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Hot Fudge Murder | Cynthia Baxter
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As it gets closer to my birthday, I want to read something lighter and more fun instead of heavy or tense, so I picked this, my first #Comfy #MurderMystery Love the cover & it sounds delicious. Who doesn‘t like ice cream right?🍨
Well, I‘m half way through & still not much action, just a lots of “talk”. We‘ll see, hope it gets better & Not to #DNF it🤷🏻‍♀️

#CurrentRead #mystery #Murder #Crime #ReadingLife #AussieReader #librarybook #bookerd

Insightsintobooks Happy Early birthday, when is it? 1d
BooknerdsLife @Insightsintobooks Aww thank you so much🥰💖 It‘s on the 23rd 🤓 1d
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Jane Eyre | Charlotte Brontë
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#ColorMePretty #Black

“I would always rather be happy than dignified”

I‘ve always love reading & libraries been my paradise on earth, but wasn't a big fan & didn‘t appreciate #Classics (except for few children‘s & “not romance” classics) til recently, when I don‘t have to analysis every details & then write papers about them.
What are your favourite Classics?

#Bookquotes #bibliophile #readinglife #AussieReader #PenguinClassics #Quote

erzascarletbookgasm Love your collection 👍 5d
julesG Love this picture! (I've followed you three times now, this is weird. I see your pictures in my feed, but whenever I look at your profile, you're marked as not followed by me. @TimSpalding @kgriffith @lorannen - any idea why that happens?) 5d
Freespirit I love classics too..in 2017 I spent the year only reading classics...my top ones so far...The Moonstone and Women in White by Wilkie Collins, Count of Monte Christo , Rebecca, anything by Jane Austen, anything by the Bronte's, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Anna Karenina, Dracula, Little Women, Frankenstein, and I've just read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn to add to the list😊 5d
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lorannen @julesG If you're following the @PostsAboutYourBooks account, that would be why! This is a post about a book you've stacked. 5d
GypsyKat Great picture! 5d
julesG @lorannen I'm following that account you've mentioned, but I haven't stacked this edition of Jane Eyre that is tagged. 😕 5d
lorannen @julesG Posts About Your Books doesn't go by edition, I believe. If you've stacked a copy that matches title and author, you'll see the post. In fact, Litsy doesn't really have the concept of separate editions - in theory, the idea was to have one profile for each book (covering all editons). There are some duplicated records still out there, but this is part of our efforts to bring all duplicate records together in Litsy. 5d
julesG @lorannen Thank you! Now this makes sense. Is there any way users could help getting rid of duplicates? Like flag a book when we notice there's more than one entry in the database? 5d
julesG Eliza, sorry for hijacking your post. 5d
BooknerdsLife @erzascarletbookgasm Thank you 💖 Trying to read more good books each year🙏🏼 3d
BooknerdsLife @GypsyKat Awww Thank you Kat 💖🙌🏼 3d
BooknerdsLife @Freespirit I‘ve grown to love & appreciate Classics the more I read them. Awww that‘s such a great idea to spend a whole year reading Classics alone! So many great books you‘ve read! I‘m not sure I‘m there yet but I will try reading more each year.. Love Anna Karenina, Picture of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein, Dracula too & My Cousin Rachel too! Definitely have Monte Christo, Rebecca, Woman In White & so many more are on my TBR 😍🙌🏼📚 3d
BooknerdsLife @julesG Awww Thank you so much 🙏🏼💖 Wow! That‘s so weird & I sincerely thought I‘ve followed your account too!!! Now I‘m confused LOL 😂 3d
BooknerdsLife @lorannen @julesG Hahaa I‘m not sure I understand all these 😅🙈 I‘m so used to Instagram and Litsy is all new to me 😆 But thank you for taking the time for the explanation 🥰❤️ 3d
BooknerdsLife @julesG HAHAA No problem at all🤗I love reading all the interactions/ conversations 😊 the more the better 👍🏼 3d
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Boy Swallows Universe | Trent Dalton
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Here's my mini book haul from June. And Yay! I've finished 2 at the bottom out of these 4 books, not too bad, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️ The top 2 books are my birthday present so will probably read them after my birthday later this month.
Have you read any of these? Or have them in your #TBR pile too?

#bookshaul #newbooks #bookstack #bibliophile #bookworm #aussiereader #readinglife #LoveOzYA #YA #Fantasy #Fiction #Romance

TrishB Just read Boy Swallows Universe this week 👍🏻 6d
BooknerdsLife @TrishB Just saw your review & love it 👏🏼💖 6d
BookwormM I loved Boy Swallows 6d
BooknerdsLife @BookwormM I‘m so happy you did 🤗Hope I‘ll enjoy it too 🤞🏼 6d
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The Shining | Stephen King
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#colormepretty #GreenAndRed
The color reminded me of Christmas automatically but I'll go with one of my #CurrentRead / Reread
This turned out to be a slower read than I've remembered 😅 & it's doesn't help when you knew the plot already. It's still a great book & love King's writing ...But Im afraid I prefer #DoctorSleep a little more 🙈

#Horror #Reread #Booknerd #AussieReader

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#ColorMePretty #CMYK 💗💙💛🖤
Not too sure about this one, most of my books are either black or white😆 Lucky when I look over at my #TBR books pile and there they are! I‘m going to start the tagged book next since it‘s one of my birthday present
I‘ll tag the 3rd book title in the comment in case your curiosity is dying to know but your eyes can‘t see due to the silly lemon 🍋 colour😆
#newbook #bookhaul #scifi #funko #bibliophile #AussieReader

BooknerdsLife The 3rd book title is 7d
Freespirit I haven't read that Daphne de Maurier! 7d
Lady_Tigana_20 @BooknerdsLife, I‘m glad you tagged it because I was like, “Oh, I can read that. THE GREAT GOD FAN. God fan? What‘s a god fan? Oh, PAAAANNNN. That makes much more sense.” 😂 7d
BooknerdsLife @Lady_Tigana_20 Hahahaaa 😂🤣🤣 I can‘t stop laughing reading your comment!!!! Glad I could help 😆👏🏼 ...apparently this God Pan didn‘t get many good reviews 🙈 7d
BooknerdsLife @Freespirit The synopsis sounds intriguing & unlike her other books! I‘m excited about it ☺️ 7d
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The Power | Naomi Alderman
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#Red #ColorMePretty
Read this when it was first published. Another one of those award winner book that I‘m not a big fan of, I did enjoy the reading experience but ...I found this a little overhyped 🙈
#UnpopularOpinion #booknerd #bookaward #Bibliophile #AussieReader #ReadersLife

LapReader The Lessons by her was fantastic. 1w
Amiable I agree —I rated it a “so-so” because I was a bit disappointed after the hype. 1w
BooknerdsLife @LapReader Awww I will put that on my TBR 🙌🏼Thank you! 💖🤗 7d
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BooknerdsLife @Amiable Awww so relieved to know I‘m not the only one! 😅 Same! After all the hypes around the book, I was underwhelmed 7d
Amiable @BooknerdsLife I think if I had gone into it blind without having heard anything about it, I might have liked it more. My expectations were just too high, I believe. 7d
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Heroes | Stephen Fry
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One of the new books I've got last month at a book sale & I've been very excited about this book! Love all kind of #Mythology & Greek Myths fascinate me!
#ColorMePretty #Grey

#GreekMythology #GreekGods #booknerd #bookhaul #Grey #GreyBook #bibliophile #bookworm #ReadersLife #AussieReader #readingfin

Lady_Tigana_20 I love mythology, too! It‘s so fascinating. 2w
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DEV1AT3 (Deviate) | Jay Kristoff
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#30JuneBooks #N is for #NewArrival #NewBook
Finally my pre ordered US edition is here!!! And it's so so gorgeous I'm loving it so much!
I've been reading this #SciFi #Sequel ebook very slowly while waiting for this actual copy....Only at the beginning but already intrigued by its new setting and new characters!
#readinglife #bibliophile #bookcover #bookmail #currentread #AussieReader #YA #LoveOzYA

BookHoarder32 I just ordered mine. End of book one was a total shocker - can't wait to see where he goes with it! 🤖 3w
BookHoarder32 ...and I just realized that's a mannequin hand... your pic is genius! 3w
BooknerdsLife @BookHoarder32 OMG!!! IKR! 😯 Love that ending but it was a pain waiting for this sequel!!! Hope you get your copy soon 🤗🍋 I think this one forces mostly on Lemon with some new characters but loving it! 3w
BooknerdsLife @BookHoarder32 Hahaa yes...it‘s just a mannequin hand 😬 Aww Thank you so much! 😚💚 3w
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The Flatshare: A Novel | Beth O'Leary
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When the colour of your plate (well technically not ‘my‘ plate but the cafe‘s) matches with one of my #CurrentRead 😆💙
This creamy chilli chicken pasta was so yummy that it totally distracted me from my reading 🤣 #NotMyCooking #IDoCook
Hahaa I know!! This Australian/UK edition is so ugly unlike the US edition

#AussieReader #RomCom #LibraryBook #readinglife #bibliophile #booknerd

Hestapleton Um that looks amazing and now I‘m starving. 3w
BooknerdsLife @Hestapleton Hahaaa it‘s past midnight here & I‘m hungry again just looking at the photo too ! 😆🤣 3w
Jee_HookedOnBookz Omg 😍😍 3w
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#30JuneBooks #PictureBooks
I didn‘t grow up with Dr Seuss but I love his books! So obviously my daughter would have to grow up with them 🤗 Here are some of our collection since before she was born...more than 19 years ago! I still remember The Eye Book was the first ever book she started reading by herself at 3, before she started kindy☺️📚💕#Memories

#childrensbook #AussieReader #bibliophile

Reviewsbylola What great editions! 4w
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