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Northanger Abbey | Jane Austen
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#Ch 15: Catherine is SHOCKED to discover that Isabella (who is now speaking to her again) loves James. She is then AMAZED to learn that Isabella & James are engaged. Everyone is all happiness. Isabella seems to think the Morlands are loaded, but Catherine isn‘t picking up on that. Thorpe is leaving (after refusing to drive one sister due to thick ankles) & dropping serious hints about marrying Catherine that she‘s also missing.😂

Bookwormjillk Oh Catherine. 4mo
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SarahBookInterrupted The Thorpe and Catherine discussion is painful because she isn‘t following. He is clearly suggesting hey should also be engaged. Just horrible. 4mo
sprainedbrain @SarahBookInterrupted painful is definitely the right word for it! 4mo
SarahBookInterrupted @sprainedbrain How on earth could he even imagine she would want to marry him? He is one of the best “bad” characters in the books. Although nobody beats Mr.Collins. 4mo
BarkingMadRead I swear, there have been at least three times where on of the Thorpes has hinted that they think she and James are rich! Boy, will they be shocked when they figure this out! 4mo
Clare-Dragonfly @SarahBookInterrupted And he is completely refusing to pick up on what she‘s saying, too! “I would like to see you because I like any and all humans to interact with” is hardly a declaration of interest 😂 4mo
Christyco125 Catherine and Thorpe‘s conversation is so awkward and painful. It all@just goes over her head. 4mo
Chili Run Catherine Run!! 4mo
mollyrotondo You really didn‘t know Isabella was after your brother, Catherine? I mean what do you think she‘s been doing riding in open carriages with him all the time?! 😂 4mo
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