesG 😀😀😀 2y
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emilyhaldi I love the first bitmoji 😆 (edited) 2y
TrishB Makes me want to make one of those things now!! 2y
Cinfhen I love #Bitmoji @Kalalalatja @emilyhaldi @julesG @TrishB YOU should definitely make one ~ it would be totally badass 🙌🏻💕 2y
Cinfhen Thanks again for the tag @sudi it was too much fun...I‘m ready for #BitmojTuesday 2y
Reviewsbylola I love doing this but yeah, the aftermath is not pretty. 😂 2y
sudi @Cinfhen #bitmojituesday sound's good 2y
tammysue Great post!! 😂😂 2y
LauraBeth 😂😂 2y
Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola @whatshesreadingnow @LauraBeth I wish I exaggerated my day but it was pretty much EXACTLY what U see above🤣😂although I did get up a few times to check the fridge...but there was nothing that I wanted to eat 😝 2y
Eggs 💖💖💖💖 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Love this!!!! 💗💗 2y
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“The Couple that reads together, stays together.” 🤗📚💙http://www.lifehack.org/297779/13-reasons-why-couples-who-read-together-stay-together 😂 | My Husband and Me | #CoupleFunkoPops | #MyPopFunko @KirstieE | #insomniac | #BlameItOnLitsy | #AddictedToTheseAvatars | #TBRStackIsOutOfControl | Almost as fun as #Bitmoji

KirstieE #couplegoals !! That's too darn cute 😍 2y
BookMaven407 👍 2y
kspenmoll Wonderful! Too cute! 2y
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PenguinInFlight So cute!! 2y
CarlyQuinn Uh oh! My boyfriend is a none-reader! We do puzzles together. Totally different, but does that count for anything?! 2y
Jess7 Haha! Of course it does @CarlyQuinn ! Puzzles are great! My husband and I have been together for nearly a decade and we certainly do not read together all the time. Actually, I read primarily on my own, but we go through phases where we read different books in the same room and it makes my heart happy ❤️🤗 (edited) 2y
Andrew65 That‘s me and my wife too. 😊 2y
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Just purchased The new iPhone X and Litsy wouldn't upload so I had to Uninstall the app and reinstall. Just a heads up for those that may be purchasing the new phone.

Melissa_J I got mine today too!! Although I‘m not at home so I won‘t actually get to use it until tomorrow. How is it? I‘m upgrading from a 6 so I expect a big difference. (edited) 2y
Between_The_Covers @Melissa_J I'm in love. It's beautiful. The LTE screen alone is amazing. It will take some getting used to because of the functionality but it's a great phone❤️ 2y
Redwritinghood Jealous! Hope you enjoy it. 2y
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Strange Weather | Joe Hill
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Wtf am I reading? Like seriously. I could have done without the mental image of a gold digging tramp. Like. No. Snapshot was cool, but Loaded is nahhhhh to me.

JoeStalksBeck Lol the ending of Loaded 😮 Ending of Snapshot 😭 2y
Librariana I've never read anything by Hill, so the hubby and I decided to listen to The Fireman together... but it's such a hefty tome and we haven't had much time to spend with it, that I'm thinking we may have to hit pause and try again during a road trip or something 😔 2y
Grimscythe @JoeStalksBeck Ending of snapshot emoji soooo true. 2y
Velvetfur These little cartoons are so cute! Where do you get then from? 2y
Grimscythe @Velvetfur They are #Bitmoji. Affiliated with snap chat. I hate how I look so I figured it‘s better than nothing. 2y
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Eek! Halloween! | Sandra Boynton
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I‘ve received several packages 📦 this week, but am still waiting on my #halloweengoespostal package. If my match follows me, can you let me know if it‘s been sent or if it might be late (and it‘s fine if it‘s late, I just want to be assured it‘s on its way)? I‘m getting anxious 😬

Chelsibeau I haven‘t heard/received mine either yet😬 Trying to be patient is hard. 2y
SilversReviews Cute #Bitmoji. I hope you get your package soon. 2y
Karkar I got one of mine but not the other...I was just thinking to myself when should I start to see if it might have gotten lost. 2y
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Bookzombie I‘m anxious the other way. I sent mine and tracking shows it got there but my match hasn‘t posted about it yet. 2y
JPeterson I've been patiently waiting as well. Or, trying for be patient. 😶 2y
Melissa_J @Chelsibeau @Karkar @JPeterson I‘ll keep my fingers crossed that all our packages arrive by end of week 🤞🏻 2y
Melissa_J @Bookzombie I hope they let you know soon. 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I haven‘t received mine either 😐 Maybe they will show up soon!!! 2y
Melissa_J @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks hopefully they do show up soon. Even though there are a few days of mail delivery to go (we don‘t have mail delivery on weekends here), I‘m impatient because I‘m excited 😆 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Melissa_J me too!!! And I‘m going out of town until Sunday so I won‘t know if it gets here! 😩😶😜 2y
LibrarianRyan @Bookzombie that always makes me nervous. My match got hers a week later than she was susposed to and the post office opened and inspected everything. I hope it made it all back into the box. Dang them. Oh yeah, then they made her pay more postage. 2y
Bookzombie @LibrarianRyan I saw that. I don‘t understand how there could be more postage. So weird. 2y
tpixie 🎃🍀🎃🍀 2y
Melissa_J @LibrarianRyan wow! Did your package go internationally? I‘ve never heard of mail being opened by the postal service. 2y
merelybookish Just curious if you got your package yet or heard from your match? Still waiting on mine and wondered if this worked.😊 2y
Melissa_J @merelybookish it ended up arriving the very next day! I hope yours arrives on Monday! 2y
merelybookish Oh good! It does make one anxious. 😬 2y
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