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The Generosity of Women | Courtney Eldridge
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@AmyG you have rendered me speechless and completely humbled by your generosity. Thank you for your sweet note, cheerful bookmark and gorgeous copy of a book that I‘ve been wanting to read since I read her “Uprooted” last fall. I had planned to borrow from my library, but thanks to your sharing spirit I now have my own copy. You‘ve made my week by thinking of me! 💞🤗🤗🥰

@Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @TheBookHippie

TheBookKeepers How amazing!! @AmyG is always so kind 🌸 I loved this book!! Enjoy! 5mo
robinb @TheBookKeepers I am completely blown away! ❤️ Thanks, I‘m looking forward to savoring it! 😊 (edited) 5mo
AmyG Awww @TheBookKeepers 🥰🥰🥰 5mo
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AmyG Robin...I am so happy you didn‘t read it. I wasn‘t too sure but figured I‘d take a chance. I love to pass on books I‘ve read. Enjoy! 😘 5mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💗💗💗 5mo
robinb @AmyG Amy, I was just so excited to receive it...I LOVED Uprooted and am really looking forward to this one! Thanks again for thinking of me! 🥰 5mo
robinb @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Exactly!!! 💞👍 5mo
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A Reliable Wife | Robert Goolrick
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Misty, you are just too sweet. 😘 Thank you so very much for my surprises in the mail today! ♥️ I look forward to reading the book, and I ♥️ my nifty reversible bookmark. 😊 But your sweet note meant the most and made me feel extra special. 💚🧡💛💙💜💕

Thank you...we Littens are all blessed in various ways by your big, generous ❤️.


Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Awww thank you Robin!! That means so much to me!! I have a copy too so maybe we can do a buddy read!! 😘💗😘💗 6mo
robinb @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Sounds good to me! 😊👍🤗 I just need to catch up on my ARCs first...as if that ever happens...I need to quit requesting! 😩🤪😱 6mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @robinb haha!! I don‘t request them! I‘m drowning now 🤣🤣🤣☺️ 6mo
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robinb @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I know!! It‘s not like I don‘t have enough backlogged from my own TBR...sigh. Oh well, guess I‘ll enjoy treading water, right?! 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♀️ 6mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @robinb me too girl!! And I think I need more!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 6mo
robinb @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks It‘s an illness. And I don‘t want to be cured. 🙄😉😔😜😝 6mo
wordzie I have this its pretty great. 6mo
robinb @wordzie Glad to hear! 👍😊 6mo
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Hard Road | Barbara D'Amato
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Omg I am blown away by this awesome Christmas random act of kindness from the lovely @ReadingRover ! As a huge Oz fan, everything here just makes me happy! 🤗🌈🌪All of the books look great and I‘m super excited to read them. Jace says a big thank you for his books and I can‘t wait until he is old enough to read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, it sounds really good! I love the tumbler, face mask, bath bomb, puzzle and bookmarks, and I‘m 🔽

JenlovesJT47 Currently wearing a Groot shirt so the Groot picture holder is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for everything, you really brightened my day! I dunno what I‘d do without my Litsy family! Merry Christmas from me and Jace! 🤗 8mo
ReadingRover Yay!!! It made it!!! You should definitely read the Christmas pageant book before Jace is old enough. It‘s hysterical!!! So worth it!!! I couldn‘t remember if I had gotten you the bookmarks before or not and it‘s possible you have them but they‘re super cute! Enjoy and have a great holiday! 8mo
JenlovesJT47 @ReadingRover I‘m going to read it tonight or tomorrow! And I can never have too many Oz bookmarks, I love them! 🤗 8mo
ReadingRover @JenlovesJT47 😂 you won‘t be disappointed!!! 8mo
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@eanderson you are such an incredibly kind and thoughtful friend...I am blessed to have “met” you. Thank you for my out-of-the-blue Amazon Kindle gift card! What a lovely surprise and so very sweet of you to think of gifting this to me...you‘ve made my week! 🤗🤗🤗😘😘💕💕🎁🎁😍😍💃💃💃

Just another great example of #RandomActsOfKindness and #LitsyLove.

Now....which book is calling my name....🤔🧐😉😊

MinDea That's so awesome!!! 12mo
robinb @MinDea it totally is, Mindy! 😊😊🎉🎉 12mo
eanderson Yayy!!! I‘m glad it made it to you. It‘s fun getting to treat a friend to a book or two. Enjoy and have a great rest of the week! Oh, and getting to do a little something made my week! 12mo
robinb @eanderson Sounds like a win-win combination...both of us are having great weeks!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks again, sweet friend! 😘 12mo
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Gratitude | Oliver Sacks
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Thanks to the incredible generosity of the amazing @Avanders I will be able to participate in the #WitchPleaseSwap!

My heart is full and I‘m absolutely overcome by the kindness of people here on Litsy. You all renew my faith in humanity every time I interact on this platform. I hope that one day I can do kindness for another person the way Aletheia has shown kindness to me.

I can‘t even express my gratitude ♥️

#LitsyLove #RandomActsOfKindness

Avanders Awww 😍😭😘 it is my absolute pleasure! 💖💖💖 (and I'm happy to pay my own forward ☺️) (edited) 12mo
monalyisha How nice is that?! I‘m happy you can participate, @hermyknee — & @Avanders, you have so much good karma coming your way! 12mo
vkois88 @avanders you are truly one of a kind ❤❤❤ 12mo
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Sarah83 What happened? 😊 12mo
JoScho ❤️❤️❤️ 12mo
hermyknee @Sarah83 I just don‘t have the budget to participate in another swap right now (I just did Teacher Care Package and signed up for Falling for Fall) plus I‘m in two weddings right now as maid of honor and bridesmaid plus back to school! I had just made a comment that the witch please swap looked so fun and I hope she runs it again next year, then Avanders emailed me with an offer to help me pay for the swap ♥️ She is so kind. (edited) 12mo
Sarah83 Yes indeed she is. 😍😘 12mo
Avanders @monalyisha @vkois88 @Sarah83 @JoScho @hermyknee 💖💖💖 I am so happy to be part of such a giving and loving and supportive community. And I'm also paying my own forward. And so happy to do it 💋💋💋 12mo
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The Eyre Affair: A Novel | Jasper Fforde
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Thank you so much @cobwebmoth for the surprise #bookmail !🤗 The tea looks great, can‘t wait to read the book, and the outfit for Jace is absolutely adorable and will definitely still fit him. I love the shark shoes. Thank you from both of us!! 🤗💚🤗


🦈 📚 ☕️ 🦈 📚 ☕️🦈📚☕️🦈📚☕️🦈📚☕️🦈

cobwebmoth I'm so glad it will still work for him. Hugs to you both!🤗❤ 12mo
umbrellagirl Oh, the smallness 💙 12mo
Bookzombie The outfit and shoes are so cute! So is Jace, of course! 12mo
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Manhattan Beach: A Novel | Jennifer Egan
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Ever have a surprise come out of the blue and you find yourself saying...”I can‘t believe this...this is just toooo sweet for words”?! I did today from a very thoughtful Litten. ❤️ Megan, you brought tears to my eyes for your kind care package that you sent. Thank you for thinking of me and having such a huge ❤️. I LOVE IT ALL!!! 😘🤗🤗 (((hugs)))


@ReadingRover ❤️

Kaye Great to see people just pick someone and send them a package , just because they want to. It‘s a nice feeling to know someone cares enough to do that for you. 🌹 1y
robinb @Kaye it certainly is...all the warm fuzzies!!! 😊❤️❤️❤️ 1y
AmyG Looks just lovely❤️ 1y
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ReadingRover Yay! I‘m so happy it finally arrived! I‘ve been eagerly tracking its every move! 😂 I hope you like the book. The blue tea is so cool! It changes color! The taste is kind of bland but you can‘t have everything 😝 it‘s good once you add honey and sugar and lemon though! 😂 1y
Mdargusch So sweet! 1y
robinb @AmyG @Mdargusch 👍😊😊❤️ 1y
robinb @ReadingRover I was sooo surprised...it made my day!!! Thanks again so much for everything! Such a wonderful variety of things...looking forward to trying/reading it all. 😊😊😊😍 1y
ReadingRover 🤗 🤗 🤗 1y
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