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Brown Girl Dreaming | Jacqueline Woodson
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📕Brown Girl Dreaming
🖊Geraldine Brooks
🎥Bottle Shock
🎤Garth Brooks (no relation!)
🎶Butterflies and Hurricanes (Muse)
#manicmonday #letterB

CBee Thanks for playing 😊😊 55m
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March: Book Two | Andrew Aydin, John Lewis
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Yeahhhhhhhh. That‘s absolutely terrifying

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Thanks for the tag @CBee !

📘 Tagged! This was a heartbreaking memoir of the author trying to deal with the reality that his son is addicted to meth and that he may never get off the addiction.
✍️ Max Brooks. I have World War Z and Devolution on my TBR and I‘m eager to read them.
🎥 The Black Phone 📺 Breaking Bad
🎸 Breaking Benjamin
🎵 Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park

CBee Beautiful Boy was a powerful book ♥️ Have you read Tweak, by his son Nic? Thanks for playing! 2h
TheRiehlDeal @CBee No, I haven‘t. I‘ll have to add it to my TBR. 2h
CBee @TheRiehlDeal it isn‘t an easy book to read either 😞 1h
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A friend loaned me this book and when I returned it to her she asked if it made me angry. It certainly had. Reading about people‘s lives destroyed because of bias and injustice made my temper flare. But More than anything I was also so inspired by Brittany K. Barnett and the work she has done to free those serving unfair sentences. Her dedication and tirelessness (I am not sure when she finds time to sleep) are awe inspiring.

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Me Talk Pretty One Day | David Sedaris
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I love everything this man writes. Hilarious and thoughtful. I prefer the stories from his childhood over the ones about his time in France and for that reason, I enjoyed Naked more. Nonetheless, Sedaris has quickly become one of my favorite authors!

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A practical guide for writers, as well as a beautiful memoir about the role of writing in King‘s life and how it helped him to heal after a terrible accident. #alphabetgame #letterO @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

marleed I often explain this book changed how I read and forevermore notice adverbs used to describe conversations between characters 7h
Louise @marleed Ah, yes, the great adverb debate! 😆 3h
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Two years ago my bookclub read The Cooking Gene and we had the BEST discussion where we also spoke about the similarities between the black community and Jewish community. So I‘m SO HAPPY that Michael took the time to write this book. Im excited to hear what he has to say. He‘s a brilliant creative mind.

Megabooks I hope you love it! 4h
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Strange feeling to be comforted by words from a stranger about relatives with dementia who have since passed away.

"And if one day I look at you and don't remember who you are or how much you mean to me, know that your importance is still as real then as it is now."

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📕 Belonging by Nora Krug
✍️ Berry, Wendell
📺 Broadchurch
🎙 Bon Iver
📻 Be Sweet - Japanese Breakfast

#ManicMonday #LetterB

Leftcoastzen Love Wendell Berry! 12h
The_Penniless_Author Just listened to Be Sweet this morning! 11h
CBee Thanks for playing! 😊😊 11h
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Paris Letters | Janice MacLeod
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This book has been on my shelves for a minute - okay years, and finally found its way to my Bookspin list of 20. I‘m surprised I didn‘t read it when I still remembered the premise because I‘m fascinated by memoirs of those who realize a stalled life and sacrifice comfort and security to create more meaningful experiences. And this book is so pretty!

August #DoubleSpin @TheAromaofBooks

TheLudicReader I enjoyed this one. 14h
JamieArc Sounds wonderful. 14h
marleed @TheLudicReader oh, me too. @jamieArc It really is! 47m
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