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LibrarianRyan yeah. 9h
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Crochet | DK
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I crocheted my first beanie for myself. I‘ve been struggling since I started crocheting to read the pattern for this but I finally figured it out. I figured it out all by myself. It finally started to make sense to me. I just had to be patient with myself. I‘m happy with how it turned out so next time I decide to crochet another beanie, it will be easy. I‘m still a beginner at crochet but with practice, I will get better.


julesG 👏👏👏👏 Turned out very nicely. #crochetersoflitsy (😉😉😉 #hookersoflitsy 😉😉😉) 5d
kelli7990 @julesG Thank you 5d
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Okay, @britt_brooke, you convinced me! 😁

Thanks for organizing, @LibrarianRyan! Join this fun swap, Littens!


LibrarianRyan Yeahhh. Thanks. 6d
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Great little swap - loved it last year so happy @LibrarianRyan is doing it again. I love bookmarks of places and bookshops. What‘s your favourite? Head over to her page and sign up and let‘s get swapping!

LibrarianRyan Yeah. Thanks. 6d
catiewithac I'm excited for this one! I missed it last year! 6d
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Loved it! I learned so much about the current U.S. wool industry and how much work it takes to go from “sheep to skein.” If you‘re interested in #knitting , #crochet , or #slowfashion , and even #climatechange , this book is for you! 🧶🐑

Godmotherx5 Did you say “knitting”?? 🧶 3w
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And That's a Wrap | Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
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I finished #192019challenge ... and I‘m as sad as I am happy about it 😕/❤️🤷🏻‍♀️
This has been an amazing enriching reading journey, & I‘m so glad I went on it.
@Marchpane thank you SO much for coming up with this & sharing it - it‘s the best thing I‘ve ever done as a reader ❤️

If anyone is looking to take on something like this, do it. Try doing 192021 - you have 2 1/2 years to do it. You will be so glad you did 🥰

Untitled | Unknown
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Another crocheting project putting a dent in my reading time. I read for a bit last night but I feel like I‘m coming down with something. I went to sleep early since I had work at 7am. I don‘t know if I‘ll be going to work tomorrow. 😷

#crochet #blanket #weddinggift

Johanna414 Do you ever listen to audiobooks while you crochet? 2w
LiterarySloth @Johanna414 I‘ve tried listening to audiobooks. I just can‘t get into them. When I try to focus on more than one thing at a time, I feel like I‘m not putting enough effort into whatever I‘m doing. I even tried driving and listening to audiobooks and couldn‘t focus on the book. 😭 2w
Johanna414 That makes sense - I never used to be into audiobooks for the same reason. I think being a mom has made me better at multitasking... need to make the most of any alone time I get! 😂 2w
LiterarySloth @Johanna414 haha that would help! I try to plan what I do based on the time of day. During the day, I‘ll usually crochet and watch tv. At night or at work, I read. It‘s been too hot lately to crochet during the day though. 2w
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Proof I‘m crafting! 🧶

Don‘t worry swap buddy, this will be made and the packaged mailed out by the end of this week.

Crochet | DK
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Hiiiiii all my crafty friends!! I really want to learn to crochet but no one around me offers classes and I‘m just not sure if *gasp* reading a book will help me. Any suggestions??

BarbaraTheBibliophage YouTube videos? 1mo
MicrobeMom YouTube is the best! I learned to knit from YouTube videos! 1mo
RowReads1 I learned with a combo of books and YouTube videos. 1mo
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peaknit Yes, YouTube is a great option. I‘m a 15 year knitter and I still tune in to remind myself of cast ons! Good luck!! 1mo
cobwebmoth I learned from Youtube and free crochet pattern websites. 1mo
audraelizabeth Ravelry.com is a great pattern resource. 1mo
RebL Back before the internet is as robust as it is now, I tried to teach myself to knit. I could not get it at all. I got the idea to get a book from the children's section and it was awesome. I completed my first scarf within three days of starting that book. 1mo
Johanna414 Look up The Crochet Crowd on YouTube. They have a lot of introductory videos that break things down in a way that‘s easy to grasp. 1mo
Hufflepuffle I used YouTube and tutorials on Pinterest, good luck on your crochet adventure!! 1mo
bullbunny I am the same way, YouTube, a book I got with my first book and yarn purchase. Slowly but surely got the hang of it with self teaching 1mo
Seekingtardis @BarbaraTheBibliophage @MicrobeMom @RowReads1 @peaknit @cobwebmoth @audraelizabeth @RebL @Johanna414 @Hufflepuffle @bullbunny thank you all! I‘ve subscribed to YouTube channels and will be going to Michaels this weekend!! We will see how it works out! 1mo
audraelizabeth Good luck! Im horrible with tension which is why ive loom knitted in the past. 1mo
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The Unhoneymooners | Christina Lauren
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Listening to audiobooks while I #crochet is my new favorite thing.

sebrittain The first few chapters of this book might be the worst thing to listen to while planning a wedding. I'm going to have nightmares. 1mo
julesG #audiocrochet is soothing. 1mo
Larkken @julesG agreed. Nothing better than a satisfying pattern working up during a good story 1mo
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dreamnthegarden I've got to get some more yarn soon and try this 1mo
llwheeler Love #audiocrocheting! And gorgeous colours 💛 1mo
sberley this is my happy place 1mo
sebrittain @julesG @larkken @dreamnthegarden @llwheeler @sberley this is a new hobby for me. I'm glad to see so many others enjoy it too. 1mo
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