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The Weight of Blood | Tiffany D. Jackson
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A very good retelling of Carrie, with racism as it‘s main focus. I did enjoy the book and it‘s exploration of entrenched, institutionalised racism.
What I didn‘t enjoy, again, from a US author was the use of the word spazz and spazzed. It‘s especially disappointing in a book that is about discrimination.
It‘s discriminating and derogatory to disabled people. I know I‘ve said it before, but I will carry on saying I guess.

Deblovestoread It is a derogatory term in the US, too. Shame on them! 1mo
Cinfhen #YOUGOGIRL 🙌🏻 1mo
TrishB @Deblovestoread that makes it worse 😞 I read it a lot in US authors books - this particular book was only published in 2022. 1mo
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TrishB @Cinfhen 😘 I try! 1mo
Caroline2 That makes my blood boil too. 😡 1mo
Deblovestoread Yes, it really does. I am surprised it is still used in publishing and that editor‘s wouldn‘t request something different. 1mo
TrishB @Caroline2 @Deblovestoread it seems very sloppy to have got past editors! 1mo
Centique That is disappointing ☹️ 1mo
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Infinite Jest | David Foster Wallace
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It‘s here!! #InfiniteJest

Cinfhen Yowza!!! #YouGoGirl 10mo
britt_brooke The chunkster of all chunksters! 🤩 Are you starting soon? Do you have page flags? A notebook? 😅 It‘s a lot of work, but so worth it. (edited) 10mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen 😀😀💜 10mo
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LeahBergen @britt_brooke I always think fondly of our reading it together! 🥰 10mo
Megabooks @britt_brooke I need to finish up my read of The 1619 Project before I take another long read on. So probably late this month or next. 👍🏻👍🏻 what are my IJ must haves?? 10mo
Megabooks @LeahBergen I remember that buddy read and I had huge fomo. I guess I‘m finally getting to it. 😉 I‘m glad it was so fun for you!! 😀 10mo
britt_brooke @LeahBergen Me, too! 💚 A reading experience like no other! 10mo
britt_brooke @Megabooks The only real tips I have are to read slowly, carefully, and take notes. You‘ll probably want a couple of books marks, too. I used one as usual, but a second one to mark where I was in the footnotes which are long, intense and full of clues/information. You‘ll be flipping back and forth quite a bit. Watch for patterns. Colors, for example. I remember a color being mentioned on nearly every page. It‘s such a complex read. 10mo
britt_brooke @LeahBergen Who else read it with us besides our incredible leader @JenP ? It‘s driving me mad that I can‘t remember! 10mo
AmyG Good for you! I am so intimidated by this book which I have had forever. 10mo
LeahBergen @Megabooks I tell ya… it was reading it with a group that made me finish it! I‘d recommend setting a weekly page goal (nothing too high) and just keep forcing yourself onwards. It DOES pay off. 😆😆 And like @britt_brooke said, definitely keep a tab in the footnotes section. You‘ll be flipping there a LOT. 10mo
LeahBergen @britt_brooke I was trying to remember, too, and attempted to scroll back on here to see. 😆 I think @Simona and @Hooked_on_books and who else? 🤔 10mo
britt_brooke @LeahBergen YES! Ok, I just found our tag #infinitejestbuddyread - there are over 600 posts! 😂😂 I‘m tempted to read them all. (edited) 10mo
BarbaraBB Wow Meg, how cool! 10mo
LeahBergen @britt_brooke 🤣🤣 I just reread a bunch of them! 10mo
Hooked_on_books Yep, I was part of that, @LeahBergen @britt_brooke ! I never would have finished without the buddy read! In the end, I was not a fan, but glad I was able to finally get through it (and get it off the shelf!). 10mo
britt_brooke @Hooked_on_books Even though I loved it, I doubt I‘d have gotten through it without the group either. It‘s so dense! 10mo
JenP I loved it too but definitely a large part of it was reading it with all of you 10mo
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Recovering from surgery last week and sick with bronchial ick. And possibly looking at another surgery next week. I‘m tired and wiped out. Lots of reading, Litsy, Goodreads, and YouTube going on. And holding cats. This is Miss. Pearl Girl. She has a misery too. Little bit of cold in her eye. So we convalesce together. I looked down and she was doing a big blep. #yougogirl #ugh #tootiredtoshower #ugh

Jerdencon Feel better 4y
Briary At least you have the best cuddle buddy.. But sounds pretty rough otherwise, speedy recovery for both of you 💪 4y
Smrloomis Hope you feel better soon 😣🤞🏽! 4y
rretzler 😻 4y
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SECRET | L. Marie Adeline
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This was a reread for me. This book is sexy but I also found it very empowering. I shared a few anxieties with the main character and through this transformation she learned to be bold and came out of her shell.

#sexytimes #yougogirl

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Here you go @Cinfhen you‘ve talked me into #Pop19 I have gone mad and am now attempting SIX reading challenges this year! Hopefully this will help me slowly dismantle my #MountTBRShelvesOfDoom I‘m determined to have a better reading year than 2018. How many challenges are you doing? #survivalofthefittest #nosleeptillbookless #somanybookssolittlefunds #snapcrackleandpop #WhyNot

Cinfhen #YouGoGirl 😘😘😘 4y
Machinist I'm still trying to create a reading list :-) 4y
Suet624 Goodness gracious! Overachievers unite! 😆😆🥰😍 4y
JennyM Go Liz...I can only do 1 challenge a year #Booked2019 - it stresses me out otherwise. But you are already whizzing through them 🔥 4y
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Girl at the Grave | Teri Bailey Black
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Spent the day finishing up all my October reads! This one was a random pick from the library new section and I‘m so glad I picked it up! A great YA gothic-style mystery with a definite love triangle thrown in. Lots of fun twists with the mystery and I loved that though the love story is a very big part of this, in the end Valentine puts herself first. #yougogirl!


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Holy crap. What a fight scene. Completely unexpected twist, a burst of truly brilliant characterisation; I cannot emphasise enough how pleased and enraged and in love I am with this book right now. #mindblown #yougogirl #thisishowyoudoit