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Here are my (rough) #2020ReadingGoals. I might be adding or adjusting some still, but this is what I‘m starting with so far. What challenges or events are you guys taking part in this year? #My2020 #ReadingGoals #BookStats #ReadingTracker

StayCurious I‘m going to do the 2020 challenge with Linz the bookworm as well! I‘ll look forward to seeing your picks for each category. 4w
AmyK1 How do you swap books you don‘t want any more? Do you do it on here or somewhere else? 4w
Clwojick @AmyK1 I normally just swap with friends, but I think I‘ve seen some people swap on here too. 4w
AmyK1 Okay. I‘ll have to look into options. 4w
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The Reading List | Linda Kay
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Ending the year at 75 books which is 10 more than my goal of 65. Next year I‘m planning on doing not one but 3 different reading challenges so wish me luck! #readingtracker #booksof2019 #bringonthe2020books

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It‘s obvious which week I got a new puzzle, right?? #BulletJournal #ReadingTracker #AnyExcuseForABeautyAndTheBeastQuote

Reading Tracker | Amy Collins
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Trying out a new #bujo #bulletjournal #readingtracker for 2019 alongside GR. I'm using colors to track category (fiction, nonfiction, short story/essay color can be added), author gender (can use purple w/ another color to denote LGBTQ author, or purple only if the author does not identify w/ male/female binary). Also tracking book #, AOC, if main characters are POC/LGBTQ, intended age group, genre, and star rating. Will track if audiobook too.

ErinSueMreads Oh I love the color coding idea! 13mo
bookandcat @ErinSueG I can look up individual books easily enough but I want to try a way to get a read on demographics of books I read! Hoping color coding works. I only have 5 mildliners to work with though so my colors have to be limited 😂 13mo
ErinSueMreads Seems like a great start!!! You will be able to see trends really quickly that way! 13mo
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bookandcat @ErinSueG if it's anything like last year or any prior year it will be a lot of women authors 😂😂😂 13mo
ErinSueMreads Not a bad way to go!!! I need to read authors from other countries. I read so many British authors and not much else 13mo
bookandcat @ErinSueG oh many I didn't even think about tracking geography or if they're in translation or not eek 13mo
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I forgot to share this yesterday, but here are the books I read in September. Not my best month this year, but Voyager is a LONG book. #readingtracker #septemberreads

Time Traveler's Wife | Audrey Niffenegger
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New month means it‘s time for another reading tracker. I got a lot more read in August (though 2 were novellas). Bring on the September reads! #booktracker #readingtracker #augustreads #booknerd #bookishbliss

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The Darkest Minds | Alexandra Bracken
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Big reading project prep complete: I not only turned the library's #PBSGreatAmericanRead list into a bullet journal spreads, but I also marked what I've read on the list AND added all 100 books into a list on Goodreads, sorting what I've read, own, and want to read. PHEW that was exhausting. Thankfully I had The Darkest Minds #audiobook to keep me occupied.

#greatreadPBS #GAR #greatamericanread #bujo #bulletjournal #readingtracker

Thousand-Lives That‘s awesome! 😍 1y
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All Systems Red | Martha Wells
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Another good reading month in the #bulletjournal. I love doing these spreads, although (as you can see) somehow I missed doing a full one for June— I guess I was too busy reading? 😅

Also, in case you love snarky sentient AI but haven‘t picked up Murderbot Diaries yet (the tagged book)— you‘ve gotta grab it. It‘s $4 on Kindle right now, it‘s a novella so you can read it in one delicious sitting, and it‘s absolutely fantastic. ❤️

wanderinglynn Very cool! ❤️ 1y
Penny_LiteraryHoarders My friend just brought me Free Food for Millionaires last night! Great to see it was a favourite in June! 1y
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LectricSheep @Penny_LiteraryHoarders it broke me. I read it on vacation and was totally sucked in. I have to read Pachinko now! 1y
kspenmoll Love your journal work! 1y
LectricSheep @wanderinglynn Thank you!! It‘s so relaxing to do. ☺️ 1y
LectricSheep @kspenmoll Thanks! I always get excited to show Litsy what I‘ve made when I do bookish spreads. 🎉 1y
tammysue Looks great! 👌🏻 1y
BooksForEmpathy Wow! Loving looking at this!!! 1y
Reviewsbylola You are super good at that! 😍😍 1y
2BR02B Your handwriting is gorgeous. 1y
Penny_LiteraryHoarders @LectricSheep oh great! I love those types of books!! 👍 1y
callielafleur Wow, this layout is gorgeous!! 1y
LectricSheep @BooksForEmpathy @Reviewsbylola @2BR02B @callielafleur Thanks guys! It means a lot to me that you appreciate it. ☺️ 1y
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The Happiness Project | Gretchen Rubin
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And here is the breakdown of the #readingtracker for #24in48 😄

Each day has 24 hours broken down into two - 30 minute boxes for each hour, this way I can see how I'm spending them. Plus, a recap area!

If you're curious about what each of the colors mean, I invite you to check out the previous picture to look at the key 😁 Sorry I couldn't fit both sheets into one pic!

Back to reading I go! Hope y'all have had a fabulous readathon!


LiteraryinLititz This is so organized and amazing! 2y
LauraBeth Lovely as always! 2y
trazo Your handwriting is beautiful. Congrats. 🎉 2y
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Librarybelle Great job! 2y
Librariana @LiteraryinLititz - Thank you so much! It should've technically been in my bullet journal, but I've got other spreads I'm working on and don't know how many pages those will take. No matter because these will eventually get glued in there with some washi or transferred 😄 2y
Librariana @LauraBeth - Always so kind and supportive. Thank you! 😘 2y
Librariana @trazo - Thank you so much for your sweet compliment! 😊💕 2y
Librariana @Librarybelle - Thanks! The encouragement from this community is a wonderful source of validation 😊💜📚 2y
DivineDiana You need to teach a class! So creative and beautiful! 👏🏻 2y
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Do Not Become Alarmed | Maile Meloy
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Day 29: Favorite September Read - Pulling out the handy dandy #bujo, & it looks like Do Not Become Alarmed was my top read this month. It was also the fastest! 👍#septinbooks17 #bookbujo #bookstagram #readingtracker #bookstats #booksread #bookworm #booknerd #booklover #bujolover #bulletjournal

Natasha.C.Barnes Whoa, I love this--could you post another photo of top of this page? I want to know what the colors mean and your other criteria!! 2y
Natasha.C.Barnes Also LOL at fifty shades freed 1 ⭐️ 2y
brookerhi Sure! Let me find a pic that will work. 2y
brookerhi And yes, 50 Shades ... dear God, what a crack pot. 2y
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