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Clarissa: History of a Young Lady
Clarissa: History of a Young Lady: Easyread Large Edition | Samuel Richardson
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One of the greatest novels of European literature, "Clarissa" is an indisputable masterpiece. Set in 18th-century England. A rich, complex and unique novel written in the form of letters. Richardson delves into the hearts and minds of his characters, their motives and intentions, consequently giving a glimpse of the complex human psyche. A true classic!
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Weekly Report

I've finished An Exquisite Corpse and Lessons in Chemistry and should return to one of my paused books: She Devil, Celestial Harmonies, or The Rainbow. Instead I'll probably read more Sandman. And the Clarissa year-long read, of course.

BarbaraBB Of course you are reading Clarissa too! I am still on the fence about joining 2mo
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It‘s hard to wait for the mail! Sticking to the plan of reading each letter on the date it was written and anxiously waiting for the second letter on January 13! #clarissa

Lcsmcat It brings back memories of waiting for letters from pen pals when I was young (and the internet didn‘t exist.) 2mo
BarbaraBB I was thinking of your year long read! This one seems a good one (edited) 2mo
BarbaraBB Did you join the buddy read hosted by @lcsmcat? Check the hashtag #clarissa. It sounds so tempting. I am still on the fence about jumping in! (edited) 2mo
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JenniferP @BarbaraBB I did join it! Hopefully it will keep me more active on Litsy. And help me get through Clarissa! 2mo
JenniferP @Lcsmcat yes, pen pals! So fun. 2mo
BarbaraBB I hope so too! Are you reading the shortlist of the Tournament of Books? In that case you can join me in a really nice Litsy event. Kay (ridgewaygirl) will be joining too. I‘ll drag you into Litsy 😀😘 2mo
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Here we go, fingers crossed the gossip will be entertaining as this book will keep me company for a looong time 🤞🏻Intriguing start, I must say.

PS: I cheated and read the next letter as well;)


Lcsmcat 😂 I have a feeling it may get more and more difficult not to “cheat!” 3mo
hilded @Lcsmcat Let‘s hope so 😅 3mo
Tamra Yes, I found it difficult to stop and my eyes wandered to the next letter! 3mo
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hilded @Tamra Luckily that‘s a good sign. Keep the juicy gossip coming 😅 2mo
Amiable @Lcsmcat @Tamra I might have to cheat because I‘m bound to forget what happened in the previous letter(s) if the gap between them is more than a day at a time! 😀 2mo
hilded @Amiable Same for me 😆 2mo
Lcsmcat @Amiable @Tamra As long as we‘re careful about spoilers, I think we won‘t risk damnation. 😂 2mo
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