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Odd One Out | Nic Stone
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The hopeless romantic in me fell for this love story but the politica in me has doubts. Still, it got me out of a book hangover, from another YA read that really blew me away (more about which later, I‘m gathering my thoughts and my feelings).

What did you think of this one?


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Carry On | Rainbow Rowell
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Ignore the mess in the background, I got too excited about my Santa Thing gift coming while I was at work! I can‘t wait to read it📚 it also appears that there might be a second gift coming my way soon!

#santathing #christmas #tistheseason

Red, White & Royal Blue | Casey McQuiston
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#adventrecommends Day 14. A book I read this summer and fell in love with. I don‘t read a lot of NA, maybe I‘ll read more next year.

Nutmegnc I‘m getting ready to listen to the audiobook! Can‘t wait! 7h
Scochrane26 Love this one! 7h
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The Quartered Sea | Tanya Huff
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I loved this book. It was a fun read set in an awesome world. The ending felt a little rushed but also awesomely earned, which was a weird mix of impressions to have. #lgbt #lgbtliterature #lgbtfantasy #magic #music #elemental

Huntress | Malinda Lo
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This was a satisfying book. I liked the pacing of it and enjoyed the characters. #lgbt #lgbtq #yalit #lgbtliterature #lgbtfantasy

We Are Okay | Nina LaCour

Coming of Age, Young Adult
How did I choose this book: I saw it on a recommendation list
Summary: Marin plans to spend her winter break alone until Mabel flies thousands of miles to see her again and offer her a place to stay back at home. Together, they learn to deal with Marin's grief and past as they also figure out their feelings for each other.
pg: 236

manononosa Who is the protagonists?: Marin is the protagonist.
What is her problem?: Marin moves away from her home once her grandfather dies in an act of severe grief. She does not bother to contact anyone from home, and seemingly loses herself, becoming a shell of what she used to be. When the beginning of winter break arrives, her best friend, Mabel, flies to see her. Now, she has to deal with the consequences of leaving everything behind, along with the
manononosa -prolonged experience of the stages of grief. Both girls find out about Marin's past and eventually are forced to work out their feelings for each other and all the things they left unsaid before Marin left.
How is it resolved?: Marin realizes that she regrets rejecting Mabel's offer once she leaves, but luckily, Mabel comes back to Marin with her parents the next day, and the all celebrate Christmas. Ana, Mabel's mother, offers to be Marin's--
manononosa --mother-figure. Marin agrees, feeling as though she finally has a family. 5h
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Sugar Rush | Julie Burchill
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• December 14th ❄️ ❄️ of the #WinterGames

2nd episode of "Sugar Rush" on Netflix watched today. It was a cool Christmas Tree challenge ?? it makes me so hungry for delicious cake!! •

#happyholidays #TeamFestivus #holidayshow #Christmastree #Christmas2019

wanderinglynn 🙌🏻❤️⛄️ 8h
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The Art of Starving | Sam J. Miller
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I've gone overboard with book buying in 2019, and I promise these two are the last ones (for this year). These are my early Christmas presents from myself to myself. 😅😄🙈📚📚🎄🎄#bookhaul #loveyourself

I should probably invest money in expanding my shelf space because the stack on my desk is slowly starting to get out of control. 😅🙈🙈

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TheQuietQuill I‘d say after the oven but both are yummy 😋 15h
AsYouWish Dough 15h
Jadams1776 Oven 15h
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CaitZ Oven 15h
Karisa Oven then dunked in a tea or milk. Yum! 14h
Djspens Oven 14h
ads0123 Oven 14h
AmyK1 Oven 14h
Addison_Reads Dough 14h
FantasyChick Oven 14h
cwarnier baked cookies 13h
wanderinglynn For gingerbread, oven. For chocolate chip, dough. 13h
petersonks15 Baked 13h
maich Baked 13h
Cosyreader Never tried the dough so I‘ll go with baked 12h
Kdgordon88 Baked 11h
britt_reads Baked 6h
teebe Baked 5h
Linsy Baked, I think ... I‘ve never eaten the dough! 5h
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The story is fascinating, but Orth‘s writing is a mess. Her reporting is fragmented—I was never sure where I was in the timeline. Her racism and homophobia are on FULL display, even for the time, I feel like. I was expecting a much higher quality work to do the victim‘s justice. #tbrread #wintergames #teamfozziwig

BarkingMadRun 🎄🎄🎄 16h
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