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Taking inspiration from @DebinHawaii , here are a few romance book covers featuring alluring #overmyshoulder poses.


squirrelbrain I love all those dresses - not much call for them in modern-day Yorkshire though! 🤣 6d
Cinfhen Very alluring, indeed 😝 5d
DebinHawaii So many over the shoulder poses to choose from! 😉 4d
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Emerson in His Journals | Ralph Waldo Emerson, Joel Porte
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“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.”

#AyUpAugust | 11: #OverMyShoulder

📷: Made with Typorama

squirrelbrain 👍😁♥️ 6d
Cinfhen 🙌🏻 5d
marleed That‘s a tweetable statement! 5d
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Over My Shoulder | David Dunn-Wilson
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#AyUpAugust #OverMyShoulder
#TallShipCelebration #TSC2019

My Tall Ship Celebration fun continued in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada! Six ships are docked over my shoulder; three were repeats from Bay City, but that means I saw three new ones! Due to a time constraint, I did not step foot on them, but got great pictures! 🥰

britt_brooke Great photo! 6d
Cinfhen Great pic!!! How fun ♥️ 6d
squirrelbrain Great pic! 🛥 6d
CrowCAH @britt_brooke @Cinfhen @squirrelbrain thank you; it was a fun quick jaunt across the river! 5d
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If I Was Your Girl | Meredith Russo
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Some YA books from my shelves where the cover models are giving good look #OverMyShoulder poses. 😆

Cinfhen Another collage that dazzles 😍🎉❣️ 6d
tpixie great collage! 6d
Hooked_on_books It‘s interesting how the over the shoulder pose is nearly exclusively female. I wonder why that is. 🤔 6d
erzascarletbookgasm 👏 good one! 6d
squirrelbrain Very clever! And very interesting @Hooked_on_books - I‘d never noticed that before! 6d
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The Kill Artist | Daniel Silva
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(Day 11 - #OverMyShoulder)

*Gabriel Allon has been looking “over his shoulder” for going on 19 books now. That‘s what happens when you become an undercover agent for Israeli intelligence. An art restorer by trade, Allon is a bit of a reluctant asset. He usually has to be persuaded to come out of his comfortable life as an art restorer. The tagged book is the first in the series.

TrishB A great series 👍🏻 6d
gradcat @TrishB I seem to like a lot of the same books as you, & I agree with you 100%! 6d
Cinfhen I love LOVE this series 6d
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gradcat @Cinfhen I agree. It‘s one of those where I‘d really like to meet the main character—more Gabriel Allon, please! 😂 6d
TrishB It was @Cinfhen that got me into them 👍🏻and yes I‘d love to meet him! 6d
MellieAntoinette Hmmmm...I‘m seeing a new series in my future! 6d
squirrelbrain Great choice @gradcat ! I too am seeing a new series on the TBR @TrishB @Cinfhen @MellieAntoinette ! 6d
gradcat @TrishB Hmmm, #blameiton@cinfhen? 😂 (edited) 6d
gradcat @MellieAntoinette & @squirrelbrain Yes! And there‘s about 19 of them to get you going! 😂🤣🙃 6d
Cinfhen I WISH Daniel Silva would turn these books into a Netflix series @MellieAntoinette @squirrelbrain @TrishB @gradcat 5d
TrishB @Cinfhen I may even watch that! 5d
Cinfhen Ha @TrishB but who would play Gabriel??? 5d
MellieAntoinette @Cinfhen @TrishB @squirrelbrain @gradcat Oh look! Amazon can have this on my doorstep tomorrow. #blameitonlitsy!! ♥️ 5d
Cinfhen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @MellieAntoinette Hope you enjoy 😉 5d
TrishB @Cinfhen I‘m still thinking! 5d
gradcat @cinfhen MGM tv acquired the rights in 2017...wonder when it will happen? And, yes, of course, the $64,000 question—who will play Gabriel? @squirrelbrain @TrishB ... and @MellieAntoinette Good for you—I hope you enjoy the book! ♥️ 4d
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Right Behind You | Lisa Gardner
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Cinfhen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Hi!!!!! What‘s going on?? 6d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Cinfhen hey!!! I‘m just hanging out at home!! How are you?! 6d
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Moominvalleyshop | Tampere, -, Finland (Bookstore)
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Cinfhen Cute 💕 6d
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Cats on Instagram | @Cats_of_instagram
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Out of my three cats, #Zeke is my most frequent reading buddy. Sometimes, if I‘m sitting on my couch, he‘ll sit behind me and gaze at objects #OverMyShoulder . This is a recent picture of his pose. #catsoflitsy #ayupaugust

Bookzombie 💕🐱 6d
Leftcoastzen 😻❤️ 6d
Bklover Zeke is beautiful! (edited) 6d
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Dragon 😻 6d
squirrelbrain Zeke is gorgeous! I miss my two reading buddies 😿, although they‘d always settle on you just when you realised you needed to get up and get something! 6d
TheSpineView 💜🐾 6d
Catsandbooks Precious kitty! 💖 6d
BookNAround What a handsome boy. 6d
UwannaPublishme 😻❤️ 6d
kspenmoll Cutie! 😻😻 5d
brit91 😻😻😻😻😻 5d
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#AyUpAugust Only on page 136 and Stella has already survived 3 near death experiences😳 If I‘m Stella, I‘d be looking #OverMyShoulder ~ is Stella cursed or blessed??? Thank you @JennyM for putting this book on my radar ~ I‘m LOVING IT‼️‼️‼️

GatheringBooks ooh! the number seven seems to be in quite a number of book titles lately 6d
BarbaraBB @JennyM convinced me too to buy it 💕 6d
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Cinfhen This book might end up being my favorite read of the summer @BarbaraBB 😍🎉🙌🏻it‘s just hitting all the right notes 6d
Chelsea.Poole I love love love this book. 6d
JennyM @Cinfhen I‘m so glad you are loving it! I hope you enjoy as much when you get to it @barbarabb. And it was @Chelsea.Poole love of the book that made me pick it up 😘😘😘 6d
Chelsea.Poole @JennyM I am so happy you enjoyed it and you're spreading the word about this lovely book. 😍 5d
Reviewsbylola Who‘s the picture? 5h
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I'm just relieved that my parents don't look #overmyshoulder when I'm reading on this site! #ayupaugust @Cinfhen @squirrelbrain

mjdowens I had to go sign up for an invite right away after I read your post. Super curious and interested in seeing the content now😂😂 6d
LibrarianJen 💖💖💖 6d
Cinfhen Hahahaha!!! Hope Anne shows up 😜 6d
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squirrelbrain 🤣🤣🤣 I won‘t tell them! 6d
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