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One By One: A gripping psychological thriller with a twist you won't see coming!
One By One: A gripping psychological thriller with a twist you won't see coming! | Freida McFadden
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One by one, they will get what they deserve..."I stayed up all night reading this book and loved it!" --AmazonA night spent sleeping on dirt and leaves is not how Claire Matchett expected to spend her vacation.She thought this would be a break from the stresses of work and raising her young children. A chance to repair her damaged marriage. A week of hiking and hot tubs with two other couple friends. It sounded like heaven.Then Claire's minivan breaks down on a lonely dirt road. With no cell reception, the group has no choice but to hike the rest of the way to their hotel. But it turns out the woods aren't as easy to navigate as they thought.Hours later, they are lost. Hopelessly lost. And as they navigate deeper into the woods, the members of their party are struck down mysteriously one by one. Has a wild animal been hunting them? Or is the hunter one of them?But as more time passes, one thing becomes clear: Only one of them will return home alive.
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After committing a horrible crime, a woman goes on the run before the police find out. When a blizzard forces her off the road, she seeks shelter at creepy Baxter Motel, where the cute owner is friendly, but the tenants have a history of winding up dead. Loved this suspenseful Hitchcockian book! You may think you have this one figured out, but you may be wrong! Not completely unpredictable & not a fan of the epilogue, but this one had me hooked!

BookDragonNotWorm Wanted this one added to the Litsy library for Christmas, but it's been a month since I requested...... 7mo
Bookzombie @BookDragonNotWorm It‘s easier to add them from a desktop if you have access. I will have to find the link for you. 7mo
BookDragonNotWorm @Bookzombie Thank you! I'll have to visit Litsy from my laptop. Happy holidays!!! 7mo
Bookzombie Happy Holidays to you! Sorry for the delay. This is the link to add a book to Litsy on your own. https://www.litsy.com/web/addbook
It will show up automatically, I think.
BookDragonNotWorm @Bookzombie Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! 7mo
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