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The Frangipani Tree Mystery
The Frangipani Tree Mystery | Ovidia Yu
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First in a delightfully charming crime series set in 1930s Singapore, introducing amateur sleuth SuLin, a local girl stepping in as governess for the Acting Governor of Singapore. 1936 in the Crown Colony of Singapore, and the British abdication crisis and rising Japanese threat seem very far away. When the Irish nanny looking after Acting Governor Palin's daughter dies suddenly - and in mysterious circumstances - mission school-educated local girl SuLin - an aspiring journalist trying to escape an arranged marriage - is invited to take her place. But then another murder at the residence occurs and it seems very likely that a killer is stalking the corridors of Government House. It now takes all SuLin's traditional skills and intelligence to help British-born Chief Inspector Thomas LeFroy solve the murders - and escape with her own life. 'Simply glorious. Every nook and cranny of 1930s Singapore is brought richly to life, without ever getting in the way of a classic puzzle plot. But what's a setting without a jewel? Chen Su Lin is a true gem. Her slyly witty voice and her admirable, sometimes heartbreaking, practicality make her the most beguiling narrator heroine I've met in a long while.' Catriona McPherson 'Charming and fascinating with great authentic feel. Ovidia Yu's teenage Chinese sleuth gives us an insight into a very different culture and time. This book is exactly why I love historical novels.' Rhys Bowen
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A few months ago I posted a picture of our frangipani tree, even though it was bare at the time. I promised @Christine11 that I would post pictures when it bloomed. It‘s just starting to bloom and hasn‘t filled in completely yet, but here‘s a closeup of a bloom. Ours is kind of an unusual color, and I love it.

Crazeedi Wow Lynn, what a beautiful flower, so unusual!❣ 3w
Lindy I can just imagine the gorgeous scent. 🌸 3w
8little_paws Oh that's so cool! I've never seen that kind of flower before 3w
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Tamra Lovely color! 3w
Tonya_Bross My favorite! 💕 3w
GypsyKat Beautiful! 3w
julesG One of my favourites. Wish I could get them here. 3w
Eggs Breathtaking 😮 3w
Christine11 That is honestly stunning! It looks so perfect and the colour is beautiful 😍 3w
TNbookworm That is beautiful! 3w
Erofan 😍 3w
lroseriver Beautiful wow!! 😮♥️ 3w
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Thanks Christine for the next #lmpbc book! I love the card (Grayson Perry), pen and notebook as well - thank you!

squirrelbrain That‘s all so pretty! ❤️ 4mo
Christine11 Glad it arrived safely and you‘re welcome! 💛 4mo
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1. I‘m reading The Frangipani Tree Mystery by Ovidia Yu as part of our #lmpbc!
2. Ravenclaw 🦅
3. Modern Family

#WeekendReads @rachelsbrittain

RachelO I just started my #lmpbc read today as well! Do you think we need a new hashtag, now we‘ve gone rogue?? Hope you‘re having a good weekend! 4mo
Slajaunie We share 2 and 3! 😁 4mo
Christine11 @RachelO I definitely think we might need a new hashtag and I‘m loving the idea that we‘ve gone rogue! 😅 Maybe #RogueLMPBC ? I hope you‘re having a nice weekend too! 💛 4mo
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Christine11 @Slajaunie Yay! Modern Family is always such a fun show to watch isn‘t it? 😊 4mo
rachelsbrittain Thanks for joining in 💙💙 4mo
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@Christine11 this is my frangipani tree right now, in winter. They are deciduous, but I love the structure even without leaves and blossoms. It won‘t blossom until late spring; I‘ll try to remember to tag you when I post pictures of it in flower. I almost always do, because this is the view from my favorite reading spot on our patio.

RachelO How lovely! I wondered what they looked like. 4mo
BookBabe It‘s beautiful even bare! 4mo
Crazeedi Beautiful! I'll bet the fragrance is awesome 4mo
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Lynnsoprano @BookBabe I‘ve developed a tour that I lead as a docent at the botanical garden where I volunteer based on the architecture and structure of trees. It was inspired by bare frangipani trees and an old sapodilla that‘s so twisted it reminds me of the whomping willow near Hogwart‘s. 4mo
Christine11 It‘s a gorgeous shape - I can‘t wait to see it in full bloom! Thanks for showing me what it looks like! 💖 4mo
Lizpixie I love my frangipani tree too! They‘re everywhere here in Australia, mine was started 26yrs ago when my dad gave me a cutting from his tree. I just whacked it in the ground and let it grow, now it‘s over 6feet tall & very dense. It looks amazing when it flowers, it‘s all green at the moment in our Sydney summer.🌞 4mo
Lizpixie We actually need to trim ours coz it‘s grown so close to the path, I‘m planning on starting cuttings for whoever wants one with the offcuts 4mo
Lynnsoprano @lizpixie I actually trimmed a bit off this recently. And ours, too, started as a cutting that a friend rooted for us from her tree. From a stick that didn‘t reach my knee 9 years ago, now we have this behemoth 😄 4mo
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Your parcel arrived today @ShookBelf ! Thank you for the extra treats and for sending the book on 😊 I‘m interested to read this one as it‘s really not the sort of thing I would pick and it‘s good to read out of my comfort zone occasionally! The cover is lovely too 💛

Lynnsoprano I need to read this if only because I have a frangipani in my backyard 😄 5mo
mabell This mystery sounds intriguing! 5mo
batsy What a pretty cover 😍 5mo
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Christine11 @Lynnsoprano That‘s so cool! I don‘t think I‘ve ever seen a frangipani tree! 😊 4mo
Christine11 @mabell It does - doesn‘t it? 😊💛 4mo
Christine11 @batsy I think it‘s lovely too! 💛 4mo
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@Christine11 - I apologise for the delay in getting this next #LMPBC book to you. The two week Christmas/New Year break really broke my reading schedule. This will be in the post to you today.

Thank you @RachelO for sharing your choice.

#LMPBC #52in52-2019 #FarEastAsianauthor #popsugar2019 #amateurdetective #ReadHarder #cosymystery #LitsyAtoZ #Y

RachelO Ha! That met a LOT of challenge prompts! 5mo
ShookBelf @RachelO It sure did - it was a GREAT book for that! 5mo
Christine11 Don‘t worry about it at all - I was a few days late sending mine too! 😊 That time between Christmas and new year always mucks up my reading schedule because I think I‘ll have loads of time to read but then I‘m super busy with friends and family so I don‘t! Hope you‘re having a nice January so far! 💛 5mo
ShookBelf @Christine11 It's nice now that kids and hubby are back at school and work 🤣🤣 5mo
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This cozy-ish mystery is set in 1936 Singapore, and I really enjoyed the setting and the main character. Full review coming for Shelf Awareness. #jesshowreads2018

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Such a fresh diverse read based in Singapore/Malaya in the 1930's!