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Oh, Tama! | Paul McCarthy, Mieko Kanai, Tomoko Aoyama
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This absurdist novel translated from the Japanese left me completely flat. It is rambling and philosophical and emotionally flat. Full review at https://booknaround.blogspot.com/2019/10/review-oh-tama-by-mieko-kanai.html

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Hey girl! I‘m not at home... can you email me your information? Loverofbooks75@gmail. Com 🙏🏻💕📚💌📫 4d
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Sweet Bean Paste | Durian Sukegawa
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1. Tagged! It was the selection from my cousin for last year's annual autumn book swap.
2. I got new bedding on Monday.
3. No specific plans
4. 11
5. Will do!
@howjessreads #friyayintro

ImperfectCJ Someone else from a big family! I'd never counted my uncles before and the number surprised me so much I had to count three times to make sure I'd got it right. 4d
Coleen_Nieto @ImperfectCJ I had to count a few times too! 4d
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Convenience Store Woman | Sayaka Murata
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The lovely Port Book and News in Port Angeles, WA opened at 8:00 am today, so I was able to pop in after breakfast. So sad to leave the Olympic Peninsula, but at least I got in an indie bookstore stop as we headed home. #ThePeninsula #WesternWA

vumblereads Convenience Store Woman is one of my favorites 😁 1w
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#BookNLunch! #MrBook1inaMillion Edition! Accompaniment this cold, gray afternoon: double-grilled cheese & bacon sandwiches (smokehouse cheddar inside, mozzarella & parmesan on the outside), cheddar & bacon potato chips, and Vanilla Coke. MMMmmmm 😋! This has been another presentation of: #MrBookKitchen. Happy reads & happy eats! 😎👌🏻

#LitsyPartyOfOne #24B4Monday

Alora Mmm looks delicious! Except that vanilla coke...lol!😂I‘ll stick to my normal Coke and Pepsi haha. Thats one pop I was never really a fan of...cherry coke and vanilla. And dr.pepper 🤢 1w
MrBook @Alora I also enjoy birch beer! 🤤 1w
Alora @MrBook Okay now that I can get on board with 😍😍 1w
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MrBook @Alora Ohhh yeah. 😁🙌🏻 1w
umbrellagirl Cheese on the *outside*?!?! How did I not know about this? 1w
MrBook @umbrellagirl Oh yes, oh yes. Makes it extra crunchy! 😎🙌🏻 1w
ValerieAndBooks Cheese on the outside...I‘ll have to try that next time I make grilled cheese sandwiches 😋 1w
wordslinger42 Parmesan on the outside is soooo good!!! I've never known anyone but my mom and I who does that! 1w
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Watched this documentary (Little Miss Sumo) about a woman in her endeavour to get sumo recognised as a women's sport in Japan. I seriously did not know that women were involved in this sport. #TIL

Texreader Wow. Learn something new everyday 1w
Smarkies @Texreader exactly! 😄 1w
Clwojick 9 pts. 1w
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The Book of Tea | Kakuzo Okakura
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There is nothing better than a hot cup of tea and a good book!!! #bookandabeverage #gratefulreads @OriginalCyn620 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Balibee146 I think I've had this book on my kindle tbr for ages 👍 2w
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Absolutely ☕️📚 2w
OriginalCyn620 Pretty pic! 2w
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The Guest Cat | Takashi Hiraide
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“The Guest Cat” is a short and sweet book that I‘d recommend for cat-lovers but also for fans of Japanese literature. It wasn‘t one of my favourites, but it‘s a short, quick read that‘ll warm your heart. 3 stars from me.

My full review is up on my blog now 📚

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The Guest Cat | Takashi Hiraide
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1. The Grace of Kings
2. The Guest Cat (tagged)
3. The first time the heater turns on... Going for walks while the trees are changing... The inevitable in-between days where within a few mins you will see people out in everything from t-shirts and shorts to parkas 😛

#weekendreads @rachelsbrittain

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#NamasteNovember - Spine Poem #1: It was laid out as a top to bottom read, but quickly discovered to be a better read from left to right.

Everyone brave is forgiven.
One day, Love Warrior -
Please enjoy your happiness!

marleed Nice! I have love warrior awaiting my poem2 post! 2w
Megabooks Great one!! 👏🏻 2w
Eggs Another well done spine poem! Love this 2w
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Re-reading this awesome novel again after 20 years. I had to purchase another copy (from the OP shop for a buck! And one for my sister too) as my original may gave been lent out to someone over the years.
I've got the audiobook, read by Carole Boyd, going too, it's fantastic!