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The Hygge Holiday
The Hygge Holiday: The warmest, funniest, cosiest romantic comedy of 2017 | Rosie Blake
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The perfect recipe for hygge this autumn: make a hot chocolate, draw the curtains, snuggle under a blanket and read your way to happiness! It's autumn in Yulethorpe and everyone is gloomy. It's cold, drizzly and the skies are permagrey. The last shop on the high street - an adorable little toy shop - has just shut its doors. Everything is going wrong for Yulethorpe this autumn. Until Clara Kristensen arrives. Clara is on holiday but she can see the potential in the pretty town, so she rolls up her sleeves and sets to work. Things are looking up until Joe comes to Yulethorpe to find out exactly what is going on with his mother's shop. Joe is Very Busy and Important in the City and very sure that Clara is up to no good. Surely no one would work this hard just for the fun of it? Can a man who answers emails at 3 a. m. learn to appreciate the slower, happier, hygge things in life - naps, candles, good friends and maybe even falling in love? Rosie Blake is Brilliantly fun - Heat Just brilliant - Fabulous magazine Hilarious - Hello **** Reviewers love The Hygge Holiday 'The most gorgeous read' - Sun 'What a wonderful book! Rosie Blake's best novel yet - I had such a gorgeous time reading this story that I couldn't put it down. It was genuinely funny, warm-hearted, and full of unforgettable characters. A pure heartwarming pleasure of a read.' - bestselling author Kirsty Greenwood Light the scented candles and hunker down on the sofa with a hot choc... this funny, warm hug of a book is the ideal companion. - Fabulous magazine 'The Hygge Holiday is hilarious, cosy, heart-warming, fulfilling; pretty much everything you would want from a book... An absolutely phenomenal tale from the incredibly talented Rosie Blake... Be prepared to devour The Hygge Holiday in one sitting. Be prepared to love this book, because yes, it truly is THAT fabulous. Five stars for sure.' - The Writing Garnet 'I loved it' - Heidi Swain, author of Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market
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I liked some elements of this and found it amusing, but all of the characters and their interactions felt forced. It seems hard to believe someone my age doesn't have a phone or car and somehow got to a small village. Also the romance seemed a little forced. It was very cute though.

Avanders Heya lady — just checking in to make sure all #sffs packages have been sent ... can you confirm re the local package? Thanks! ♥️ 5mo
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So excited for the swap! Just one book and some chocolate to be opened on Christmas Eve - what a wonderful tradition. Come join us-the more the merrier! ❤️

Sign ups end Nov 26th.

hermyknee This is the cutest thing! 10mo
JoScho @hermyknee I know! I couldn‘t resist! How is Wisconsin? Are you freezing? 10mo
hermyknee @JoScho it‘s cold, but so much fun! My aunt (well, Dad‘s cousin but she‘s basically my aunt) runs an inn in Cedarburg and that‘s where we‘re staying! It‘s soooo cute! She blocked out the whole thing for us ♥️ I‘m thinking of coming back up for Summerfest and ultimate relaxation after the end of the school year 😊 10mo
JoScho @hermyknee that sounds lovely! And no sleeping on a pull out couch in the middle of the living room! 😂 10mo
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@MaleficentBookDragon is hosting a #JolabokaflodSwap! Send a book from a wish list, plus chocolate, and participate in a hygge Icelandic tradition!

Sign up here:

StellarDoc @dgingo You might be interested in this. 10mo
dgingo @StellarDoc Yes! Fabulous—thanks! 10mo
StellarDoc @dgingo You're welcome! Are you going to sign up? 10mo
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dgingo @StellarDoc Yes! I just did! 10mo
StellarDoc @dgingo Huzzah! 10mo
Karizma Sad I missed this! Guess that's what happens when i'm inactive. 🤔 10mo
StellarDoc @Karizma I haven't been very active, either. I missed a lot of holiday swaps I'd otherwise have participated in. 10mo
Karizma There's always something else right around the corner. Perhaps #galentines? 10mo
StellarDoc @Karizma Perhaps! 10mo
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Too slow. Nothing's really happening.
And the romance in the end? Where did it come from?
2/5 🌟

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Coming your way @Tiffy_Reads ...♥️♥️♥️♥️


BibliophileMomma Yours went out today too. 2y
BibliophileMomma Just checking to make sure your package arrived? 2y
bookloo @Tiffy_Reads It has, my roommate got it. I‘m currently out of town but will take/post a picture once I‘m back home. 👍🏽 2y
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#Christmas is the season for #Hygge This little book is like wrapping your brain with a blankie while sipping hot chocolate so thick a spoon can stand up in it! 😝

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