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Life of Pi | Yann Martel
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I‘m not sure how to review this without spoiling many things, so I‘ll just say that I didn‘t enjoy it: way too long for way too unsatisfying and muddy a conclusion. I don‘t care enough to think through meaning and symbolism and such: I‘m glad it‘s over and my religious feelings haven‘t shifted an iota
My last June #roll100
Wish I took a nap like Gus instead #dogsoflitsy

Prairiegirl_reading I agree! It‘s so boring! 3d
EvieBee My sentiments when I read it so long ago! 3d
PuddleJumper I found it quite dull 2d
sarahbellum @Prairiegirl_reading @EvieBee @PuddleJumper I‘m glad I‘m not the only one who wasn‘t smitten by this one! 2d
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Paris: The Novel | Edward Rutherfurd
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Continuing my Paris reading, alternating between the classic Baedeker‘s Paris travel guide, and the novel Paris, a saga spanning the years 1261 through 1968.
Bandette 🐶 loves to read with me as long as I keep her properly covered up under the blanket!
#Paris 🇫🇷

Chrissyreadit Hi!!! How are you? 2w
tpixie @Chrissyreadit doing great! Got to see my grandkids on Friday & Saturday, and today Im having a nice quiet day to myself. Best of both worlds! Hope you are doing well. And your daughter I met at the National Book Festival - I hope she is well. 2w
Chrissyreadit @tpixie that does sound like the best of both worlds- is your son still in Cali? My daughter is well! She‘s still modeling and living in LA I miss her so much! But we talk every day. 2w
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tpixie @Chrissyreadit that‘s amazing about your daughter! Congrats! It is really far away but you‘re excited that they can chase their dreams. I have a sundown in San Diego vlogging poker blogs https://youtu.be/hGFv1uwydKQ my dancer was doing great until Covid hit and so he came back home took some classes and he‘s heading off to nursing school this fall He‘s in the Netflix movies The Prom and Christian summer camp musical A Week Away. 2w
Chrissyreadit @tpixie that poker blog was crazy- it‘s amazing at the opportunity social media provides! Does he love living there? Good for your other son on nursing school! Did he ever want to follow in your footsteps as a Dr? 2w
tpixie @Chrissyreadit yes loves San Diego. The weather is always great. Great zoo and ocean Adam did earlier, but now he‘s older, he wants a quicker schooling. 2w
Chrissyreadit I‘m interested in this book- I read Sarum about 30 years ago and loved it but I haven‘t read any chunksters since having kids 🤣 2w
tpixie @Chrissyreadit I hadn‘t heard about him, but then ran across this book. I‘m listening to the book but went to the library to get the physical book for the family tree, and saw his others. Sometime I‘d like to invest some time reading those. He does a good job integrating history with the book characters. They are chunksters!! 2w
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It‘s the weekend! Want to post things 😁
I received a Chewy 📦 today and as the Chewy + #DogsofLitsy fans know (maybe?!) there is a commercial with a Saint Bernard who says “The Peanut Butter Box is here” and we have been saying that over and over tonight! EFFECTIVE commercial. Okay, moving on to the image on the left, my cousin sent me a recipe card for Blueberry Fool. Since FOOL is in the title of my current read… OH! I switched to hardcover!!!

tpixie I want that blueberry fool recipe! 💙💜💙 2w
BkClubCare @tpixie - I just made Mulberry Fool! Send me a note bkclubcare @ gmail. I‘ll reply with the recipe. 2w
BkClubCare @tpixie - of the first 4 that popped up on a search, this is most like the one I was sent by my cuz. 🫐 2w
tpixie @BkClubCare thanks 😊 2w
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Finished this one. It was pretty moving. I like the format of the main character divulging her trauma while writing to the dead. It wasn't written for me (it's a YA book) but... I can see teenage me thinking this was a better way to journal. - probably wouldn't do all the research.

Our. new rescue #DogsOfLitsy

AmyG So cute! 2w
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When you are trying to have a nice relaxing read, but someone wants to play. #dogsoflitsy

batsy Aww! That face 🥰 2w
Sapphire Cute pup! Gsp? 23h
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Hearts And Minds | Rosy Thornton
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This book has been on my tbr for FAR TOO LONG and I am embarrassed that a decade has gone by since acquiring. It is my June #BookSpinDouble and it is a shame that THAT is what is finally kicking me in the butt to read it!

Esther won‘t even look at me. #DogsofLitsy #whpg

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Post-dessert reading time! And the floof. 😂🐾

#raisingreaders #dogsoflitsy

Tera66 😃Such good guys! 3w
merelybookish Great pic. Your dog's face! 🐶 3w
Megabooks Supervisor Champ on duty! 3w
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britt_brooke @Tera66 Aw, thank you! They really are. We‘re lucky! 💚 3w
britt_brooke @merelybookish He‘s a mess! 3w
britt_brooke @Megabooks Always in everybody‘s business. 😂 3w
TrishB Great pic ♥️ 3w
batsy Reading is my ultimate fun but the floof is making not-reading seem like a great look 🤣 He's too adorable. Great photo! 3w
britt_brooke @TrishB Thank you! 3w
britt_brooke @batsy Thank you! He‘s thinks he‘s in charge of all the things. 😂 3w
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