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Wizard and Glass | Stephen King
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Hey #EpicKatetRead-ers! I am very behind this week (on reading in general 😆) but wanted to give everyone a chance to talk if anyone wants to discuss!
#TheDarkTower #Roland #Katet #TheDarkTowerChapterAWeek

MinDea Where is everyone in the series and how are you enjoying it? 10mo
TK421 I'm still waaaaay behind. I love the insanity that is Blaine. 10mo
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MinDea @TK421 Blaine is such a good character. I loved how just crazy he was. He was probably case book psychotic! He had no real rhyme or reason why a train would behave that way yet his backstory made it completely plausible and made sense in the end! 🤯 So good! 10mo
tonyahoswalt 2 weeks behind I think. Maybe only one. I did just finish a library book though! Yay, progress! Lol 10mo
Jovy I was close to being caught up last week but now I‘m another week off! I agree about Blaine - he‘s one of SK‘s more memorable characters despite his short stint in the book. Love the riddling in the train! 10mo
BookwormAHN I'm caught up. I also loved Blaine. He was nuts and extremely entertaining. 10mo
TrishB Not started still!! Sorry - life events have thrown me off track a bit...... 10mo
MinDea No worries @TrishB. Hope everything is OK! 10mo
GrilledCheeseSamurai I'm a week behind now. That's okay though cuz now I get to read more this week. 👌 10mo
AnansiGirl Life threw me off track and I got behind . I‘ll be taking a stay-cation midweek and get myself caught up with Roland & Co. adventures. 10mo
MinDea @GrilledCheeseSamurai @AnansiGirl I am 2 weeks behind! I picked it up past night but didn't make much progress. Hoping to this weekend. 10mo
Andrew65 I am at least two weeks behind 😔, still on the first half of part II but final,y had a chance to pick it up again. Agree though Blaine was the best part of the series so far. 10mo
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MinDea Awesome! Thank you for sharing! 11mo
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Wizard and Glass | Stephen King
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Starting this for the #EpicKaTetRead
Does anyone else have this cover? All the covers on Litsy were different.
#darktower #roland #katet #thedarktowerchapteraweek

Bookmark by @Bookartbookmarks Isn't it lovely?

TrishB Haven‘t seen that cover before! 11mo
MinDea I have a totally different cover and have never seem that one. I think it is from the illustrations in my book though. 🤔🤔 11mo
Bookartbookmarks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 11mo
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Wizard and Glass | Stephen King
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Quick question for everyone reading #TheDarkTower. Our final discussion for #TheWasteLands is in a couple weeks (9/16). Would you guys like a break and start in October or jump right in to the next book #WizardAndGlass?

#EpicKatetRead #EpicBuddyRead #TheDarkTowerChapterAWeek #TheDarkTowerCAW

MinDea Also if you would like me to remove you from this list to be tagged in the future please let me know. Thanks! 12mo
TrishB I‘ve fell behind on this one. But will be finished by then! I‘ll go with the majority in timings 👍🏻 12mo
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MinDea @TrishB it's totally fine. I have also fallen behind on this book but hoping to catch up soon. Thanks for putting your vote in! 12mo
KatieanneF I‘m not a part of this group, but the fourth book is truly incandescent. Hope everyone enjoys!! 🔮 12mo
Andrew65 I‘m also happy to go with the flow. As I have to go back to work next week I read a bit ahead 😔 so have already finished book 3. (edited) 12mo
BookwormAHN I'm good with what ever you guys decide. I usually listen on audible, so I usually finish fairly early. 12mo
Rudis I lost track somewhere in book three, and kinda gave up :( hope everyone enjoys the rest of the series though! 12mo
EadieB I‘m ok with going on with the next book. 12mo
BookwormM I don‘t mind either way 12mo
tonyahoswalt I'm fine with starting right away. But can wait if majority wants to. 12mo
AnansiGirl I‘m fine with taking a break and starting Wizard of Glass in October. 12mo
Fortifiedbybooks I'm good either way 😁 12mo
GrilledCheeseSamurai I'm all for jumping right into the next one!! 🤸‍♂️ 12mo
Jovy I‘m also good either way! 12mo
MinDea Sounds like a resounding start right away! I started working on the schedule last night. It's a long book and lots of chapters. Going to take a while to get through it. I'll post the schedule for it soon. Thanks to everyone who weighed in! @Jovy @GrilledCheeseSamurai @Fortifiedbybooks @AnansiGirl @tonyahoswalt @BookwormM @EadieB @BookwormAHN @Andrew65 @TrishB 12mo
GrilledCheeseSamurai @MinDea ❤️🤗❤️ 12mo
Andrew65 @MinDea Sounds good to me. 12mo
MinDea @KatieanneF you're welcome to join us or join the discussions if you don't feel like a re-read! 12mo
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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How's it going guys? Those of you who have been able to read along, how did you like this week's section?

#EpicKaTetRead #EpicBuddyRead #TheDarkTowerChapterAWeek #TheDarkTowerCAW

Hosted by @MinDea with assistance from @tonyahoswalt

BookwormAHN I'm about caught up and so far I'm enjoying this book much more than the previous two. 12mo
tonyahoswalt @BookwormAHN Me too! Anything really stand out for you so far? 12mo
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BookwormAHN I like Eddie and Jake channeling each other. 12mo
TK421 I'm about halfway through this section. Liking it so far. @BookwormAHN I like how Jake and Eddie are channeling each other too. 12mo
TrishB Will be starting next after current read and will catch up! 12mo
tonyahoswalt @BookwormAHN @TK421 I like Eddie and Jake's channeling as well. This section was a little haunting. I'll wait untill you guys finish though. 12mo
EadieB @tonyahoswalt I like that Eddie helped Jake come thru the door with the demons! 12mo
BookwormM I loved this section I liked the Dream Jake and the ghost Eddie and how past and present are connecting. 12mo
GrilledCheeseSamurai I haven't read this section yet but I'm looking forward to gulping it down tonight! 🤘 12mo
Jovy Loved everything about this chapter! From Eddie‘s inner struggles 💔 to Roland and Jake‘s touching reunion and even though I‘m not too fond of Detta, she was awesome here! 12mo
Andrew65 @BookwormM @Jovy Totally agree! Loved this crossover between worlds. Clear how central and important to things Jake is. 12mo
MinDea Thank you so much @tonyahoswalt for helping me with this! 💙I hope to catch up for the final discussion! @BookwormAHN I am so glad you are enjoying this book. This one really starts feeling like the rest of the series. 12mo
PaperbackPirate I‘m behind but I‘m still going. Just finished this section yesterday! Demon rape is a new one for me. I love that Eddie battled his own inner demon - the voice of his brother- to not only save Jake but come into his own being. What a scary haunted house! On I go! Choo choo! 🚂 10mo
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Posting for @MinDea for a bit for our #EpicBuddyRead . How did everyone like the second section? Discussion in comments! If I've tagged anyone that has said they have stopped reading, I apologize.
#EpicKaTetRead #KaTet #TheDarkTower #TheDarkTowerChapterAWeek #TheDarkTowerCAW

bookandcat I'm so behind -_- I needed a break from King since I'm also doing Losers Club reading and there is a such thing for my brain as too much King...but I hope to try to catch up lol 12mo
tonyahoswalt What did you all think of hearing from Jake again? I'm curious about the second time things clicked for him. The first was when he was supposed to die. So the events in the second instance that he knew would happen, the beggar, the mirrors, etc. how did he know that? 12mo
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TrishB I‘m only starting later this week! 12mo
tonyahoswalt @bookandcat Understandable. Do you want me to take you off the tag list for the upcoming weeks, or keep tagging for when you catch up? 12mo
tonyahoswalt @TrishB No worries. Come back and discuss anytime! 12mo
BookwormAHN I haven't started yet. I needed to finish The Stand first. One King at a time 😸 12mo
tonyahoswalt @BookwormAHN Oh okay. Do you want me to take you off the tag list for upcoming weeks, or leave you on, so you can come back and discuss later? 12mo
BookwormAHN @tonyahoswalt You can leave me on, I'll catch up soon. 12mo
tonyahoswalt @BookwormAHN Okay, sounds good! 12mo
bookandcat @tonyahoswalt you can keep tagging me because it reminds me to get back to it 😂 12mo
TK421 I really enjoyed the Jake chapters. I thought it was interesting how both Roland and Jake were feeling pulled in two after Mort was killed. 12mo
EadieB @tonyahoswalt I just finished section II. In answer to your question, the only thing I can say is that the second time it said that he was under the umbrella of the ka-tet so that may be what was giving him the insight that he didn‘t have the first time. (edited) 12mo
tonyahoswalt @EadieB That makes sense! I read the sections all in one chunk and then it seems like I'm forgetting details. 12mo
tonyahoswalt @TK421 Me too! I think Jake is my favorite character. I like the connection between him and the other characters, I guess that's what the ka-tet is all about. 12mo
EadieB @tonyahoswalt I started the section after you posted your question so I was looking for the answer while I was reading. 12mo
Andrew65 Yey! Finally caught up - like trying to catch a runaway train. Great to see the return of Jake, and quite a bizarre return with Jake knowing he should be dead. Not always sure I know all that is going on, quite some story Stephen wrote - no wonder some people say they have to read it 2 or 3 three times to get everything. Love the train!!! 12mo
tonyahoswalt @Andrew65 It would definitely be weird to know you're supposed to be dead. I can understand why it was making him crazy. Are you liking this one more? 12mo
Andrew65 @tonyahoswalt Yes it definitely feels as if the first two were introducing the main characters and now the story is being taken forward, not that I know where it is going mind you! But still a great adventure. 12mo
tonyahoswalt @Andrew65 I really like it more as well. I feel like the writing is so much better, which makes sense. However, I was just talking to my husband about how, to me, it feels like there's barely a plot. Roland wants to get to the Tower, and Jake wants to get back to him. Other than that, it's about the connections between them all, I get that, but it feels like not a lot happens. @TK421 @EadieB 12mo
TK421 @tonyahoswalt I understand what you mean. I am really enjoying this book, but I know that a lot has to happen before the story can progress. I agree that the writing is much better in this book as well. 12mo
Jovy Finally caught up! 😅 I feel for Roland and Jake; can‘t imagine what I would do with constant voices fighting in my head! Also loved Jake‘s essay and his teacher‘s interpretation. 😂 12mo
Andrew65 @tonyahoswalt Totally agree, it does at this stage barely feel like there‘s a plot. It does seem very much about connections and relationships between the key people. @TK421 @EadieB 12mo
EadieB @Andrew65 I hope at the end we do get some idea what this is all about! @tonyahoswalt (edited) 12mo
Andrew65 @EadieB That would be good! 😂 @tonyahoswalt @TK421 12mo
GrilledCheeseSamurai Jake. ♥️ 12mo
tonyahoswalt @Andrew65 @EadieB @TK421 I guess that's why they talk so much about ka and the ka-tet, because it is about those connections. 12mo
tonyahoswalt @Jovy That essay! Oh my gosh! I thought he was a goner for sure, but the teacher loved it! 12mo
BookwormM I am still here had a hectic few days really enjoyed this section and I am intrigued by the Rose and the key can‘t wait for Jake to find Roland again 12mo
tonyahoswalt @BookwormM I really like Jake! I'm interested in learning more about the rose especially. My husband has given me teasers. 12mo
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
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Finally got to start the third book in the Dark Tower Series. #EpicKaTetRead #StephenKing #EpicBuddyRead #TheDarkTowerChapterAWeek #KaTet #TheDarkTower

TrishB Be getting to this one this week 👍🏻 12mo
Andrew65 @TrishB Good to see I‘m not the only one behind! 12mo
TrishB I then read all at once! 12mo
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trioxin_sematary My favourite! 12mo
Andrew65 @trioxin_sematary I‘ll look forward to it even more then! 👍 12mo
MinDea I am behind too! 🤫 12mo
Andrew65 @MinDea @TrishB What great company I am keeping! 🙌 12mo
ScientistSam I'm behind too! Waiting for my library hold to come in... 12mo
Andrew65 @ScientistSam That‘s a whole group of us. 😊 I have gone for audiobook for this one as away from home so couldn‘t get it from the library. 12mo
BookwormM I am on target and really enjoying it 12mo
Andrew65 @BookwormM I‘m about a third of the way through last weeks‘s section. 12mo
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The Waste Lands | Stephen King
This post contains spoilers
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Hey guys. Just checking in to see how everyone is liking The Wast Lands. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Liking or disliking it?
#EpicKatetRead #EpicBuddyRead #TheDarkTower #TheDarkTowerChapterAWeek #TheDrakTowerCAW #Katet

EadieB @MinDea I like how Roland is training Eddie and Susannah to be gunslingers and how Susannah got on Roland‘s shoulders to fight the bear so it didn‘t get Eddie. 12mo
TrishB Not started yet!! Will catch up soon 😁 12mo
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GrilledCheeseSamurai @EadieB Yarp! That bear scene was cooool! 12mo
GrilledCheeseSamurai I am very happy with the end of this part 1. So glad that they are now on the path of the beam. It's like the journey for the tower has officially now begun. Also very cool with Eddie and his carving. Roland giving up his guns was kinda sad though. 😔 12mo
TK421 The bear scene was great! I also liked how Roland was explaining ka to the others after he told them about Jake. 12mo
MinDea @EadieB yes I love that too! Their relationship is so awesome. It is like mentor/Mentee but also they are family. 12mo
MinDea @GrilledCheeseSamurai yes it is sad that he had to do that but now he is not the only gunslinger left! 12mo
MinDea @TK421 it is a great scene! The bear is crazy! 12mo
tonyahoswalt I really enjoyed this first part, much more than the last two books. I find it fascinating to think about Roland's world being so much further along than ours. It may seem primitive, if you think about the first book or some things Roland doesn't know about. But the bear, and the other mechanical creatures are one more sign that the world advanced far beyond that and then started over I guess. 12mo
tonyahoswalt @GrilledCheeseSamurai @MinDea About Roland giving up his guns, and also the end of book 1, before I started reading these books, I had the misconception that these books focused on Roland, with his guns, and the Man in Black. I know the Man in Black is still featured, but I always thought it was those two duking it out the whole time. When he died, I was like, oh. Now Roland is giving up his guns and training others. It changes everything for me. 12mo
MinDea @tonyahoswalt Yes. It is so much more than that. So much happens. That is the base of the story, Roland finding The Dark tower, but it is so much more than that! 12mo
MinDea So glad you finally are enjoying it and not just feeling unsure about it!!! I hope it continues that way for you @tonyahoswalt ! 12mo
ScientistSam My hold still hasn't come in so I'll be playing catch up! Would you mind reminding me of this one's schedule? 12mo
Andrew65 Finally managed to get this started this afternoon! 12mo
BookwormM Finished this section today and really enjoyed it I love finding out more about Roland‘s world. The beams remind me of ley lines that we have in this world. Looking forward to next section. Also enjoying the literary references in Eddie‘s dreams 12mo
GrilledCheeseSamurai @Andrew65 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️ 12mo
BookishBelle Y‘all. I just can‘t. I‘m stuck back in the last book and I cannot force myself to pick it back up. Sorry, but I‘m going to have to bail. 12mo
Andrew65 Finally finished the section for last week! 12mo
Andrew65 The bear section was my favourite part, and quite bizarre to then find out they were robots, as were others they encountered. Also interested to hear them ta,King about this world being further along and that it is tired. This could prove to be key. As usual not sure where this story is headed but happy to be along for the ride. @EadieB @GrilledCheeseSamurai @tonyahoswalt @MinDea @BookwormM 12mo
GrilledCheeseSamurai @Andrew65 RAWR! 🤖🐻 12mo
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