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I can‘t say enough good things about this book. If you like food, if you like cooking, or if you just like eating food, this is for you.

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Watcher in the Woods | Kelley Armstrong
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Rockton #4 complete!

Solid mystery with interesting characters and plot that takes place in a hidden town in the Yukon. Limited resources, uncooperative citizens, and danger everywhere.

Armstrong is an author I enjoy a lot. Generally, if her name is on it, I‘ll like it. Definitely the case here. Gonna look for book 5 now...

#KelleyArmstrong #Rockton #Mystery #AuthorCrush

Hooked_on_books Love this series! 1mo
SW-T @Hooked_on_books 😊😊😊 1mo
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Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal | Amy Krouse Rosenthal
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Working on my Major Author/Illustrator project for my Children‘s Services & Materials class, & reading the tagged. I was supposed to focus on an author I don‘t know very well. I might be cheating a little. I mean, I don‘t know *everything* there is to know about Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Can one person truly ever know another? 🤔🤓

#sorrynotsorry #authorcrush #RIPyouwonderwoman

TheBookHippie Ack. She was so amazing. 2mo
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My local library organised a talk from one of my favourite feminist writers as part of the city‘s current festival of the arts. This is the first time I‘ve been able to go to something like this and I really enjoyed it. As well as getting to listen to the inspiring and personal talk with Clementine I got her to sign my copy of Fight Like A Girl and she was lovely #authorcrush #feminism

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Nya and Johan brought out the best in each other. They saw beneath the surface veneer shown to the public and connected and supported each other as they faced tough challenges. A wonderful conclusion to a great series 💕

#authorcrush #alyssacole #romance

Liatrek I loved this series❤️❤️❤️ 5mo
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Racing through this series. Always love Aguirre and she doesn‘t disappoint. Great world building, three dimensional characters, complex relationships, good pacing, plenty of action. You always want things to work out for her characters, good guys and bad guys. She‘s done scifi and fantasy and has thrillers on the horizon.

#annaguirre #romantsy #authorcrush

*Not for those who don‘t like profanity, sex, shifters, or violence.

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I think the last time I enjoyed each short story equally in a collection of short stories was Cockfosters by Helen Simpson. Well, Joy was a beautiful surprise, and I loved this collection. I want to read them all again and let soak them into my marrow. I‘ll definitely check out more of McGraw‘s work. Definitely the right book at the right time. 🥰

#shortstory #authorcrush

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I mean, I think he‘s going to be disappointed, as my Instagram is mostly selfies, & pictures of my bunny & my husband. BUT LOOK WHO‘S FOLLOWING ME RN!

#authorcrush #dead

(Oh, and if you haven‘t read the tagged book yet & you‘re interested in spookiness & spirituality (intellectually or personally), add it to your TBR stat!)

Clare-Dragonfly I have added SO MANY books to my TBR because you posted about them. 8mo
monalyisha @Clare-Dragonfly 😂😍 I love that!!! 8mo
RainyDayReading I‘ve had this one on my TBR for ages!!! Can‘t wait until I can finally get my hands on a copy! 8mo
Clare-Dragonfly AS A MATTER OF FACT I already stacked a different edition of this from your review 😂😂😂😂 8mo
monalyisha @Clare-Dragonfly At least we‘re consistent! 8mo
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If you like books about books, especially ones with illustrations, this is for you.

#bibliophile #booklove #authorcrush

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Untitled | Unknown
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I‘m having a slight reading crisis - I‘m doing a book talk for work and need to have read some books to talk about... I need to come up with 5 titles... crime fiction seems to go down the best 😋

I‘ve been mostly reading fantasy lately which usually gets blank looks and glazed smiles - so hit me up with some recommendations - please!

Birdsong28 Can you recommend any @Andrew65 ? 😁📚📖 9mo
Andrew65 How serious are your readers? Do you want cozies, or more serious mystery and Suspense Books? 9mo
Andrew65 1. Mystery / Thriller : The Woods by Harlan Coben - my favourite standalone by him, master of twists. 9mo
See All 41 Comments
Andrew65 2.. Crime : Dead Simple by Peter James - first book in the Detective Roy Grace Series 9mo
Andrew65 3. Psychological Thriller : The Widow by Fiona Barton, loved this. 9mo
Andrew65 4. Crime : Knots and Crosses by Ian Rankin - first book in the Rebus Series 9mo
Andrew65 5. Cozy Crime : Death of a Gossip by M C Beaton . Very quick read, first book in the Hamish MacBeth Series 9mo
Andrew65 And because 5 is never enough! Book 1 of the excellent Lewis Trilogy set on the remote Lewis Island. Could mention hundreds more. 🤣 9mo
Crazeedi @Andrew65 I 💜 your suggestions! Can't even top ya!!! 9mo
Andrew65 @Birdsong28 👆 😊 9mo
Andrew65 @Crazeedi Had to stop myself going on! 😂🤣😂🤣 9mo
Lizpixie I also recommend Ann Cleeves ‘Vera‘ series 9mo
Lizpixie Peter Robinson writes the excellent “DCI Banks” series 9mo
Crazeedi @Lizpixie I love DCIBanks!! 9mo
Lizpixie Elizabeth George writes the Inspector Lynley series about a Scotland Yard DI 9mo
Andrew65 @Lizpixie Lol! Are you my soul sister? These were three other books I almost recommended. Aftermath is my favourite book in the Peter Robinson Series. Also if you want a strong female lead in crime fiction book 1 in the Ruth Galloway series. (edited) 9mo
Andrew65 @Crazeedi So do I, just picked up his latest to read, read and loved all the others. 9mo
Lizpixie Tess Gerritsen writes the brilliant Rizzoli & Isles series. They are fantastic & much better than the tv series 9mo
Lizpixie @Andrew65 hey my brother from another mother! Crime fiction is my first love, I was reading Dame Agatha when I was 11! 9mo
Andrew65 @Lizpixie yep love the Tess Gerritsen books too! More strong female leads. If you like a bit grittier I would recommend the Grant County Series by Karin Slaughter 9mo
Andrew65 @Lizpixie Me too and Ellery Queen! In fact I rewrote The Body in the Library for a school story and got away with it. 🤣 (edited) 9mo
Lizpixie I also enjoy Linda Fairsteins “Alexandra Cooper” series set in NYC sex crimes unit 9mo
Andrew65 @Lizpixie Now that is a new one to me. Thanks 👍 (edited) 9mo
Lizpixie Oh Karin Slaughter is my #authorcrush @Andrew65 I heard her talk at a local library when she was in Australia a few years ago. She signed two of my Grant County books & took a photo with me🤩 9mo
Lizpixie Have you tried Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan series? Also much better than the tv show. 9mo
Lizpixie And of course, Kerry Greenwoods awesome “Aussie cozy” series, the Phryne Fisher series 9mo
Lizpixie Another “cozy” series is the Daisy Dalrymple books 9mo
Lizpixie And I highly recommend Nicola Upsons “Josephine Tey” series. Much more than a cozy. 9mo
Lizpixie I need to stop now, I‘m just spamming your feed! 9mo
Andrew65 @Lizpixie Also enjoy Tempe Brennan and Phrynne Fisher Series. Also lighter reads the Montalbano Series by Andrea Camilleri - first one 9mo
Andrew65 @Lizpixie I think we both are 🤣 9mo
Lizpixie @Andrew65 have you read the Khattak/Getty series by Ausma Zehanet Khan? Also well worth a read 9mo
Lizpixie And don‘t get me started on the Scandinavian Crime genre!😂 9mo
Andrew65 @Lizpixie No that one is also new to me. 😊👍 9mo
ravenlee Have you read Kelley Armstrong‘s Cainsville series? It has a crime at its heart (MC discovers her bio parents are convicted serial killers and she decides to investigate) with some fantastic elements. 9mo
mcipher Anything Tana French gets my vote, but my favorite is 9mo
Crazeedi @Andrew65 @Lizpixie also Donna Leon's brunetti series, there are I think 28 so far, set in Venice , excellent 9mo
thegirlwiththelibrarybag Many thanks @Lizpixie @Andrew65 @ravenlee @mcipher @Crazeedi - you‘ve given me lots of things to look up! 📚 9mo
Crazeedi @thegirlwiththelibrarybag no problem! Litsy will keep you busy! So many new books and authors I've not read!😊👍 9mo
thegirlwiththelibrarybag @Crazeedi, certainly can count on the Litsy community for book recommendations ☺️😂📚 9mo
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