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Booked | Kwame Alexander
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#Booked2022 My #Spring choices:

7 about a royal: She would be king
8 written by a journalist: Blood river
9 author born in Africa: We need new names
10 own prompt (Dutch): Dit is mijn hof
11 nautical: And the sea will tell
12 murder mystery: The Aosawa murders

erzascarletbookgasm 9 and 12 on my tbr too.. 2mo
BarbaraBB @erzascarletbookgasm 9 is for #ReadingAsia2022, 12 I REALLY want to read! 2mo
Megabooks 7 I have planned for reading Africa. Thanks for the cross prompt awareness! (edited) 2mo
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Cinfhen That‘s a good idea #7 although I‘m not sure this is a book I‘d enjoy…I‘ll wait for reviews 2mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I was thinking either that one or 2mo
Cinfhen I started Shadow King earlier this year, it wasn‘t an easy read and the audio was VERY long. I might go back but I have lots of options for that prompt. I just like the #DoubleDip or #TriplePlay 2mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I need as much #TriplePlays as I can get since Africa is really big 🤓 2mo
Cinfhen #TRUTH & #AMEN ♥️🙌🏻 🙏🏻sista!!! 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Awesome ideas! 2mo
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rsteve388 Loved this book!! 2y
TheLudicReader Just started this today. 2y
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Topeka School | Ben Lerner
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It is extremely rare for me to bail on a book but this was an easy decision. The beginning alone should have warned me: a young man in a rowboat pontificating to a young woman, never realizing the woman has left the boat to swim to shore. I‘ve had enough of those blowhards in my life. 😂😂 Much like the man in the boat, the writing style almost felt like the reader was irrelevant. On the plus side, this was my view when I decided to bail. 😀

AmyG Beautiful snow day! 2y
HardcoverHearts I did this as a buddy read and while it offered so much to talk about, it didn‘t work for me. Believe it or not, I found the beginning of the book the most interesting part... 😳 2y
Suet624 @HardcoverHearts Yes, the beginning was the best part. I continued to read for awhile. 😁 Then I realized I just couldn‘t go on. 2y
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HardcoverHearts You are wise! 😉 2y
Cinfhen Gorgeous photo and eloquent bail 😘😘I‘ll be skipping this one #MyBookTwin 👯‍♀️ 2y
Tamra Bailing 👍🏾 2y
Suet624 @Cinfhen I thought of you after I posted the flowered photo. You always have such beautiful flowers in your posts. And seriously, stay away from this one. 😀🥴🤓 2y
Leftcoastzen No shame in bailing, life is too short to power through books that are not speaking to you. 2y
Suet624 @Leftcoastzen Thank you. I think Litsy might be rubbing off on me. I never would have allowed myself to bail in the past, but lots of people do it without a second thought. Also, I'm getting older and I've got to get the good reads in before I kick the bucket! 2y
squirrelbrain I *never* bail on books, but bailed on this one (I had it as an ARC so hadn‘t paid for it luckily). It was just too clever for its own good.... 2y
batsy Ahahaha! I love the bit about having had enough blowhards in one's life. #amen 2y
Suet624 @squirrelbrain perfectly stated. 2y
Suet624 @batsy 🥴😍✊ 2y
arubabookwoman This one seemed to be highly spoken of, but I just bailed on it tonight too. Just couldn‘t get into it. 2y
Reggie There‘s so much buzz about this one but there are also so many bails!!!! 🤔 Nice view! 2y
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bewareofwords 😂😂😂 I might have to give this book a try... 3y
SaraFair Working on it! 3y
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Untitled | Unknown
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gradcat Very that. 3y
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I confess to almighty God & to you, my brothers & sisters...
... that I couldn‘t finish this book before Mass, so I took it with me and tucked it in the hymnal, and read it until it was done.

AmyG 🙌🏻 3y
jdiehr Go and sin no more 😂 3y
rather_be_reading 😂😂😂 best thing ive read today 3y
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WhatThePuck Please confess this next time you go to confession. It's worth 5 Hail Mary's at least. 😂😂 3y
Bookzombie This cracked me up! 😂 3y
sprainedbrain 😂😂😂 3y
Sweettartlaura @rather_be_reading @Bookzombie @sprainedbrain I love sharing moments like this with my tribe of diehard readers ❤️ 3y
Louise Haha! Brilliant! 3y
DivineDiana Let nothing stand between me and my book! I tried this, and I had a very disgruntled husband! 🤣 3y
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“When we‘re happy and all in love with ourselves, we can‘t be bothered with the bullshit (our own or other people‘s).” 🙌🏾 #amen

rather_be_reading welcome to litsy!! 📚🎉📚 @LitsyWelcomeWagon 3y
FrotasticallySophisticated Thanks, glad to be hear here. 🤗 3y
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My Sister's Keeper | Jodi Picoult
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“Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it's not because they enjoy solitude. It's because they have tried to blend into the world before, and people continue to disappoint them.”

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Health Psychology | Leslie D. Frazier
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I hope soon to begin reading for pleasure again. These last few months I‘ve been focusing on school and my overall health. Hoping to get back in the swing of things. It‘s hard being one person with so many obligations/interests 😅

rjsthumbelina Ugh, same! Grad school plus full time work and part time job is killing me lately! Also, can we talk for a second about how HORRIBLE loose leaf textbooks are? I can't stand them 4y
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