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Thought this quote from Troilus & Cressida was apt for this book about desire & drives. #bookserendipity While I'm always drawn to psychoanalytic theory, the limits of thinkers like Freud & Lacan with regards to gender is something that I have trouble with. Always, the ever-present Father & the inescapable fact of patriarchy even in its "weakened" state. Where love & lust come up, one is bound to land in Freudian hot water. Lol. Lots to mull over.

batsy I found the tone of the first essay flippant in a Dad Joke kind of way & wondered how eye-rolly the rest would be, but the 2nd & 3rd essays were much better when he delved into Foucalt & social history. He looked at changes in the concept of individuality & "sexuality" (the latter a recent coinage) as well as changing ideas of what's moral & ethical from ancient Greece to modern Western society under Christianity. Stuff like that is fascinating. 6d
Centique Wow! The breadth and depth of your reading is remarkable 👏👏👏 5d
batsy @Centique Thanks, friend. Every once in awhile I still regret not going to grad school and so dig out some obscure theory book to read 😂 5d
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Beastie Boys Book | Michael Diamond, Adam Horovitz
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It‘s fun listening to them talk about tapes and how once your tape gets stuck, “taking it out was like pulling 60 minutes of wet fettuccine out of a dog‘s mouth. It was as though the tape and tape deck were mad at you for being a careless and impatient teenager.”
We watched Guardians of the Galaxy with the kids over the weekend and when I had to explain what tapes and Walkman. So it was nice #bookserendipity to hear about tapes!

Suet624 Wow. Having to explain tapes and a Walkman. I‘m too old for this world. 😂😂😂 4mo
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Great Expectations | Charles Dickens
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I suppose it‘s to be expected when reading Dickens and other books at the same time, but still...

I‘ve been reading Great Expectations on Serial all month. Just finished The Witching Hour where one of the main characters loved the book and named his business Great Expectations. Currently listening to Unsheltered, and one of the main characters is referencing Miss Havisham. 🤯


Trashcanman How much would it take to make you destroy that book in a pit of flames? 6mo
sprainedbrain @Trashcanman not happening, George. 😂 6mo
readordierachel Love when that happens! 6mo
vivastory This was one of my favorite books of last year 6mo
mabell Worlds Collide! 6mo
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The History of the Hobbit | John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, John D. Rateliff
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I am really enjoying some of these footnotes! This one struck me as very interesting since I recently read Kory Stamper‘s book about editing a dictionary and how they research words and entries. I‘ll tag it in the comments below. Word by Word

And some great #BookSerendipity

Riveted_Reader_Melissa Thanks for sharing this one with me @tjwill and the #LPMBC (edited) 6mo
Moray_Reads You might be interested in this, I found it very interesting! 6mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Moray_Reads I saw that in the notes on this one, I‘ll have to look for it! 6mo
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Daisey I found this interesting as well. I‘ve loved books such as Word by Word the last couple of years. Both The Meaning of Everything by Winchester and the Ring of Words that he mentions are already on my someday TBR. 6mo
Lindy That‘s cool. I enjoyed Word by Word also, and I love to see all the word nerds on Litsy! 6mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Lindy I know! I love the tribe we‘ve found here! 6mo
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That moment when my fiction read starts to mesh with my nonfiction read. Unsheltered includes a late 19th-century science teacher who finds himself defending the relatively new concepts of Charles Darwin. Sapiens is a 21st-century perspective on the history of humans and the world.

I guess it‘s not surprising that they should have moments of overlap. #bookishsynchronicity #evolutionvscreation #charlesdarwin #scienceFTW

MyBookSwapClub I've been there..this book in particular is very interesting :) 6mo
Amiable I often try to coordinate my fiction and nonfiction reads, actually. I find that it adds unexpected dimensions to both genres. 6mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Amiable I‘ve done that also—pairing is a good thing. This time, I didn‘t make my choices with that in mind. And it‘s all the sweeter to find it happened unexpectedly. 😎 6mo
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BarbaraTheBibliophage @MyBookSwapClub I am enjoying both of them very much! 6mo
JessNevertheless I also just read these two simultaneously and coincidentally when my library audiobook holds came in. They do pair quite well together! Hope you're enjoying them! 6mo
Megabooks I‘ve noticed that happening to me a lot lately. When you read multiple books at the same time frequently, it‘s fun when it happens! 6mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @JessNevertheless That‘s so funny—more synchronicity! I‘m enjoying them both, although the Kingsolver is my fav of the two. 6mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Megabooks It‘s not just me! 👊🏻 6mo
sixgun How neat is that! Similarly I always appreciate a fiction author who uses enough factual knowledge and description to make it less than lots of generalizations. I've loved Ken Follett for that reason. 6mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @sixgun I agree. Historical fiction is one of my fav genres, and I love Follett also. 6mo
sixgun @BarbaraTheBibliophage I know some people have said that he's not historically accurate, but I'm pretty sure these are field leading archeologists. I'm happy with what I learn, I don't expect to walk away an expert. My uncle published papers through John Hopkins. It may be incredibly accurate, but that doesn't mean I can or want to read it. LOL I like a good mix. Any historical fiction authors you would recommend? Like Pillars of the Earth epic? 6mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa I love it when that happens, a little #BookSerendipity is the best. 6mo
Factaddict73 Obviously, if you like historical fiction, heavy on the history, you could read Diana Gabaldon‘s series.... she knew nothing about Scotland or its history, and already had a Ph D, so she knew her way around research. Try the (“Auto?...I forget) biography of Henry the 8th by Will Somers, his Fool.” The Gabaldon series has been a major hit for some time now; it is well written though, & properly researched. 6mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Factaddict73 Thanks for answering @sixgun — I meant to come back to this and do it myself. But then, life. I second the Outlander recommendation! Is this the other book you mean? 6mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @sixgun There‘s always the books by James Michener. Another oldie but goodie would be James Clavell‘s Shogun. Or Gone with the Wind. Or anything Herman Wouk. Colleen McCullough, especially The Thorn Birds. I have an Edward Rutherford (Paris) on my list of 2019 plans. Sharon Kay Penman gets a lot of Litsy love too. 6mo
Factaddict73 I see all these wonderful books & series, and am frequently amazed that I have read EVERY ONE! Oh, my!! I guess that factor has more to do with age than anything else: the longer you‘re around on the planet, the more you have time to read ( especially if there‘s a job that affords the time/opportunity... that‘s a REAL bonus!). I guess I‘ll have to revisit some now: it‘s been so long since I read some of them. 6mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Same for me, @Factaddict73 ! 😎 6mo
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Stone Butch Blues | Leslie Feinberg
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I‘m a day late to the #HolidayGratitudeChallenge, but being on break from school makes me want to JOIN ALL THE THINGS! 😂 Day 1 = books that changed our lives: The first time I read Stone Butch Blues, I recognized my gender in a book for the first time ever. That‘s powerful stuff.
(It was also the first book we read for my local queer book club, where I first got to spend time with @brandybear22 in a social capacity) 🤗🤓 #ButchFemme #queerbooks

jmofo 🖤 7mo
LauraBeth 📚 7mo
saresmoore Now that‘s some powerful #bookserendipity! Stacked! 7mo
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AlaMich Love the tail! 😺 7mo
kgriffith @saresmoore can‘t wait to hear your thoughts! It‘s definitely been one where, each time I read it my experience is different, because I‘m so different from one time to the next. 7mo
kgriffith @AlaMich he‘s such a good helper 🙄😻 7mo
kgriffith Whoops, forgot to tag @erinsueg 🤗 7mo
ErinSueGreads Awww that‘s so fantastic!! I totally love that! That‘s a very powerful experience. 7mo
Bklover ❤️❤️ 7mo
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At Mrs Lippincote's | Elizabeth Taylor
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Some fun #bookserendipity in my reading this morning. The characters had a whole discussion of Villette (my other current read)! I am loving both books.

tpixie What a fun coinky-dink!! 7mo
ephemeralwaltz Fun!! I need to read Villete 😍 7mo
britt_brooke I love when that happens! 7mo
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Lindy I love it! 7mo
emilyhaldi Glad you're loving Villette!! Can't wait for your full review. 7mo
erzascarletbookgasm Love it! I hope to read Villete next year! 🤞I am only good at tackling Classics chunksters when there‘s a buddy read, though. 😏 7mo
batsy Yay! So glad you're loving Villette and I'm bumping this up; it sounds right up my spinsterish street ? @LeahBergen I love "his" observation of the two books, btw ☝? 7mo
batsy Sorry @LeahBergen I tagged you here because of your comment on Sara's other post recommending this book! I'm in a bit of a muddle today 😅 7mo
MaGoose I read Villette about 15 years ago. Just added it to my TBR list to read again. 7mo
saresmoore @ephemeralwaltz It‘s really excellent. I‘m lost in it, at the moment (in the best way). 7mo
saresmoore @emilyhaldi I‘m reluctant to read too much at once because I don‘t want to miss anything! Her character development continues to surprise me. I really don‘t know what to expect! 7mo
saresmoore @erzascarletbookgasm Well, I‘m sure we could drum up some Litsy interest! There are plenty of us who‘d give it a glowing recommendation, I think. 7mo
saresmoore @MaGoose The reread value on all of the Brontë books is excellent, I‘ve found. So nice to be transported into them again. 7mo
saresmoore @batsy Taylor‘s perspective is delightfully progressive. Coming to this on the heels of Fingersmith is fun, too. All the quiet feminism! 7mo
LeahBergen These discussions in this book made me love it all the more! And don‘t worry, @batsy ... I‘m easily following your train of Litsy thought. 😂😂 7mo
rubyslippersreads I need to read both of these. 7mo
emilyhaldi Her character development is brilliant! I don‘t disagree with your urge to read bit by bit. But I will say, I binged the last 100 pages in one sitting and I think it made the ending THAT much more powerful.. bc I was so immersed in the story at that moment. But either way I‘m sure it will be impactful for you ❤️ 7mo
saresmoore @emilyhaldi I might have just crossed into binge territory last night. I fell asleep, but I didn‘t want to put it down! 7mo
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The History of the Hobbit | John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, John D. Rateliff
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Strangely enough, my Hobbit footnotes tonight are overlapping with yet another of my current buddy reads #ShakespeareReadAlong‘s The Winter Tale. It‘s a small world, even literature-ly



Bradleygirl I was listening to the NoHoldsBard podcast on the Winter's Tale today--they also brought up the bear and how it was likely a real one from the concurrent bear-baiting spectacles 😬 8mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Bradleygirl Not scary for the actors at all! 😱 8mo
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Trust Me | Hank Phillippi Ryan
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I was drawn to this book for its premise of a grief-stricken former investigative journalist writing a true crime book about a mother on trial for killing her child. There is no fast-paced action here; it's a psychological novel with a slow, steady build-up. It's less about twists than about how "truth" can be utterly manipulated. It made me think about the media, sensationalism, & our collective fascination with crime. A solid read. #netgalley

batsy This is weird but I've also just reached the part in The Brothers Karamazov where the *truth* of a crime similarly remains out of the mental grip of everyone. Odd but interesting resonance with Trust Me, a contemporary psychological thriller set in the age of corporate+social media.
Cathythoughts I‘m going to have to stack this one 👍🏻❤️ 11mo
erzascarletbookgasm Sounds good, stacking! Interesting coincidence with The Brothers K. I haven‘t even reached the crime yet. 😬 Still in Part One! 11mo
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saresmoore Cool #bookserendipity! Or maybe “cool” isn‘t quite the right descriptor... 11mo
batsy @Cathythoughts I'd love to know what you think if you read it! 11mo
batsy @erzascarletbookgasm Definitely a book to take your time with... And to make you look around at your own life and think, "At least I'm not a Karamazov sister!" ?❤️ 11mo
batsy @saresmoore Ha 😅 11mo
rohit-sawant Sounds interesting! Slow-paced psychological portraits can be so captivating. 11mo
batsy @rohit-sawant Yes, I'm really drawn to those narratives and can never resist a book like that! This is the first time I'm reading this author and luckily it was an intriguing read. 11mo
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Kudos: A Novel | Rachel Cusk
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These two books (Rachel Cusk's Kudos and Stevie Smith's Novel on Yellow Paper) have sat together on my nightstand, waiting TBR, for a few months now.
Today I tried to decide which one to start. I opened up Kudos and found . . . a poem by Stevie Smith. 😯
So funny! I love reading coincidences!

LeahBergen Freaky! 11mo
saresmoore Weird! I love it! #bookserendipity 11mo
merelybookish @LeahBergen @saresmoore Yes freaky and cool! It was like a sign but just not sure a sign of what? 🤷 11mo
kspenmoll Synchronicity! 11mo
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