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1922 | Stephen King
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This one was probably a mix between a pick and so-so for me... I listened to it, but I‘m sure this novella is #Under200Pages. If you are skeeved out by rats, skip this one! If rats don‘t bother you, then it may not be the creepiest King story... I hear there‘s a film adaptation so I may check that out next time I am home alone!! #GratefulReads #AudioColoring

OriginalCyn620 Then I think I‘ll be skipping this one! 😝 (edited) 3y
Bookish.SAM I keep seeing the adaptation on Netflix (I think)... wasn‘t aware of the 🐀 thing... I‘m not a fan! Might have to reconsider it. 3y
MrBook Great film! 3y
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘ll be skipping 😱 🐁 🤣 3y
TorieStorieS @OriginalCyn620 @Alwayscoolwb @Bookish.SAM I haven‘t seen the movie, but the rats are a big part of the audiobook!! Happy to have warned you!! 🤣 3y
TorieStorieS @MrBook Thanks- my husband hates scary movies so I‘m adding it to my watch list for the next time he‘s away! 😂 3y
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Blood on Snow | Jo Nesbo
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Dunno what made me mistake Nesbø to be a Swedish writer... Anyways glad to have completed
#LitWorld2018GB - Norway with my first Nesbø thriller.
Fast-paced and eloquently written.
The expected violence and (somewhat) grisly details have kept me away from the popular Harry Hole series... Someday ;p

My #currentreads #under200pages

tricours Is that the actual cover? They wrote Nesbo instead of Nesbø? 5y
GatheringBooks interesting! very nice! 5y
BookishMe @tricours I just checked the cover and you're right about the typo... ;o 5y
BookishMe @tricours and thanks for pointing it out. I have corrected myself as well 😄 😄 5y
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Treasure Island | Robert Louis Stevenson
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A few books #under200pages and Treasure Island for #setonisland 🌴 #marchinbooks

Cathythoughts Well done 👍🏻 5y
Leftcoastzen Nice! 5y
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I can't waite to start Auri's story after A Wise Man's Fear. I love Auri and this book has illustrations. Also it is #under200pages 💙
#marchinbooks @maich

MinDea Me either! I love Auri so much! I wish there was a novella on Devi! 5y
BookwormAHN @MinDea Me too, I would love to know how she got expelled. 5y
Andrew65 Looking forward to this book @MinDea @TricksyTails @BookwormAHN, and I too want a book about Devi! 5y
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This Too Shall Pass | Milena Busquets
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Had to get this in hardcover and re-read it because it‘s just so good!! My new handbook for life. 🌲💙🌲
#under200pages #marchinbooks
#currentread #booksandshelfiesm18

Amabear Looks good ! 5y
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All of these books are #Under200Pages (with the exception of Stormbringer - it's 220 pages). I intended to reread the second Corum trilogy last year but didn't get around to it. This year, I'm planning on using it as my #trilogy pick for #LRC2018. #MarchintoBooks

GarthRanzz I haven‘t read any of the Elric books since high school. It was a series I always intended to get back into. 5y
Leftcoastzen Those were the most amazing covers!Love seeing them again . 5y
TK-421 @GarthRanzz I haven't read any of the Elric books for about a decade, I'm guessing. They've been on my reread radar for awhile, so I'm thinking I'll give them an #epicreread later this year. 5y
TK-421 @Leftcoastzen I have multiple editions of Moorcock's Eternal Champion novels, but these have always been my favourite covers! 5y
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In His Own Write | John Lennon
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This is my cat Yoko Ono posed with the great John Lennon‘s book of poetry. I had some cuter shots but this mid-yawn was gold.

#MarchInBooks #under200pages #catsoflitsy

Eyelit Great photo! 😸 5y
rekahlee @Eyelit Sometimes with pets you luck into great photography 😂 5y
Purrfectpages Great picture! 5y
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Siddhartha | Hermann Hesse
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"Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself." - Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse

Favourite! #Under200Pages #MarchInBooks

Cathythoughts I always love Siddhartha ❤️❤️❤️ 5y
Tanisha_A @Cathythoughts Yep, with you! It's such a calming experience, that book! ♥ 5y
Khearts It is second book I read 5y
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Jumpstart the World | Catherine Ryan Hyde
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