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#pemberlittens #thewatsonsreadalong #chapter18. Margaret is useless and not helping Emma care for their father. She is making plans to stay with friend over Christmas and justifies leaving Emma alone in that it will save the household money. Mr. Tomlinson visits spreading the word that his sermon vilifying female authors has been published. Emma‘s father is in dire straights. He is is very poor and the doctor suggests that he is near the end👇

MicrobeMom Mr. Tomlinson returns the next day to see if Emma has read the article and she is initially annoyed. But when he suggests she should teach about the evils of women writers, Emma has her own thoughts. She will become a governess to ease the burden on her family, and she sets her plan in motion. 2mo
julieclair I am proud of her for taking control of her own life, even though it means a lowering of her social rank. How strange to think that becoming a governess will disappoint her friends and family, but they would have been totally fine with her marrying a man she did not love. 2mo
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Cathy is the daughter. Catherine is the dead mother. Ok, I sorted that out.

Got the answer to yesterday's question of where Linton is.

Really Nelly??? You couldn't guess that Cathy would leave the Grange?

Given Cathy being a spoiled brat in this Chapter and this story so far, I don't see this going well. My guess is 2nd Generation is a bad as the 1st.

#Pemberlittens #Chapter18

Bookwormjillk Seriously Cathy curb the attitude and be nice to your cousin. 8mo
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Librarybelle This reread was a perfect reminder of how irritable and horrible these characters are! 8mo
quietjenn These families are genetically unable to produce anyone who isn't terrible. (edited) 8mo
suvata @quietjenn Yep. It‘s in their DNA 🧬 8mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig @Bookwormjillk she's so horrible! 8mo
Lollymya Omg so horrible….It makes me wonder what went on in Brontë‘s life for this to become the outcome???? 8mo
Crinoline_Laphroaig @Lollymya I tried watching that Masterpiece show about Brontes awhile back. Couldn't get into with all histrionics. It was just to depressing so I bailed. 8mo
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Northanger Abby | Jane Austen
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#pemberlittens #chapteraday #chapter18

Catherine meets up with Isabelle who springs John‘s affections on her. Catherine is shocked by this and can‘t imagine why he thinks the feelings are mutual. It is clear then that Isabelle is too distracted by Captain Tilney‘s attention to fret too much about all that.

LitStephanie I love how Isabelle tries to convince herself and Catherine that Catherine flirted with and practically became engaged to John, then changed her mind, to justify her own flirting with Captain Tilney when she is engaged. 2y
Annie1215 @LitStephanie the gaslighting is strong with this one lol 2y
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The Shining | Stephen King
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Chocolate Peppermint tea, a snack and The Shining. #chapter18 #thingsaregettinggood

DrexEdit I love that mug! 😍 5y
CathyJ @DrexEdit thanks! It was a gift. I love it. 5y
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Matilda | Roald Dahl
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Finally I get to read today 📚📖 #thenames #finallyreading #chapter18 #almostdone