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Over My Shoulder
Over My Shoulder | David Dunn-Wilson
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A CONFESSION AND AN INVITATION Each year, like many Christians, I look for a book to be part of my Lenten devotions and there is never any shortage of excellent candidates. However, this year, I had a problem. It wasn't their fault - it was mine. I once read of an old Methodist preacher who described himself by saying, "I am just a jobbing Christian - one who has been long at his trade but not yet master of it" - and reluctantly I had to admit that that was me too - 'just a jobbing Christian'. Compared with me, all those Lenten writers seemed so competent, expert and assured. They were like cordon bleu chefs whose recipes I might admire but could never hope to cook. So, what was I to do? Why not write my own Lenten meditations for each day as I went along? But where should I look for inspiration? I found myself re-reading The Book of Proverbs which I have always liked for its wit and wisdom and I was impressed afresh by how practical it is. I decided that it would make great Lenten reading, ..... David Dunn-Wilson Eastbourne
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Over My Shoulder | David Dunn-Wilson
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#TallShipCelebration #TSC2019

My Tall Ship Celebration fun continued in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada! Six ships are docked over my shoulder; three were repeats from Bay City, but that means I saw three new ones! Due to a time constraint, I did not step foot on them, but got great pictures! 🥰

britt_brooke Great photo! 3y
Cinfhen Great pic!!! How fun ♥️ 3y
squirrelbrain Great pic! 🛥 3y
CrowCAH @britt_brooke @Cinfhen @squirrelbrain thank you; it was a fun quick jaunt across the river! 3y
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