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I found myself completely immersed in a lot this novel of interconnected stories of a post climate plague world. Lovely writing and imagery, quite arresting at times. Full of compassion and a surprising amount of hope, here and there. But as I often feel, some stories spoke to more than others, and the success overall is often tainted by the stories I DON‘T connect with. The story ‘City of laughter‘ stood out for me. #pop22 #manmadedisaster

Megabooks Insightful review! I connected with CoL too. 💜 6mo
squirrelbrain Really insightful review! It seemed as though a lot of people lost their connection with this book in the second half, due to a few of the stories not being as meaningful. 6mo
Cinfhen Fantastic review! I agree with everything you wrote 💗 6mo
Cortg These types of books are always hit or miss for me. 6mo
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The kittens are now bigger than a book! They are growing so fast. #catsoflitsy #MonaLisa #kittensoflitsy

I didn‘t know a lot about this book going in, which I think is a good thing. This collection of stories, all interconnected in some way, examine the effect of a virus released from the melting Arctic permafrost, and it‘s devastating impact around the world. I can‘t wait to discuss the 2nd half in a few days with #CampLitsy.

squirrelbrain Gosh, that little cutie is growing so fast! Looking forward to your thoughts at the weekend. 6mo
squirrelbrain Ooh, and didn‘t think about that #pop22 prompt - thanks! 😁 6mo
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samantharoberts I love that cover! 6mo
TheSpineView So cute! 6mo
Ruthiella I think going on blind is going for this particular book too. It‘s a bit like a puzzle. You don‘t want too much of the picture until you figure it out for yourself. 6mo
Teresereading Cute cat 6mo
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An infuriating and heartbreaking true account of the nuclear power plant disaster that took place in Ukraine in the late 1980‘s. More than anything, the way the Soviet‘s tried to coverup the disaster and ultimately betrayed hundreds of thousands of its own citizens and others around the globe was devastating to read. Higginnbotham did a great job of making the science easy to grasp and humanizing the story.

TrishB Great review 👍🏻 my sister was pregnant at Chernobyl time. My nephew developed cancer within a year of birth. A very rare cancer of which there was a cluster in the U.K. at the time, research says it was down to Chernobyl fall out!! He is 34 now and been fine since he was 6, but it was scary times. (edited) 10mo
Cinfhen That is terrifying @TrishB and I‘m sure England wasn‘t the only non Soviet country to see/feel the effects years later. I‘m so glad he‘s ok today and lived a normal healthy life💚 10mo
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MicheleinPhilly @TrishB Jesus! That‘s horrifying! 10mo
squirrelbrain That is awful @TrishB ! 10mo
TrishB @Cinfhen @MicheleinPhilly it feels like history now, but I remember being 19 and feeling totally overwhelmed- but then thinking how must my sister and BIL feel. Not something you ever want to go through. 10mo
TrishB @squirrelbrain it was awful ❤️ I look at him proudly now and he says himself he can‘t really remember it so we don‘t talk about it a lot with him. 10mo
Hooked_on_books He did such a good job with so book. So good. And yes, such a heartbreaking story. 10mo
Cortg All governments cover up way too much all throughout history and today. @TrishB Wow! I‘m glad he survived and doesn‘t remember much from that time. ❤️ 10mo
CarolynM @TrishB I'm so glad your nephew's story had a happy ending. I hadn't heard about that consequence of Chernobyl. 10mo
Cathythoughts @TrishB that‘s so scary .. thank god your nephew has been well sinse then ❤️ 10mo
TrishB @Cortg @CarolynM @Cathythoughts thank you friends ♥️ 10mo
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OMG!! The level of dishonesty, false information and total disregard for the public‘s well being is SHOCKING!!!! #PoP22 #ManMadeDisaster #NF22 #ImADisaster

TrishB That was definitely never their priority. 10mo
Cortg I read this one last year. Very disheartening on so many levels. 10mo
Lizpixie This was one of my top reads of 2020 I think. I was so indignant of behalf of the poor people of the Ukraine. This disaster looms large in my memory, the Cold War had me terrified of anything nuclear! 10mo
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KarenUK Paul read this and thought it was excellent. He then watched the HBO series which he also loved. 10mo
BarbaraBB I read another book about it and was equally shocked 10mo
Megabooks I agree. I read this first but it hit me even harder reading 10mo
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Migrations: A Novel | Charlotte McConaghy
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Finished this one last night. I was a bit confused when I started because it seems to be a bit in the future (all animals basically extinct) and I didn‘t realize it. But I can see where she already had ideas in mind for her 2nd book! Thanks to @CBee for recommending for #12Challenge

Controversial question - #pop22 can this count as man made disaster? Otherwise I‘ll use it for author read last year.

#JoyousJanuary #JumpStart22

KarenUK I think you can interpret challenges how you see fit!!! 11mo
RaeLovesToRead If the animals are extinct because of humans then definitely a man-made disaster. I'm planning on reading a book about extinction 😊 11mo
Megabooks I think it could be either. Whatever works best for you! 11mo
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CBee You‘re welcome! Hope you still enjoyed it despite some confusion at the start! 😊 11mo
BarbaraBB I‘d say it‘s definitely a man-made disaster. I even felt guilty after reading it 💔 11mo
Cinfhen Yes; I agree….climate change is unfortunately a #ManMadeDisaster 11mo
Andrew65 Great 👏👏👏 11mo
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I agree with @vivastory that there are some quotes from this oral history of the Chernobyl disaster and its aftermath that I will never forget. I connected much more with her interviewees than I did with Midnight in Chernobyl. Aleksievich spoke to families who fled or were resettled, soldiers that were deployed there and their wives, and even the children being raised in its wake. Deeply moving. Thank you, Scott. 5⭐️ #NYWD22

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Riveted_Reader_Melissa I‘ve had this one sitting on my shelf for awhile, looks like a good time to read it. 11mo
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Hooked_on_books I‘ve read three of hers, including this one, and am blown away every time. She‘s so good. 11mo
Cinfhen I was gonna use Midnight but maybe I‘ll switch to this book if I can #BorrowNotBuy - great review 🧡 11mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen midnight is good to but this one has 💜💜💜 big time! 11mo
Megabooks @Hooked_on_books what other(s) would you recommend? Thanks 👍🏻 11mo
Cinfhen I prefer 💜💜💜xx will look for it 😘 11mo
Hooked_on_books The two others I‘ve read are Secondhand Time and The Unwomanly Face of War. Both are terrific, but if I had to suggest only one, it would be the latter. 11mo
BarbaraBB This book broke my heart 11mo
Megabooks @Hooked_on_books thank you! Apparently I‘ve already stacked it, but I should get to it. (edited) 11mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB me too!! 11mo
Megabooks @BarbaraBB I thought about you several times today. 💜💜 sending love to you all. 11mo
vivastory Great review! I'm so glad that it had such an impact on you. I was looking for more works by her while book shopping today but no luck. 11mo
Megabooks @vivastory I had to order this from Book Depository, so I may have to try there again for her other books. Thank you so much for the rec! 11mo
vivastory I'm definitely going to look for the one that @Hooked_on_books also recommended. Will probably order on bookshop.org 11mo
BarbaraBB Thanks. It was a tough day. Kids went to see grandma and say goodbye. They were very close to her and extreme sad. And we had to think about the funeral, music etc. Sad. Thank you so much for thinking of us 🙏🤍 11mo
Daisey I‘ve read Midnight in Chernobyl and I‘ve read other books by this author, although this one is still on the TBR. I can imagine it is definitely more personal and impactful. 11mo
Megabooks @Daisey yes, it really was. Midnight was good but very dry in comparison. I‘m excited to read more by this author! 11mo
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Here‘s my favorite book from March 2021 @Andrew65

A timely story of corporate greed, political corruption, inequalities, activism, colonialism and the fight to be heard. This book was beautifully drawn, and every word considered. If you enjoyed Chigozie Obioma‘s novels The Fishermen and An Orchestra of Minorities than this book will be well loved. Perfect for bookclub discussion and would work for #pop22 #ManMadeDisaster

Andrew65 Sounds a great choice. 11mo
KarenUK I‘m definitely going to use this one for #pop22…. So glad to hear you loved it. 11mo
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Cinfhen Thanks @KarenUK I did an audio/print combo. Audio was FABULOUS 🎧🙌🏻 11mo
Cinfhen Thanks @Andrew65 11mo
kspenmoll Wonderful review! 11mo
BarbaraBB In which country is it set 🤓? 11mo
Cinfhen It‘s set in a “fictional” African country @BarbaraBB 11mo
BarbaraBB Too bad 🤣 11mo
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