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The Cheerleaders | Kara Thomas
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It‘s a little later than usual but I finally got my November wrap up video up! I‘m excited to talk with you about the books I finished last month: https://youtu.be/1tCHRTxp5FU

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EadieB @Butterflyamore Sad to hear you didn‘t like The Other Woman as I have the ARC too however, I have read her Paula Maguire series and found the books very well written. I am interested in reading Darling Rose Gold, The Cheerleaders and Trace of Evil from your reviews. I‘ve read 13 from November but did not read any NF. My favorite reads are Whitethorn Woods by Maeve Binchy, The Third Twin and Night Over Water by Ken Follett - all 5 stars from me. 1w
EadieB @Butterflyamore The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica is a psychological thriller that I know you will love! It was hard to put down, suspects galore, edge of your seat surprise ending. So check that one out! Really good! I have to listen to your movie YouTube as I was traveling home from Mexico when I got it the other day. Your tag today has reminded me to do that so I‘ll be back to you after I finish it. 1w
Butterflyamore @EadieB I have been hearing lots of great things about The Other Mrs. I definitely want to read it! I‘ll probably wait until it comes out, as I‘m a little overwhelmed with ARCs right now and want to be able to read some of my other books, too. I did see one review state that they couldn‘t believe that the same mind that wrote the Paula Maguire series wrote The Other Wife. Maybe I‘ll reconsider my stance on not reading another one of her books. 1w
EadieB @Butterflyamore I would definitely check out her Paula Maguire books! 1w
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How to Write a Book Report | Cecilia Minden, Kate Roth
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#BookReport Week 5

I managed to read 3 #ARCs although none were stellar
Finished my 🎧of Becoming ~ very informative & full of great tidbits.
Read the new Colson Whitehead - super bleak but so well written

Had to put aside my two NF books / I just wasn‘t in the mood 😬
Started a new 🎧and a new print 📖both are excellent so far

It was a good week for #NetGalley progress 😊

Bookzombie That‘s a lot of reading! Yay! 2w
LeahBergen I‘ve missed so many posts lately (because of the monster puppy 😆). Fill me in, please! What‘s #BookReport? 2w
llwheeler Hibernation is a great description for books you're not totally bailing on, but not actively reading either. May have to steal it 🙂 2w
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Daisey Love the layout this week! 2w
Sace I'm liking "hibernation" too. 2w
Kalalalatja I‘m feeling more and more compelled to read the new Whitehead, it is getting great reviews! 2w
Cinfhen I want to say that @JulesG came up with the term #hibernation @llwheeler @sace 🐻 it really is the perfect description for certain books 2w
Cinfhen Thanks @Daisey @Bookzombie I was surprised how much I completed when I went to compose my #BookReport 🤓the Whitehead is a really strong HF without being overly written. It‘s concise but compelling @Kalalalatja packs a strong punch 🥊 2w
Cinfhen A #BookReport is basically a short summary of what you read the past week and where you stand on continuing reads ( we post these on Saturday) on Sunday we post a #WeeklyForecast ~ what we hope to read during the week and what we‘re in the middle of reading @LeahBergen it‘s just a nice way to stay in touch with our friends and see what everyone is most excited for 😊 2w
julesG @llwheeler @Sace Hibernation just describes it perfectly. 😀 2w
llwheeler @julesG it does! Cheers for finding the perfect description 2w
BarbaraBB @LeahBergen How IS the monster puppy doing? I hope to see your #bookreport and #weeklyforecast soon too! 2w
BarbaraBB I haven‘t read the Whitehead and really don‘t want to somehow but I‘m afraid it‘ll be shortlisted for the #ToB2020 and that will leave me with no choice 😂 2w
Cinfhen If it gets shortlisted I‘ll send you my copy @BarbaraBB ( I didn‘t love it) 2w
BarbaraBB 💜 2w
LeahBergen @Cinfhen Oh, lovely! Thanks, darling! 😘 2w
LeahBergen @BarbaraBB He‘s exhausting at the moment. I think natural selection has made puppies super cute so we don‘t murder them before they reach adulthood. 😂😂 2w
BarbaraBB @LeahBergen That might be true! Who could murder while looking into those puppy eyes?! 😂 I‘m happy this monster has come into your life! 2w
Reviewsbylola Hill Women sounds so good!! No? 1w
Cinfhen I wasn‘t sure what the point of Hill Women was @Reviewsbylola It was a bland story. Writing was fine and another look at Appalachia but there were no standout moments in the story 😬Three stars 1w
jillrhudy @Cinfhen I absolutely agree and also rated 3 stars. I read it as soon as NetGalley posted it because Appalachia is kind of my “thing.“ 6d
Cinfhen Thanks for agreeing @jillrhudy I have a feeling Hill Women is going to get a lot of love/ attention so im happy I read it before the hype. It was definitely lacking something!!! 6d
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I‘ve been at the airport for several hours already and still have about 7 to go until my flight leave. Trying to use this time to catch up on my #NetGalley #arcs. // I‘m really enjoying the tagged book. It is so interesting. I like how there are two timelines to this, one is the author‘s life through managing his congenital heart defect and the other is the history about cardiac surgery.

Jas16 Sorry about that time spent at the airport but wishing you safe travels. 2w
KaylaD Did you get my package yet??? 😬😬😬🤞🤞 2w
IvoryLunatic @KaylaD YES. I forgot to post! OMG. (I totally opened it too since I won‘t be here for the actual day.). That was way more impressive than what I sent! It was amazing! 2w
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KaylaD Well now you see I was late and felt bad so anything Harry Potter I could find I got!! Lol and I would of bought more if I would of known Walgreens had a crap ton of stuff!!! Lol and good I‘m glad you got it! And that we both opened ours already!!😬😬haha 2w
IvoryLunatic @KaylaD oh no! That was plenty! My fiancé said I was like a kid on Christmas. Haha 2w
KaylaD Good I‘m glad that it made it and that you liked everything!! Was really worried i had the wrong address!!! Lol❤️❤️❤️😁😁 2w
ONH I‘m reading The Heart Healers right now!! Cardiac surgeon telling the story this time. Incredibly interesting. 2w
IvoryLunatic @ONH Ooh I‘ll definitely have to add that to my list! It‘ll be interesting to hear from a doctor after hearing it from a patient. 2w
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Weekly Forecast | Thomas Gibson Inc
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I feel shaky with this week‘s predictions:
I‘ve been failing at my #ARCs
Like Dreamers & My Father‘s Paradise have been on my shelf for 5+ years, I‘ve started both many times before
Looking to start a BuddyRead with @Cathythoughts @vivastory @peaknit @lele1432 for #Midnight but I haven‘t decided if I should read or listen....thoughts??!?!

Eventide is darker than Plainsong and it‘s weighing me down emotionally 😞

vivastory I'm really looking forward to Midnight. I loved Plainsong & have been meaning to read more Haruf. 4w
batsy Hope you all enjoy #Midnight! I read it some time ago but really liked it. 4w
BarbaraBB Have fun with Midnight! I read it ages ago, but don‘t remember much about it. Also, I‘ll look out for the Haruf. 4w
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Cathythoughts Oh great ! I‘m reading Midnight on kindle ... look forward to starting it this week 👍🏻❤️ 4w
Centique I haven‘t managed Eventide yet. Started it and I was just in too sad a headspace to keep going. ☹️ 4w
squirrelbrain I really enjoyed #Midnight - I read it this year for #readingUSA2019- hope you like it too... 4w
Cinfhen I decided to go with the kindle version of #Midnight and so far I‘m loving the writing and vivid descriptions @squirrelbrain @Cathythoughts @BarbaraBB @batsy @vivastory 4w
Cinfhen I‘ll get back to Eventide @Centique I just need to prepare myself xx it‘s quite heavy @BarbaraBB (edited) 4w
BarbaraBB I just read the blurb and reviews. It does seem bleak and heavy indeed. Stacked nevertheless 😊 4w
RachelO You‘ve a really interesting selection of books there - but I hope you‘ve got a complete bubblegum read amongst your ARCS, for a little light relief! 4w
4thhouseontheleft That‘s a bit how I feel about my #currentread, it‘s weighing me down emotionally when I think my mind is craving lighter fare. 4w
Cinfhen I like the heavy stuff @4thhouseontheleft @RachelO but sometimes your right... your body & soul needs light!!!! 4w
peaknit If the listen would have a good narrator then totally do that. Otherwise, read! 😊 I got mine from the library, ready to go. I am in the middle of three other books but 🤷🏼‍♀️ 4w
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More spring 2020 ARCs have arrived! ☺ So excited for these March releases!

#arcs #advancedreadingcopy #upcomingreleases

Alora Ouhhh all of those look good, especially The Happy Camper!! Enjoy!! 1mo
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The Happy Camper | Melody Carlson
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A few of our latest ARC arrivals! 😍 We are so looking forward to these spring releases!

#springreleases #comingsoon #melodycarlson #tomthreadgill #arcs

Alora 😍😍😍😍 Yesss! This looks so good. 1mo
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How Quickly She Disappears | Raymond Fleischmann
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My favorite librarian brought this one in for me from her #ARCs & said it was really good. 🤗I‘ve just read a few pages but it seems intriguing & I love the rural Alaska setting. ❄️ With tonight‘s poke bowl dinner. It was a loooong... Monday.

Flyleaf Books | Chapel Hill, NC (Bookstore)
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I went to a bookseller event tonight... Whoops, more landed on my TBRs pile. This is why I never catch up!
(Thanks to Flyleaf & Macmillan!) #ARCs

Tweet Cute | Emma Lord
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Still undecided if getting both of my new ARC shipments within the same week is a good thing or not. I could easily consider this the sign I need to hibernate for the winter and disappear with my spoils. I've already decided to quit reading all but one of my challenges for 2020 and simply read what I want for the year. #LibrarianLife #ARCS

Heatherfeather Whoa! (And I always agree you should read what you want 😁) 3mo
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It‘s finally not too hot to read on the front porch. Trying to work two library books into my reading schedule without missing publishing dates for my #NetGalley #ARCs. Somehow they always all come available at the same time even though I try to choose books with different waitlist times.