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Dinosaur Tales | Ray Bradbury
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I recall reading that #MyGeneration is also called the Peter Pan generation, often criticized for not wanting to 'grow up.' Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, in terms of something Ray Bradbury once said to a close friend, the amazing Ray Harryhausen, where they promised each other to grow old but to never grow up & always be in love with dinosaurs & monsters & other childhood loves
@Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola @emilyhaldi @Mdargusch

emilyhaldi Reminds me of my favorite dinosaur-loving sister @Meredith3 ❤️🦕🦖 1mo
Mdargusch Ha! I was thinking the same thing @emilyhaldi 🦖 I think holding on to some childlike wonder is definitely a good thing. 1mo
Reviewsbylola I was thinking the same thing! @emilyhaldi @Mdargusch 1mo
Tanisha_A Yes! Following them, yes! 😀 1mo
Meredith3 ✨💕🦖💚🦕💕✨ 1mo
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For #MyGeneration it was nice to see last night multiple generations together rocking out under one roof 🤘 and as for #TaintedLove I can definitely say that one of the bands, Saving Abel, has a list of songs about tainted love lol

#AnglophileApril @emilyhaldi @Mdargusch @Reviewsbylola @Cinfhen

Mdargusch Great collage! 2mo
Cinfhen Love listening to live music 🤘🏽 2mo
emilyhaldi Nice!!! 🎤🎸🎼 2mo
Reviewsbylola Very cool! 1mo
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Bird Box: A Novel | Josh Malerman
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#AnglophileApril #MyGeneration

My generation will remember the Birdbox blindfold craze!

Mdargusch Crazy! This is on my TBR. 2mo
emilyhaldi Ha! For sure 😜 2mo
Reviewsbylola Can‘t wait for the next book! 1mo
CrowCAH @Reviewsbylola wow I didn‘t even know! 1mo
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Generations | Flavia Bondi
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#AnglophileApril #MyGeneration
“it is the property of true genius to disturb all settled ideas”
Sister Mary Corita Kent (Corita Kent)
She expressed her spiritual & political views through her art, protesting the Vietnam War & highlighting humanitarian crises until her death in 1986 in Boston, MA.
I am that little one on the floor in front of my sibs; My dog instead of the real thing-it even went to restaurant with me & slurped a bowl of water!

kspenmoll Robert Kennedy‘s letter to youth,ideas on draft( con) & other issues published the day he died; Playbill from Mame that my parents took 3 of us to in NYC.my first visit,a thrill;sketch of man landing on the moon; Corita Kent‘s art & message;family dinner(8 sibs),my youngest brother & me.Rather turbulent time to grow up; so much change, protests.Vietnam was huge,“If you‘re going to San Francisco/be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”,Kent State (edited) 2mo
Cinfhen I love this!!!! I love scrapbooks!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing 💟 2mo
emilyhaldi So cool!!! I love scrapbooks too ❤️ 2mo
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kspenmoll @Cinfhen Wish I kept it up. I started it when I was 10 & stopped when I went off to college. Wonderful memories !! 2mo
Mdargusch Thanks for sharing! I love seeing your family photos. 🙂 2mo
Reviewsbylola That‘s so fun! 2mo
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Ohio | Stephen Markley
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Sadly, #mygeneration and my state have a drug-abuse problem. Planning on reading this one for #booked2019 #bookaboutaddiction

Cinfhen Unfortunately I think it‘s a shared problem among the generations 😢😢 looks like a difficult read 2mo
MicheleinPhilly I‘ll be very curious to hear your thoughts on this. I loved it. 2mo
Mdargusch Yeah, I don‘t think I can read this one. I saw enough strung out, addicted people this weekend in New Orleans to last a lifetime. 😢 2mo
Reviewsbylola This one‘s on my TBR. 2mo
emilyhaldi Oh good!!! @MicheleinPhilly I haven‘t heard too many good things so happy to hear a positive review from you!!! 2mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Since its almost Easter, I thought I'd share a picture of what #mygeneration dressed like on Easter day. I remember I always got a new dress, patent leather shoes, hat and gloves.
@Reviewsbylola @Mdargusch @Cinfhen @emilyhaldi

Reviewsbylola Adorable!! 2mo
Mdargusch Those are priceless! I loved getting my new Easter bonnet every year! 👒 2mo
kspenmoll I just love the hats! I remember those Sundays, especially Easter! 2mo
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Crazeedi @Mdargusch me too!! 2mo
Crazeedi @kspenmoll yep those Easter Sundays were truly special 2mo
Crazeedi @Reviewsbylola thank you! 2mo
Crazeedi @kspenmoll @Reviewsbylola @Mdargusch I'm the little girl in the middle of the bottom pic, I'm I'm at the bottom in the top one too🤗 2mo
emilyhaldi Omg those hats are TOO much ❣️ 2mo
Crazeedi @emilyhaldi 😍🤗😉 2mo
C.Perone I used to love getting my new Easter outfit! 2mo
Cinfhen OMG!!!! I‘m LOVING these photos!!!!!! Too cute!!!!!! Fabulous ❤️❤️❤️ 2mo
CouronneDhiver Yes!!! 2mo
arubabookwoman Oh yes—always got a new outfit (even if just a dress my mother made) and it was the one Sunday we had to wear hats! 1mo
Crazeedi @arubabookwoman our dresses were always homemade by my mom-4 girls! 1mo
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The Name of the Rose | Umberto Eco, William Weaver, David Lodge
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The NYT bestseller the week I was born. I‘ve never read it—should I?

#mygeneration #anglophileapril

BookNAround I loved this one. And I must be a thousand years older than you because I read this in college for my medieval Europe class. It was in paperback by then, but still. 😂 2mo
ravenlee I haven‘t read it (though I have it) but the movie version is actually pretty good. 2mo
Booksbymybed I loved it! Want to reread it now 2mo
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Mdargusch How have I never heard of this? 2mo
vivastory I've heard great things about it. 2mo
emilyhaldi Cool cover 😍 2mo
BarbaraJean I loved this! And like @BookNAround I read it for a college class. 😂 **Ok, I just looked up the publication date and I feel less old knowing that I was only 5 years old when it was first published in English. 😁 (edited) 2mo
Reviewsbylola I was born in 1983. 😆😆 @BookNAround @BarbaraJean 2mo
IamIamIam I gave the book to my dad before I got to read it but I watched the movie with Sean Connery & Christian Slater eons ago in a college class. The film was great! 2mo
BookNAround @Reviewsbylola OK, so I‘m not a thousand years older than you but I definitely could have been your babysitter because I‘ve got 12 years on you. 2mo
Cinfhen This book is meant to be excellent 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹#somanybookssolittletime 2mo
BarbaraBB It is a great read - and movie. Very scary! 2mo
Simona Yes, you should! 😘 2mo
Emilymdxn I loved the book and recommend it! Do it when you‘re in the mood for a serious chunkster, it‘s quite heavy but very rewarding. If you go at it in the right mood it‘s incredible! 2mo
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#MyGeneration sure loved Scholastic Book Services.

Well, okay... I loved Scholastic Book Services. These are all from my childhood bookshelf. 😆😆


Aimeesue Helen Keller was my childhood hero. I made my parents take me to her childhood home for a tour on a trip to Alabama when I was 7 or 8. But I would REALLY like to read about those wicked, wicked ladies! (edited) 2mo
Crazeedi I adored scholastic book services! Taking the flyer home and getting to pick a book, and if I was lucky maybe 2!! (There were 6 kids in my family). And then turning in the order and waiting for the day I got it. That was heaven😍 2mo
Mdargusch I can‘t believe you still have them! Lucky you! I couldn‘t wait for my girls to bring home those forms 💗 2mo
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emilyhaldi Those are fab!!! 2mo
Billypar I loved this too! I remember going over the catalog with my mom and making my selections: one of my earliest memories of book decisions. And when they came in- as exciting then as it is now 😁 2mo
TheLudicReader I loved Scholastic, too. (Still love getting the fliers at school.) There just weren't bookstores like there are now. At least not where I lived. 2mo
Billypar @Aimeesue Did you see the original title? I guess the publisher was thinking that kids would choose doubly wicked ladies in a haunted house more than wicked pigeon ladies in a garden? I have so many questions...😂 2mo
bookishdawg Great post - love seeing the “Wicked Ladies”! This was one of my first faves and finally tracked down a copy on eBay ❤️ 2mo
Cinfhen Now you‘re talking!!!! The original BOTM club! 😜 2mo
CatLass007 Loved Scholastic! I‘d buy 12-15 books every month. 2mo
Aimeesue @Billypar I guess kids don't think gardens are scary any mor. 😂 2mo
Melissa_J Loved the scholastic order forms and book fairs! 2mo
rubyslippersreads Now I want to track down A Sound of Crying. 😊 (edited) 1mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads I‘m afraid to reread it in case it‘s not as good as I remember. 😆 1mo
rubyslippersreads @LeahBergen Did you know it‘s the first in a series? 1mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads No! Really?? I‘ve never looked up the author before (it‘s always just been on my “childhood reads” shelf)! 1mo
rubyslippersreads I also used to have a copy of The Wicked Ladies, but when an editor on the Betsy-Tacy listserv was looking for a copy they could use to republish it, I donated mine for the cause. 😊 1mo
LeahBergen @rubyslippersreads Well, you certainly did your good bookish deed and book karma will reward you. 😆😆 1mo
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The Stand | Stephen King
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Favorite books from my childhood (1970‘s) #mygeneration #anglophileapril

tpixie what's the top right one?
I loved The Stand, Margaret,, and Anne Rice! I have wante dto read The Westing GAme!
Wowo, looking at it makes me think of Ready Player One!!!!
(edited) 2mo
Cinfhen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2mo
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Avanders Wow some of these covers bring me back!! 2mo
Reviewsbylola Are You There God was one of my faves! 2mo
emilyhaldi You got some good ones in there!!! 2mo
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Neuromancer | William Gibson
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Mdargusch Great collage. How many have you read? 2mo
writerlibrarian @Mdargusch All of them. 😄 2mo
Cinfhen I haven‘t read any @Mdargusch 🤭 2mo
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writerlibrarian Some info on these : the shortest is The lover. Not for everyone. It's based on Duras' life in Vietnam as a young girl who takes a Chinese lover. I like her 1990s remix after the movie came out better. Zimmer i wouldn't reread but it's a fun yet quite violent retelling of the Arthurian myth. Eco I would reread maybe. Difficult, yet this is his easiest novel. PD James, i reread years later and it was as fresh and amazing. I haven't rearead Gibson. (edited) 2mo
writerlibrarian I'm kinda afraid too because it was such a high. @Cinfhen @Mdargusch 2mo
Reviewsbylola The cover of The Lover is fantastic! 2mo
Crazeedi Mists of Avalon is one of my all time faves 2mo
emilyhaldi I ❤️ the 80‘s 2mo
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