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Tokyo Express | Seicho Matsumoto
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A man and a woman is found dead in the beach. Cyanide. It‘s concluded to be a lover suicide. But one of the detectives on the case doesn‘t believe this. Why would the man have eaten alone, wouldn‘t a woman in love have accompanied him even if it‘s just for a tea? So the investigation begins.

1st book for #AwesomeAugust
#foodandlit #Japan
#1958 #192025

Librarybelle The photo on the cover is gorgeous! I like the subtlety of it 7h
BarbaraBB I have just bought this one too. 6h
Andrew65 Well done 👏👏👏 4h
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Memoirs of a Geisha | Arthur Golden
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks On my shelf 📚📚📚 6h
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Even for those that don‘t read manga or watch anime Utena has become such a presence in mainstream culture. I really loved getting to go back to the beginning and see the original volume of stories and artwork that launched this character. #BBRCYeahBabyYaoiOrYuri @LibrarianRyan

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Definitely need this readathon to read as much as possible before my family comes to visit in over a week!

☕️The Travelling Cat Chronicles
☕️Ninth House
☕️Go Hex Yourself

#awesomeaugust readathon

Andrew65 Best of luck 😁 3h
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Confessions | Kanae Minato
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I have enjoyed so much this author writing style and her unlikely characters.
I also enjoyed: Cheerful Weather for the Wedding; Crooked kingdom YES! Catwoman: Soulstealer: The Christmas Sisters: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Gissy Forgot to mention Clap When You Land❤️ (edited) 22h
BarbaraBB Another great choice! 18h
Gissy @BarbaraBB Thank you!🤗I also enjoyed Penance 8h
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Japanese Tales | Royall Tyler
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I‘ve been wanting to try this Japanese restaurant near our house for years. #foodandlit gave us the perfect opportunity. Here are some of the dishes we had. It was amazing! #Japan @Catsandbooks @Butterfinger

KristiAhlers That all looks so good! 2d
BarbaraBB Yum 😋 2d
mcctrish I‘m hungry now 😋 1d
Catsandbooks Looks delicious!! 20h
TheBookHippie Well. YUM. 18h
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I‘m worn out from an all day meeting today, so I‘m just sitting here in my bed reading The Buddha in the Attic.

A Single Rose | Muriel Barbery
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This book touched my heart. Rose loses her unknown Japanese father and travels to Kyoto for his last will. She discovers the country, its culture and its people and all of this offers her the most beautiful way to mourn the father she never met. Thank you Cassie for bringing it to my attention! 🌹 🇯🇵

#FoodAndLit #Japan

Soubhiville Sounds good. @alysonimagines have you heard of this? Sounds like something you‘d be interested in. 2d
Addison_Reads Love the background photo! And I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. 💚 2d
vivastory I love Barbery 2d
Graywacke Sounds good…but that picture! 2d
Catsandbooks Gorgeous view! Glad you liked the book 19h
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Kitchen | Banana Yoshimoto
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As someone working through grief from, I have found so many relatable moments in “Kitchen”. Grief is a fluid shapeshifter, now numbness, now change, now a void. This quote from “Kitchen” will stay with me: “An irresistible shift had put the past behind me. I had
recoiled in a daze; all I could do was react weakly. But it was not I who was doing the shifting—on the contrary. For me everything had been agony.”

JamieArc Welcome to Litsy! Someone else posted about this book recently and made me want to read it. I believe it was @batsy . I‘d recommend following her, as well as @LitsyEvents to get an idea of everything that‘s going on here. 2d
BarbaraJean Welcome to Litsy! This is such a lovely book. It helped prepare me for grief, in a way—I read it just a couple of months before my mother passed away. And looking back on the book now still feels comforting. 2d
batsy Welcome to Litsy! Thanks for the shoutout @JamieArc ! I love this book, too. It provided so much solace when I was working through grief, as well 💜 2d
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starlight97 Welcome! 😊 1d
SandySaga Thank you so much, @JamieArc @BarbaraJean @batsy @starlight97 I‘m excited to be here! 1d
MerlinTheSlightlyAwkward Welcome to Litsy @SandySaga !!! #kitchen is such a wonderful book. It‘s got so many unique themes of love and change to go along with the grief. If there‘s room in your reading list, I found a lot of solace through exploring the unique inner strength in 20h
SandySaga Thank you, @MerlinTheSlightlyAwkward !! And thank you for the recommendation!! 8h
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I finally get to start a new book! COLD ENOUGH FOR SNOW looks to be one of those novellas that carries you through the story on a wave of quiet beauty.