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Young Rich Widows | Kimberly Belle, Layne Fargo, Vanessa Lillie, Holohan Cate
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So. This was just okay. If felt a little predictable but maybe because I listened to something similar too. Also there are several books/shows about widows having to come together to “fix” the stuff their dead husbands messed up. (So glad to be home though)

JuJuB is mad at me for leaving him in a kennel. We are barely making eye contact today. #DogsOfLitsy

dabbe Hello, Joyous JuJuB! You may not be looking at Mama, but looks like you're staying close! 🩵🐾🤍 19h
ElizaMarie @dabbe ha! Yeah he is now laying at the foot of the bed. Occasionally resting his head on my foot then realizes and move … but will actually look the other way when I say his name. 17h
dabbe @ElizaMarie 🤣🐾😍 16h
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I forgot to post this on 5/23/23. Happy 14th Birthday to my fur baby, Beau. 🐾🐶🐾 #dogsoflitsy #Yorkie

Jari-chan Happy Pup-Day 🥰🐕 1d
TheSpineView Happy Birthday Beau! 🥳💜🐾 1d
BookBosomed1 Happy Birthday, cutie! 1d
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Ruthiella ❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️ 23h
dabbe HB, Beautiful Beau! 🤩🐾🤩 19h
Monica5 Happy Birthday Sweet Furbaby ❤️ 19h
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My hold came in. Looking forward to starting camp! Birdie didn‘t love being used as a prop but that‘s only because you all aren‘t here to pet her 😊 #CampLitsy23 #dogsoflitsy

Tamra 😘 Virtual Kisses & Pets 5d
dabbe Hello, Beautiful Birdie! I'd LOVE to pet you! 🩵🐾🤍 4d
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Doggone Dogs! | Karen Beaumont
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Well it was just way too quiet here with my boy gone. I adopted this guy and was able to bring him home this afternoon. Meet Chase the 5 month old Great Dane mix. He's a big boy already. It's been a long afternoon for him as you can tell. #dogsoflitsy

Cupcake12 He is adorable ❤️🐾 5d
Ruthiella Hi pup! ❤️🐶 5d
starlight97 So cute 😍 5d
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Bookwormjillk He‘s so cute 🥰 5d
LiseWorks Look at the size of those paws 5d
Soubhiville Aw, the baby. He‘s perfect, congratulations. 🖤 5d
BookNAround He‘s gorgeous! 5d
AmyG What a lucky guy! Wishing you much happiness together. He is adorable. ❤️ 5d
TrishB Aww ❤️ 5d
RedxoHearts @LiseWorks yep they are huge! He's already close to 40 pounds and that's without being well fed for awhile. He's gonna be a big boy for sure 5d
dabbe It's Charming Chase! Nice to meet you, big buddy. You hit the jackpot! 🩵🐾🤍 5d
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Not book related except he was always in the background while I read. My dog Harley passed away today. 13 years was a good long life and it was a good one with him. I will miss him so much.


Bookwormjillk Aw, sorry for your loss 1w
Texreader My heart goes to you. Losing a pet is so difficult. Many hugs coming your way. 💙 🩵 1w
Ruthiella So sorry to hear that. ❤️ 1w
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jdiehr 💜 1w
Julsmarshall Sending my love. They bring so much love into our lives ❤️ 1w
JenReadsAlot I'm so sorry for your loss. 1w
Librarybelle So sorry for your loss 1w
TheBookHippie Sending so much love ♥️ 1w
OriginalCyn620 I know exactly how you‘re feeling now and I am so sorry. There really is nothing like the love of a dog. Sending love and hugs to you. 🤍 1w
Cupcake12 So sorry to hear this. Sending love ❤️ 1w
JessClark78 So sorry for your loss. 💔❤️ 1w
Soubhiville I‘m so sorry. 1w
IndoorDame I‘m so sorry 💔 1w
Birdsong28 So sorry for your loss. ❤️ 1w
RaeLovesToRead So sorry to hear this 💔 🫂 1w
kezzlou85 So sorry for your loss. 1w
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Walking with my best bud! 🎧🐾


AmyG So handsome! 1w
britt_brooke @AmyG Thank you! 🤍🐾 1w
LeahBergen Such a good boy! 1w
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mrp27 Love seeing this handsome boy in my feed. 🐶❤️ 1w
britt_brooke @mrp27 🤍🐾 1w
britt_brooke @LeahBergen He sure is! 🤍🐾 1w
Megabooks Yay Champ! 🤩🤩 1w
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A belated birthday boy 🥰💙

Texreader Awwww. Happy belated birthday!!! 2w
jamield1993 @Texreader thank you ☺️ he had a lovely day chasing squirrels in the woods and eating pizza crusts 😁 2w
dabbe Da cutest boy! Is he an English spaniel? 💙💚💙 2w
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jamield1993 @dabbe he's a "sprocker". Which is a Springer Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel cross. ?? 2w
dabbe @jamield1993 Oh, Lordy, he's too adorable for words! 🤩🤩🤩 2w
jamield1993 @dabbe he's my fave. I prefer him to everybody (kids included) most days 🤣 the most loyal pup ever! 2w
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Posted | John David Anderson
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My soon-to-be middle schooler is already getting started on his sixth grade summer reading assignment. Happy to see he‘s not a procrastinator like his mom! 😅


Librarylady3 That is a fantastic book!!!! 2w
britt_brooke @Librarylady3 He‘s loving it! I‘m going to read it soon, too. 2w
Librarylady3 I used to read it to my middle school students as a school librarian. It captures that stage of adolescence perfectly. 5d
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My Jack is as smart as six thirty. Now that is stated, we can discuss the book. It wasn‘t on my radar at all until I received it on my #auldlangspine list. By the time I got to it, it‘s everywhere. I enjoyed the first half and it‘s quick pace. Humor despite the tragedy. Plucky. But I wasn‘t seeing all the hype. By the end I was in love. I still have more to enjoy. Gamus is speaking in Dallas tomorrow and I have tickets, then book club #dogsoflitsy

monalyisha So fun that you‘re seeing the author speak! 2w
CBee Hi Jack!! He‘s so handsome! Very happy you‘re seeing the author, you‘ll have to let us know how that goes 💚💚 2w
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New collar and toy day for Belle and Lola 🐾🐶❤️

TheSpineView Cuteness!! Nothing looks new stuff. 4w
dabbe Oh, lordy, just look at those two! Hello, Beautiful Belle and Lovely Lola! 💙🐾🐾💚 Your mamma sure loves you! 🥰 4w
Ruthiella How adorable! 4w
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Cupcake12 Love being a dog mama ❤️🐾 4w
Megabooks 😍😍😍 4w
ju.ca.no 🩷🩷 4w
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