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Witherward | Hannah Mathewson
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#ARC from ages ago

Tried reading this several times, but it didn't make a lot of sense to me.

#NetGalley #MountARC

#AugustARCs @Clwojick

julieclair Oh, too bad! This is a book I would have picked up based on the title alone, and the cover art would have drawn me in as well. It's always so disappointing when the book itself doesn't do justice to it's cover. 4d
julesG @julieclair That, plus the blurb, made me request the ARC. Then I tried getting into the story. It wasn't clear when the story was place, I assumed Victorian era. It wasn't explained why the "Witherward" version of London was made up of several kingdoms which had been at war with each other for no apparent reasons. Info-dumping in stilted conversations,.... Or in other words: a YA fantasy novel that could have profited from an edit or two ? 4d
Clwojick Sorry that you didn‘t enjoy it, but at least it‘s off your shelf now! 🤎 4d
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Husband Material | Alexis Hall
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Happy Book-Birthday! 🎉

The sequel to Boyfriend Material is not just as good as the first book, it's better. Knowing the characters already, it's seeing them grow and struggle and overcome obstacles so much better. There were lots of LOL moments for me.

My thoughts about the ending are in the comments under the spoiler tag.

#ARC #NetGalley #MountARC

julesG The structure of the book follows that of a well-known British rom-com film. It made the ending obvious, but it's the best ending for Oliver and Luc. 6d
CarolynM Currently reading 😀 I‘ll come back to you spoiler comment when I‘ve finished. 6d
writerlibrarian I'm passed 50%. It's really, really funny. 6d
CarolynM Just finished. Loved it of course. I agree about the end and it fits with what AH has said about his own world view, which I think is why it feels so right. 1d
julesG @CarolynM I agree! The end also fits very well with my own world view. 😁 1d
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Untitled | Unknown
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Trying to choose my next read. #MountARC and #MountTBR are so huge, I can't decide.

#GhostCat is no help. She's either snoozing or trying to catch pigeons by literally jump starting off my legs; only to notice she can't jump through the safety net on the balcony.

#20in4 #readathon @Andrew65

OT - does anyone know why oat milk in black tea makes the mug look as if it hasn't been cleaned for weeks?

Bookwomble I think the fats in dairy milk sequester scale and tannins, so they remain suspended in the fluid, while oat milk doesn't have those fats, so scale and tannins deposit on the mug. (This is my theory, which my food chemist wife says is "probably correct" ?) 1w
julesG @Bookwomble Thanks. Makes sense. (Could have come up with the explanation myself. I studied chemistry. 🙈) 1w
Andrew65 That‘s why I often schedule reading and my books as struggle so much to choose the next book 😔 1w
julesG @Andrew65 I can't stick to scheduled reading lists. But I've found a book, was given a beta-arc by an author. So I'm marking typos and inconsistencies - exactly what I like doing. 😁 1w
Andrew65 I don‘t always stick to my lists but find they do help me. 1w
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reposting this for @Clwojick for any NetGalley or ARC addicts who are behind, or any Readathon fans.

Do you have an embarrassing number of unread NetGalleys or ARCs? Do you have a bad habit of downloading all the “read now” galleys? Are you behind on your reviews, and want to get back on track? Maybe the #AugustARC Readathon is for you… join me during the month of August while I try my best to read and review as many ARCs as possible!

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eanderson Yep, I have several I need to read… so count me in! 2w
MaGoose You hit the nail right on the head. ‼️ It will take me longer than the month of August to catch up on my reading of ARCs that I promised to read and review. It will probably take me into the beginning of 2023❗So, I'm in for this readatj 2w
MaGoose Oops. I'm in. And will not be accepting new reque 2w
Andrew65 @MaGoose @eanderson Think I have around 60 still to read and a number of reviews I still need to write! 🙈😳🥵 2w
MaGoose 🤣 requests. Plus I'm having surgery near the beginning of August. So I'll be laid up and have a lot of time to read. I hope. 2w
Andrew65 @MaGoose Best of luck with the surgery. 2w
MaGoose @Andrew65 You're even worse than me 🤣🤪 2w
AmyG Not sure if I have any ARCs but I have some book wins, Goodreads and IG, that I need to read. I shall try. 2w
Monica5 I will definitely be in bc I have a huge back log on top of some new ones🤷 2w
Vansa I have such a gigantic backlog ,it's near insanity now! 2w
Librarybelle Thanks! I could devote an entire year (and then some) to all of the NetGalley books I have yet to read! 2w
Andrew65 @Librarybelle @Vansa Glad to see I am not alone. 🥵 2w
DGRachel My backlog is shameful. I created a spreadsheet to track so I could pick a specific genre if I was in the mood for it, and still…(hangs head in shame) 2w
OutsmartYourShelf I have about 100 backlogged ARCs & 50 still to read for this year. I‘m hopeless at not requesting new ones - I can‘t resist 😀 2w
Andrew65 @DGRachel @OutsmartYourShelf We are all hopeless cases 😂 2w
rubyslippersreads I‘m afraid to look at my NetGalley checklist, because I‘m so behind. 😕 2w
LibrarianRyan 😂 😂 😁 😁 😂OHG. I feel like I have been spied upon! 😂 2w
TheBookHippie 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you‘ve seen my stack 🤣🤣🤣 2w
Tove_Reads No, only 8, and no hurry at all. That‘s how I roll!!! 2w
kezzlou85 Mine is just under 100 oops 2w
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I should at least read & review the Read Now book I snagged last month. The others are a "bit" older and some just aren't reviewed. ? 2w
Gissy I don‘t have arcs😞I wish I would received one at least. 2w
writerlibrarian I am so in. 2w
wanderinglynn I have a small stack! Thanks for the tag! 2w
TheSpineView Yeap I have several unread, unrevealed to tackle. Thanks for the tag! 2w
ferskner Such a smart idea! 2w
julesG I'd love to get #MountARC back into the double digits. 2w
Clwojick @julesG I‘d love to get to triple digits. 🫣 2w
Clwojick @Gissy have you signed up for NetGalley? They have “Read Now/Listen now” sections that are open to everyone. Once you‘ve read and reviewed a few, and your review percentage is good, you can start requesting more and you‘ll receive them. 💚 2w
Clwojick @Andrew65 Thanks for the share! 💚 2w
julesG @Clwojick 🙈🙈🙈🙈 2w
Clwojick @Vansa @Librarybelle I have so many that it‘s actually shameful 🫣 so many, in fact that I‘m actually too embarrassed to say. 😆 I will admit to quadruple digits though. And yes, I still request new ones on the weekly. I cannot be helped. 💚 2w
Andrew65 @Clwojick QUADRUPLE 😱😱😱 2w
Librarybelle @Clwojick I think at this point, I may be flirting with quadruple digits too, and yet still requesting! I‘m embarrassed by it too! 😂 2w
Gissy @Clwojick Thank you, I will try it!🤗 2w
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Don't Hex and Drive | Juliette Cross
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Witch meets vampire. She doesn't need a man for a fulfilling life. She'd want a lifelong partnership. He's out of her league, since he's handsome and drives expensive cars and parties with the rich and famous. Furthermore, he's in town for a job, not for ever. It would never work, or would it?

I enjoyed this second book in the paranormal/urban fantasy #Romance series.

#MountARC #NetGalley published 2020 🙈

#JubilantJuly #readathon @Andrew65

Maria514626 Oh my. This sounds like fun! 2w
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Husband Material | Alexis Hall
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Electronic #BookMail No 2

Did not expect getting this #ARC. #NetGalley

It releases on 2nd August, I better put it on top of #MountARC.

#JubilantJuly #readathon @Andrew65

kimmypete1 I also got this and wasn‘t expecting to! Will be diving in soon! 2w
CarolynM Lucky you! 2w
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The Helm of Midnight | Marina Lostetter
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Another #NetGalley #ARC from the lower slopes of #MountARC. It was published in 2021.

Told from opposing POV. Yes, the world-building took some time and there were slow passages, but all in all I wanted to know how the POVs came together and how the whole story fit and would play out.

A book that took me out of my fantasy-funk! I‘m looking forward to reading the next instalment.

#JubilantJuly #readathon @Andrew65

Andrew65 Looks interesting. 3w
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From the lower slopes of #MountARC - or should we say, it was published in September 2020. 🙈 #NetGalley

An okay read, but it wasn't as good as some of the other Portia Macintosh books I've read.

#JubilantJuly #readathon @Andrew65

Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 3w
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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#JubilantJuly #readathon @Andrew65


Started (ARCs)
📚 The Helm of Midnight
📚 The Enigma of Room 622

Finished (ARCs, reviews will follow later)
🎧 Note to Self
📚 Sewing Love
📚 Zigzag Rope Sewing Projects

#MountARC has shrunk by 3 books, but grew by 6 more 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

DGRachel That sounds like my NetGalley math. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 3w
Andrew65 Great start 👏👏👏 That‘s how my NetGalley goes 😂 (edited) 3w
julesG @DGRachel @Andrew65 Glad I'm not the only one. 3w
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Readathon: Occasional List : Geleentheidslys | Gauteng (South Africa). Education Media Service
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Do you have an embarrassing number of unread NetGalleys or ARCs? Do you have a bad habit of downloading all the “read now” galleys? Are you behind on your reviews, and want to get back on track? Maybe the #AugustARC Readathon is for you… join me during the month of August while I try my best to read and review as many ARCs as possible!

#netgalley #ARC #Edelweiss #kindleunlimited #amazonARC

kezzlou85 I really do. So much so I've cut down the amount I request so I can catch up a bit. It's too addictive. 3w
Birdsong28 Yes I do and I will be joining you on this. ☺️ 3w
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julesG I feel seen! And want to hide. Yes, #MountARC has to be eroded. Count me in. 3w
vlwelser I'm in! I'm trying to cut down on acquiring new ones but still leaving 1 or 2 unread every month. A month to focus on catching up will be good. 3w
Kappadeemom Yes!!!!! 3w
squirrelbrain I may give it a go, although the Booker Longlist may take over my reading in August. Who knows though, there could be an overlap between my ARCS and the Booker. Really, though, what are the chances?! 🤣 3w
EadieB I cleaned up my arc's last month and only have a few left. 3w
TheSpineView I always have a list of ARCs to read and review. Take one off the list, but two on! 😳😬🙄📚 I'm in! 3w
Andrew65 Yea, yes, yes and yes 🙈 Just what I need! 3w
OutsmartYourShelf Count me in! 3w
BoleyBooks The never-ending list! 🙌📚😊 3w
writerlibrarian I'm in. I've been doing this all July 3w
DrexEdit Yes! Count me in! I'm not behind in the reading so much as the reviewing. I've been feeling bad about my #ARC list but I see I'm in good company. 😊👍 Looking forward to #AugustARC! 3w
GirlNamedJesse What a great idea! I‘d love to take part. 😊 3w
Maria514626 I don‘t have a problem with this at all. 😆😆😆 Thanks for tagging me! I need this push. 🙌🙌🙌 3w
peaknit I hope to get into ARCs in the future, thanks for the tag! 3w
DogEaredBooks I love this idea, I‘m in! 3w
NovelGirl82 Ohhhh! I need to do this!!!! 3w
sebrittainclark Oh I desperately need this. I got approved for so many ARCs the week after my son was born and am terribly behind now. 3w
ozma.of.oz I was just thinking about doing something like this! 😂 I‘m in! 3w
Monica5 Thanks for the tag. I am so behind and keep asking to be approved for more😂 3w
DebinHawaii Thank you for tagging! I have WAY too many, so count me in! 🤦🏻‍♀️📚📚📚 3w
merelybookish Sure!! I always seems to request more than I can manage to read! 3w
JoyBlue I have the opposite problem at the moment—I finished my last NetGalley last week. I'll see if I can muster up some new ones before August. 😂 Thanks for tagging! 3w
CherylRussell Great idea! Thanks for tagging me. 2w
Caterina I'd love to join! Maybe you can do it again in September? 😁 I was into ARCs for a sec and then went to graduate school, and they have been languishing. I'm getting married in August, so realistically I think I could only finish 1ish ARC and review it, but I will try to do that! 😊 1w
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