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The Nineties: A Book | Chuck Klosterman
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Another wonderful book just arrived; thank you Meg! @Megabooks

This was on the #camplitsy long list too and I‘ve been meaning to read it ever since. You picked two fabulous books!

And Henry said ‘I remember exactly how to pose when you get a new book, Momma; I did this yesterday!‘ He did lick this one though, so I‘ve put it well out of reach, although he‘s never chewed a book yet!

Megabooks This was 5⭐️ for me earlier this year, so I hope you love it too! 💜💜💜 8h
Megabooks I hope Henry doesn‘t get a book habit. 😬 8h
TrishB Sansa has only ever chewed one book! Never again. 8h
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MicheleinPhilly Precious Henry! Pickles is a book licker but not a chewer. She did eat a few bookmarks as a puppy though. 8h
Gissy Henry is looking so you can remember he is there!🐶❤️❤️❤️ 8h
batsy Oh, Henry! He's such a good book model 😍 7h
BarbaraBB Such a sweet gift! And sweet Henry 🤍 6h
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Either/Or | Elif Batuman
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Formally admitting this isn‘t for me, and taking it back to the library so it stops hanging round guilt-tripping me.

I can‘t bring myself to care enough to get through it, which is never a great attitude to bring to a book. It‘s entirely possible that I‘m not a big fan of books set in academia, which doesn‘t help either. I love reading the #CampLitsy conversations though - it‘s fascinating what makes/doesn‘t make a book for different readers!

squirrelbrain Sorry you didn‘t like it, but glad you still enjoying following the #camplitsy conversations! 13h
TrishB Same! 11h
Megabooks Sorry this didn‘t work for you! 💜 9h
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Had I realized that Nagamatsu is currently a professor at my small Minnesota alma mater, I probably would have liked this even more!! (Thanks, alumni magazine!) I loved it a lot even before knowing. ❤️ #CampLitsy

Megabooks That‘s cool! 1d
BarbaraBB I thought the author was a woman 😇 1d
vivastory I once drove to St Olaf's when I lived in Minneapolis to hear Benjamin Percy & Mary Ruefle read. It was great! 24h
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Ruthiella @BarbaraBB 😂My niece is named Sequoia and I also thought he was a she at first. But then I heard the author on the podcast So Many Damn Books and realized my mistake. 22h
Hooked_on_books That‘s so cool! 21h
Hooked_on_books @vivastory Isn‘t Ben Percy amazing! That voice! 21h
jlhammar I‘m in the Twin Cities and went to St. Olaf once for one of their wonderful choir concerts. We‘ve read some great stuff for #CampLitsy, but I think this one might be my fav. 20h
vivastory @Hooked_on_books I was completely unfamiliar with him but was an immediate fan bc of the piece he read & the voice! 20h
BarbaraBB @Ruthiella I am glad Sequoia is a women‘s name as well, that makes my mistake a bit more understandable 😉 18h
Christine @megabooks I sure thought so! 7h
Christine @BarbaraBB I can think of several reasons why I might have thought the same! I had seen a picture of him somewhere before reading it. 7h
Christine @vivastory Oh fun - sounds like a great event! St. Olaf was pretty idyllic (though I underappreciated it in some ways back in the day). 7h
Christine @Ruthiella I enjoy that podcast but apparently missed that episode - must go back and find! 7h
Christine @Hooked_on_Books Agreed re: coolness! And now based on your exchange with @vivastory I need to learn about Ben Percy! 7h
Christine @jlhammar Aww fun! If you‘d gone to a concert in the late 90s I‘d have been in it! (Even met my husband when we were both in the St. Olaf Choir. 🎵🤓) And yes, I think I agree re: this being my favorite #CampLitsy title so far. 7h
jlhammar @Christine I love that! I met my husband in college choir too (University of St. Thomas)! Can't believe that was over twenty years ago now. 5h
Christine @jlhammar - No way!! That‘s so great! MN college choir couples forever! 😁 4h
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Our Wives Under the Sea | Julia Armfield
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Did some poolside reading last night and finished this one quickly. Enjoyed the two different perspectives.

BarbaraBB I am reading this one too now. I hope you‘ll join in for the #CampLitsy discussion about it next Saturday! 17h
bookishdawg Beautiful reading spot! 😊 7h
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Our Wives Under the Sea | Julia Armfield
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This is a strange one, but in the best of ways, I think. Eerie and compelling. Really captures the helplessness you feel when someone you love isn‘t well. The horror of having them with you physically, but not truly with you because they are so altered by trauma or illness. That terrible feeling of losing them slowly.

Should make for a great #CampLitsy discussion. I‘ll be out-of-town for family stuff so not sure if/when I‘ll be able to join-in.

squirrelbrain Great review! I‘m looking forward to starting this one (hopefully this weekend). 1d
Megabooks I struggled with this one, but I‘m very interested to see how the discussion goes. Great review! 1d
BarbaraBB Great review. I just started it. I hope you‘ll tune in when possible! 18h
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Either/Or | Elif Batuman
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Praise #CampLitsy for teaching me that I love Elif Batuman‘s books! 🙌 I forgot I‘d saved the second half of this and was so excited to return to it (though I seem to enjoy the school year parts more than the summer ones). Selin‘s overthinking is absolutely the worst, but it also manages to produce some deep insights - as I suppose overthinking is wont to do. Anyway, I‘d happily follow her awkward journey through college and beyond.

Ruthiella With any luck, the Junior Year novel will be done by 2027…the question is, what famous novel will lend its name for the title? 🤔 3d
BarbaraBB Great review! 3d
Christine @Ruthiella Haha yes, good thing we have lots of time to ponder this question...
@BarbaraBB Thanks - can't wait to discuss more this weekend!
Megabooks Excited for the discussion tomorrow! 24h
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I can‘t believe this is a debut. Really well written, crafted, paced and delivered. It‘s more a literary thriller than mystery. The rise & fall of a local mid coaster from lobsterman to wealthy businessman, much to the bafflement of a long ago classmate. Most of this novel rang true which I appreciated and it beautifully captured the constraints and pleasures of a small town. Not sure who put this on the #CampLitsy longlist but THANK YOU!

Cinfhen And thanks for confirming that this was a winner @Megabooks - I really enjoyed it😍 5d
Ruthiella It took notes on the various six books suggested by every one and it was @Chelsea.Poole who nominated it! 🥳 5d
BarbaraBB Sounds wonderful! Too bad it didn‘t make it to CampLitsy, I really want to read it! 5d
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squirrelbrain Can‘t wait to get to this one! I‘m steadily working my way through the long list…. 5d
batsy I have this TBR, it sounds good and I'm bolstered by your positive review. 5d
Cinfhen Thanks @Ruthiella and @Chelsea.Poole Im so glad I read it🤩 it checked all the boxes I like in contemporary fiction @BarbaraBB @squirrelbrain @batsy 5d
Chelsea.Poole Yes…agreed! I liked everything about this. The characters and events were so real! Glad it was a winner 👍 and thanks @Ruthiella 😊 great note taking! 4d
Megabooks So glad you loved this too!! 23h
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